You Mean Snap Judgements Can Be Wrong?

ESPN has like 9,752 analysts around to break down every aspect of anything… like an NBA trade.  A couple of games into the Shaquille O’Neal in Phoenix era… everyone one those analysts went nuts… calling the trade a bust.  A little win/lose/win/lose stretch sent everyone into a tizzy.  Then the whipped off 7 wins in a row and people are saying “well… maybe it was a decent trade.”

Jason Kidd was sent to Dallas… and almost all of those analysts said it was a good deal for Dallas.  J-Kidd’s experience will solidify Dallas.  I heard many of them say they’d trade Devin Harris’ future for Jason Kidd’s present.  Meanwhile, Harris’ points, assists and rebound are up… Kidd’s are down…. and the Mavs haven’t beaten a team with a winning record since he got there.  Now analysts are lining up to say Mark Cuban panicked.

That brings us to Boston, which we all know has added Sam Cassell and PJ Brown to the mix.  They’re just now starting to see some good minutes… and Tommy Heinsohn doesn’t like it.   YouBeenBlinded transcribed Tommy’s reaction at the end of last night’s loss.

I’m gonna make an observation about chemistry on the team. This team was playing attack basketball and they made the trade. I shouldn’t say they made the trade, they picked up two experienced veteran players. They’re gonna try and incorporate them into what they’re doing. I don’t think they’ve been successful in doing that. These players, I don’t know if they understand it. The whole game slowed down when Sam was in the game and there was no vitality in some of those games when P.J. Brown was in there.

Yes… its true.  PJ Brown is old and slow.  He’s almost 40 and he’s been retired for a year.  Sam is a point guard trying to figure out a new system.  He’s buddies with KG and Ray… so they’ll let him know how this team plays.  I’m hoping that this snap judgement from Tommy can be tossed on the heap with all the others.

Seeing as how our readers like links about Celtics dancers…. here’s one from… a behind-the-scenes look of them at Foxwoods


6 Responses

  1. I agree with Heinsohn. Several times last night Cassell had the ball and chose to take his own shot instead of passing to an open teammate. I get the sense that he’s a me-first type of player and the “Sam doesn’t know the offense yet” excuse doesn’t hold water when you’re a 15 year vet. He can prove Heinsohn wrong if he starts playing team basketball like every other Celtic has all year.

  2. When you don’t know the system… you default to what you know…. and Sam’s a scorer.

    If nothing changes by the first round of the playoffs… then I’ll agree with you about the me-first thing. Until then.. I’m going to wait and see

  3. I don’t know if you picked this up but House was the one calling out the plays up the floor while Cassell was bringing the ball up the court.. thats a little disturbing.

  4. Rajon does that all the time. If a big outlets to Ray or Paul and they bring it up themselves, he’ll still call plays even though he doesn’t have the ball. Although I can see how that’s disturbing when Eddie’s doing that for Cassell.

  5. Cassell is not the perfect fit for this team. I’ve said it a thousand times. He was the best player available, but at the end of the day Sam Cassell is not a pure point guard devoted to setting up his teammates. That said, this will probably not be remembered all that much in the end because even without that “Anthony Carter” type pg, this team is absolutely good enough to win it all.

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