james poseyI get that Kevin Garnett is an NBA MVP candidate.

I also get that you can make an argument that, because he changed his game to make this whole thing work, Paul Pierce should be in the MVP mix.

But when you really get down to it… the most valuable player on this team in James Posey.

When the C’s dismantled the Rockets… it was Posey going on a mad rebounding binge in the second half that allowed the C’s to go on that run that turned a tie game into 20 point win. 

When Posey missed 3 games in January… the Celtics managed to beat Minnesota by 1, and lose to the Raptors (the 3rd game was the Knicks… ’nuff said)…. and those were ugly games. 

Last night.. it was Posey coming up with a 4-point play with 3 minutes to go in the 3rd quarter… to turn a 4 point game.. into a 7 point game… and boom…. of the Celtics went again.

Monday night… no Posey.  Let me tell you… having him around a couple of nights ago would have spared all of you readers a lot of sniping on this site (or maybe you like that stuff… who knows?).

Bottom line is… James Posey does so much for this team… that he may be the most valuable guy we’ve got.  KG is obviously KG… and he’s an MVP in the classic sense of the term.  But while Paul Pierce and Ray Allen have the ability to step up in KG’s absence… no one on the second unit (or the team) does what Posey does. 

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5 Responses

  1. I cannot count the times where I’ve been watching games, and a Celtics player would nab a huge rebound or make a key-stop…and I’d say, “Who was that?” and then realize it was Posey.

  2. oh word! i love me some posey! the guy is fantastic–the ultimate role player. if there’s a key bench guy to keep for next year it’s posey. i know we have several rentals, but i have to hope that they get him for a few more years.

  3. I agree, Posey is an invaluable contributor to the C’s success. However, you can’t overlook Leon Powe’s contributions. The man comes in on any given night and gives you hard-nosed, phsyical defense despite giving up size and weight to opponents. He can also fill it up, as displayed by his 21-point game against Houston after sitting out the entire San Antonio game the night before. KG without a doubt gets my vote for regular season MVP and the reason is because his presence alone has transformed everyone else on the team – including Baby Davis, Perk, and Powe.

  4. I totally agree on Powe. I love him… but Posey’s contributions are more consistent.

  5. […] play over the past couple of games.  And since I’ve considered Posey perhaps the most valuable player on this team in the past… could Posey be the reason why the Celtics have been having a hard time […]

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