I Don’t Like This At All

caron butlerI know Chuck is dismissing the talk about “Do the Wiz have the Celtics number?”  And while I don’t believe they do… I DO think that they are going to give us problems.  And I’m not alone… the Celtics think so too.

“I still feel like we’re the better team, but if we play them again, then it’s going to be interesting,” Pierce said. “But these were four close games. You can’t take anything away from them. They match up well against us.”

Not only that… they’ve got confidence.  And confidence for a bunch of cocky bastards like the Wiz (*cough* *cough* ARENAS) is a bad thing.

“They have a lot of confidence against us, a lot of firepower,” Celtics forward Kevin Garnett said. “But the thing that stands out about them is their swagger.”

“If that matchup was to occur in the playoffs, it gives us the confidence to know that we can match up with them,” Antawn Jamison said. “We’re taking their best shot, and things are going to intensify once the playoffs get started. I think it’s good to know that we beat Boston three times.”

For the record.. I think the Celtics are winning it all this year.  But the Wizards are starting to creep towards “they scare me” territory.  The only thing that doesn’t firmly plant them there right now is the fact that Doc was experimenting with combinations last night.  If he was playing the normal crew at the normal times, and we still got this result… I’d be more concerned. 

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11 Responses

  1. you should be scared of the Wiz, no one can compete with Gilbert off the bench…if we didn’t have to play against Lebron and the refs/NBA(Stern) that second round matchup would be awesome

  2. i don’t the C’s should be afraid of the Wizards at all… I’m a bit more worried about probably playing LBJ and the Cavs in the second round

  3. Define “give us some problems.” Will the Celtics need 6 games to win the series or maybe 7? I’m expecting to sweep the Hawks, and then whether its the Cavs or Wiz, that series will go 6 and then 7 for the Pistons.

  4. I’m guessing 6 or 7…. with all of those games in doubt until the final minutes

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  6. You guys are paranoid.

    The wiz dont’ present any real threat to the C’s. Doc was playing with the rotation, that’s all. He’s really testing Tony Allen, and Tony’s Failing. Remember, Rondo and Big Baby didn’t play in the second half last night.

  7. I’m not really worried about them, but I definitely don’t want to see them being the Goldenstate to our Mav. I’d rather see them in the second round over the Cleveland Lebron’s, though.

  8. honestly there is no reason for us to be acting this way toward the 40 win wizards.. i dont care if they have gilbert back. they are better without him. so they beat us three times… not worried weve proven TIME AND TIME again this year that we can beat anyone we want when WE want to. last night we didnt want a win. did you see the guys that were on the court at the same times. doc is getting things ready. we are the 1 seed. we know that teams want to beat us. but we want to beat them more. BOSTON WANTS IT….. LETS GO CELTS!!

  9. There’s nothing good about that loss, the Wizards played well and are a tough match up, but let’s put it into perspective. KG only played 31 minutes. Jamison played 38. The Wizards last game was Saturday, the Celtics were on a road/road back to back. Doc played an all bench unit in the second quarter which has proven time and time again (see losses against New Orleans and Philly) that it just doesn’t work (which is really silly if you ask me, when you’re playing KG, PP, and RA about regular minutes–I mean just stagger the units a little more…but that’s a tangent for another time). And finally, the Celtics cannot affect their playoff destiny by winning or losing in any of these games while the Wizards still have homecourt/seeding at stake. The playoffs will be a different animal. Bring on the playoffs!

  10. John sounds like you have lost some confidence in the Celtics. I highly doubt all 6 or 7 games will be close. The Celtics will drop the hammer at home.

  11. you might be right Chuck…. maybe all this boring bullshit and bench play over the past few days has gotten me a little loopy. But I still don’t like reading “they match up well against us”

    Maybe I’m just pissed that Danny didn’t take me up on my offer to sign a 10-day contract so I could punch Gilbert Arenas in the mouth.

    Danny.. I’m a highly skilled karate expert… I could have made it look like an accident.

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