Glen Davis Is Photogenic

glen davis

I love Glen Davis.  He’s a hard-nosed maniac… but he takes horrible pictures.  He’s always caught with some sort of mouth-open, half-stoned sorta thing going on.  Since I keep hearing that actual players from the actual Boston Celtics read this blog, I’m going to give them a reason to bust the rookie’s balls.  Here is a little compilation… of the faces of Glen Davis (and one of his ass… as he dives into press row). 

By the way, if actual Glen Davis reads this.  My full name is Chuck McKenney…

Big Baby will get some more time in the next couple of weeks… since Doc is finally planning on resting his starters,  (seriously Doc… 37 minutes for Ray Allen?) which Paul Pierce appreciates.

“I think I am at the point in my career where any rest I can get is good. If I was a younger player I probably would say no. But it is all up to the coach’s strategy, to give us the rest. It’s been a long season. I think by this point in the season, we have probably earned it, but at the same time we have to stay sharp.”

Other things worth mentioning:  The Celtics have officially tied the record for biggest turn around in a season.  And do you know when the Celtics last trailed in a game?  March 28 against New Orleans… with 7:48 to go in the 3rd quarter.  A KG dunk at the 7:39 mark tied the game.  So officially, the Celtics haven’t trailed for 163 minutes and 39 seconds… or about 13 and a half quarters.

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4 Responses

  1. Nice little montage and finger pointing. I had no idea he could make that little pouty face. It’s kinda nice…and I’ll confess that I spent more time looking at those arms and legs than at the gawking face. I figure if you boys can watch the Dancers then we gals get something, too.

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  3. ah, you missed the one one espn in the rookie section, that is the real bad one, cringe every time i look at that, tried to post it here but I don’t know how to post a jpg in a forum like this

    click for pic

  4. Oh, there’s so many to list.

    his recruiting profile might be my fav, though

    Keep on keepin on Baby!

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