Drop The Hammer Tonight

gilbert arenas

Guess who’s back…

Back again…

Gilbert’s back…

Ahh… screw that guy.  Les Bullets are hosting our boys tonight… and right now they’re the 5 seed.  And it’s entirely possible that we might see the Wiz again come playoff time.  So rather than continue on with our “rest the starters” program… I’d like to humbly request we take a night off to demolish Gilbert and his merry band of men.  I mean… I want them to drive home in complete awe.  I want them to have nightmares.  I want to hear the commentators have to dive into the last page of their “fact sheet” because the game is so out of hand.

Announcer:  “Hey… did you hear that Brian Scalabrine once had the most successful lemonade stand in his neighborhood?”
Color Guy:  “Guys like that… that show an early propensity for using their heads…. those are the guys you  need at the end of the bench… just in case.  You want the smart guys there so they make smart decisions when they come in.”
Announcer:  “Great point (former player’s name)”

One point about Tony Allen from last night.  I’m just about done with him in any clutch situation.  I don’t know how he can be trusted out there.  For Doc to have to take him off Michael Redd in favor of James Posey is sad.  Posey is a very good defender… but Tony is supposed to be our best 1-on-1 guy.  Not only did he make the mistake of going for the upfake… he could never get his head back into things afterwards.  Isn’t it fitting though… his year is starting… and ending… with him falling for upfakes at crucial times?

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6 Responses

  1. The fact that Tony got down on himself…to the point where everyone noticed…is what really annoys me. The dude is so mentally soft….

    As for tonight’s game…I feel your hatred for Gilbert but I don’t want the Big 3 playing more than 25 minutes. I love this strategy…and since we have won 7 straight…it shows our bench is the best in the NBA.

  2. I hear ya… I’m willing to go 30 for tonight. Besides… they can take a “night off” against Milwaukee on Friday….. before ramping up for 3 good games to end the season

  3. Tony played very well for most of the game last night…. give him some credit for that.

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  5. You’re right Tim… he did play well for most of the game… but that only makes his lapse that much more frustrating. You see him pay well.. then he makes a mistake…. and then he can’t get back to playing well anymore.

  6. Arenas is a Jack ass

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