That Crazy KG Crawl Thing

kevin garnett crawlingThe one thing that people wanted to see most after Friday night’s game was Kevin Garnett, down on all fours, guarding David West.

I haven’t seen a single photo out there from any of the professional services… so I did the best I could do:  Pull a series of stills from the Comcast SportsNet broadcast.

Sorry that it looks like something from the old NBA Live ’95… but its the best I could do.

In the sequence… its KG facing up David West… then doing the “hands on the floor” defense thing…

…. and then he does this weird, down on all fours insanity before getting back up.  Of course, KG remembers none of this… which is just simply amazing.

Not pictured:  David West scoring.

11 Responses

  1. Great job capturing that moment = KG is an ANIMAL!

  2. KG is the MAN!! The Picture’s look great.. Thanks!

  3. Loved it…til David West scored. Kinda embarassing for KG if you ask me. You do all that…and then give up a bucket?

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  7. KG did this again in game 1 vs the cavs in crunch time. He is a freak in a good way.

  8. ya that was great, to bad they didnt show West scoring on him that very same play

    kg is a bitch

  9. Get off the floor, you’re embarrassing yourself. Boston teams have no dignity for themselves…

  10. another embarssing moment in boston.I not surprise as from massachusttes.Listen on weei manny “do no wrong , jack Mcormick must have said something “Ramirez Man love fans defending him.

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