Dropping Bombs

 kevin garnett and paul pierce

We normally edit out the profanity around here… at least in our posts (we do it for the kids… because we care)… but I’m relaxing that to transcribe the end of the Paul Pierce/Kevin Garnett press conference.  It starts with Paul talking about how different the Celtics are now with KG:

Pierce:  The whole face of Celtics nation turned around when the trade happened for this guy… and everybody talks about the MVP… and they talk about numbers… this guy has changed the whole culture around here.  I think that says a lot for everything… the mentality… the day-to-day aspect…. everything’s changed from a year ago…. I mean….

KG (interrupting):  WE changed it… WE… WE… he can sit up there and talk all that individual sh… (covering Pierce’s mouth as he continues to try to talk)… talk all that bullshit… he can talk all that bullshit he wants… WE… WE helped change the joint… have a good night everybody. (both walk off)

Great stuff.  Although I’m sure KG will get a little talking-to about swearing in the post game news conference that, oh by the way, was carried live. 

But KG’s response to Pierce actually proves Pierce’s point.  He will have no part of individual accolades around here.  That whole exchange was preceded by each calling the other the MVP. 


3 Responses

  1. Any video of this? If you could post a link or just tell me where I could find it that would certainly make my night as I stay up to finish a paper I probably should have started before going to the C’s game.

  2. Sorry.. just got back to your comment. Can’t find any video… but the audio is posted here:


    Click on Garnett and Pierce 3/26 postgame and go to the end.

    amazingly… they left in the cursing.

  3. Thanks.

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