KG Might Be A Little Crazy

kevin garnettBut in a good way.

Late in the 3rd quarter… Kevin Garnett got down on all fours in a wild, “I’m ready to rip your throat out” defensive stance on David West (West actually scored on the play… but that’s beside the point).  People in the Garden seemed to enjoy it. 

We’d love to post the photo of it… if we could find it (anyone?)… even if its just to prove to KG that he actually did it.  He doesn’t seem to remember it.

“The messed-up thing is that sometimes I do things on the floor that I don’t even remember, and that might have been one of them”

It’s one of the more memorable moments of the game… and the man who did it doesn’t remember it. 

Do you realize how intense you have to be for that to happen? 

Forget intense.  KG apparently reaches some sort of higher plane… an alternate world in which only he exists.  Where every 1 second to us is 5 seconds to him.  Where the crowd is just white noise and the only discernible sounds are his teammates voices and the squeak of sneaker on parquet.  Down on all fours?  KG doesn’t know.  He might as well be levitating.  All he knows is there’s a blob of humanity in front of him wearing a jersey that doesn’t match his… and he’s got to do anything to stop it. 

People wonder if there’s another gear for him to reach in the playoffs… but how could there be?  Doc Rivers understands… we’re in great shape getting what we’re getting from KG right now.

“I don’t know if he has another gear. I’m fine with where he’s at,” Rivers said. “If he can stay at this level, I’m gonna be pretty happy.”

Even if there was some sort of new level for KG… what would we call it?  50th gear?  How can we ask if KG can go higher than where he is… when we don’t even really understand where he is to begin with?

We continue to learn more about this guy on an almost daily basis.  Maybe he’s not the MVP this year… but that’s only because the MVP award isn’t good enough for him.  Everyone else can battle for that trophy if they want.  Something new has to be created for KG… not that he’d remember getting the award anyway.

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And finally… a photo from last night’s game: 

the crew

 That’s WBZ reporter David Robichaud, Chuck, me, and our buddy Mike Pueschel.  I’d like to personally thank Robi’s brother for being forgetful.  He forgot to get a babysitter… which means Robi got his brother’s season tickets… and that means we were there to witness a great (and historic) win.  Feel free to forget more often… other Robi.


6 Responses

  1. You have to get a Picture of KG on all Fours!
    Looks like I missed a great game! The Sonics game wasn’t too bad!

  2. What’s going on with the forums? Friggin’ tumbleweeds blowing around in there.

  3. really?

  4. Something to think about in these last few weeks. Cleveland is the four seed right now. But Washington is just two games back, Toronto 3, and Phili is 3.5. If two of those teams could pass Cleveland in the remaining ten games, that would drop Cleveland to the 6 seed… meaning that if they got out of the first round, they would face Detroit in the second round instead of us. Just some food for thought… we’ll see how things play out.

  5. […] …. and then he does this weird, down on all fours insanity before getting back up.  Of course, KG remembers none of this… which is just simply amazing. […]

  6. If you get a picture of that please send it to me!!!!!!! I love him and I went crazy when he did that last night!!!!!!


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