Blame The Starters

andre iquodalaI think its great that KG, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen played about 32 minutes.  That’s pretty much what I was hoping for.  But here’s the thing, guys… you’ve got to play hard for those 32 minutes.

You can say all you want about Doc Rivers tinkering with the lineups… but with 1:35 left in the 3rd… the lineup was Cassell, House, Perkins, Powe and Tony Allen…. and it was a 2 point game.  With 8:09 left in the 4th… it was 80-69 Celtics.  Ray Allen came in when it was 80-76… so Philly started to make a run.  KG, Pierce and Rondo came into the game at the 5:41 TV timeout and the the score tied at 80.   Then the starters gave up an 8-0 run to really put the game out of reach.

So a lot of people all over the web are sitting there blaming Doc Rivers for losing this game by playing his second team and some unusual combinations.  But when your starters are in the game against Philly… tied at 80 with 5 minutes left… they should put the hammer down. 

Don’t give me “they had momentum.”  Don’t give me “they were cold from sitting on the bench too long.”  Don’t give me “they were tired from a long road trip.” 

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were on the floor and they .500 team put up 8 straight on them.  They lost the game by playing like crap down the stretch.  They turned the ball over and didn’t defend.  I’m not really pissed about this loss at all.  I’m not worried about them gaining confidence.  I’m merely saying that in this game… anyone wishing to assign blame should be doing so appropriately.

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11 Responses

  1. You are so wrong. Notice how the starters made a “run” in the final minute of the game. That’s because they finally warmed up. Rivers screwed up…by leaving them all on the bench for too long a period of time. End of story…

  2. No…. they made a run at the end because they finally started trying.

  3. What’s that? I can’t hear you. Please remove Doc’s balls from your mouth.

  4. Sorry Chuck “its never the players’ fault” McKenney.

    You mean to tell me that an extra 3 minutes on the bench makes elite professional basketball players forget how to play the game?

    Please. Starters were in the game when it was tied and they were dicking around. You should have been able to wake them up from a nap and still have them beat the 76’ers.

  5. LOL @ “What’s that? I can’t hear you. Please remove Doc’s balls from your mouth.”

  6. You might as well change it to The Voice of the guy who acts like the PR guy for the Celtics.

  7. honestly i was at that game last night. and the fucking crowd was AWFUL all fucking night… AWFUL!! when they tied the game halfway through the fourth i figured alright maybe we will start to get into it and make this place rock NOPE… when they continued there run i figured they would chime in and rattle the 6ers NOPE… the crowd didnt get into the game until 60% of the fans had left and the die hards were there screaming with 1:40 left and the game was pretty much out of reach… i am so disappointed in those fans its not even funny.. im from western mass and dont get to get out to many games and the one i get to is THAT one… fuck that. if we had stepped it up for those guys they could have plugged into our electricity and made that comeback. but NO it didnt happen i dont blame doc i blame the fans… im the only one that was at that game last night that has no voice today.. im very disappointed

  8. I gotta agree with Droopy here, the Garden crowd blows. I went to the Seattle game (KG bobblehead night) and you could hear a pin drop in there. I kept saying to my buddy, “Damn, it’s quiet in here”. The only time the place gets loud is when they’re prompted by the Jumbotron. Granted, the game became a blowout, but it was deadly silent from the opening tap. The C’s are having an incredible season, but it must be disconcerting that their fanbase is a bunch of basketball neophytes that only cheer when they’re told to by a machine. Pathetic.

  9. First game of the year was a great crowd…. since, it’s been absolutely disgusting. Horrendous. Crowds were much better last year.

  10. mayb i should send u guys those cards lol since u guys cry over one loss LMFAO u guys need to be tutor on sports

  11. I was so jealous of New Orleans when we played the Hornets last week. That place was so effing loud, the crowd was like the sixth player. I was flipping back between the game and some college game, and the NO crowd was louder and probably drunker than the people at the college game. I wish “The Garden” were like that.

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