Its All About Sam

It’s all about Sam Cassell today in the local papers… with the Herald and the Globe both writing about how comfortable Sam is getting with our offense.  Its also given us a couple of very awkward pictures. 

sam cassell

This is from the Herald.  I think that trainer is a little too excited to be… um… positioned where he is.  It looks like something from Sporno (sports pictures that look dirty).  The Globe photo of this same stretching routine doesn’t look much better.

And for those of you who are currently saying “grow up” or “you’re better than that”…

No.  We’re not.  We’re also not beyond endlessly hawking our products… like our new Sam Cassell shirt… only $12.99!

Meanwhile… the NBA’s wet dream of a Lakers-Celtics finals is looking a little better now that LA has climbed into the top spot out West.  Its too bad that they’ll fall to a soul-crushing, second-round defeat to some team that we’ll beat in 6 games for the NBA title.

Also out there today:  Gino (yes.. that Gino) has a MySpace page  |  A company that seems legit is selling a way to give your whole computer a Celtics theme (note:  Its not free… and I’m not sure what it does to your computer.  Don’t take this link as an endorsement… but I feel like some of you might want it… so there it is.)  |  Enterprise News:  C’s season down to a numbers game  |  Playoff payoff  |  Patriot Ledger:  One man’s vote for postseason awards 


5 Responses

  1. It it just me or is that guy way to happy streching out Sam???????

  2. sorry saw the pic(cracked up) posted then read the story Great one!!!!! keep’um coming

  3. First time poster!! Love the site been reading it the whole season , Great Job! Just wanted you all to know I went to the ATL this w/e and watched the C’s give a Bball lesson to the Hawks…it was awwsome….very impressed to see the 2nd/3rd unit play the whole 4th and come from behind to win by 10….highlight of the night was SAM-I-AM doing his big ball dance like three times after he hit some big jumpers to pull the C’s ahead…it was great!! He looked really good..Rondo not so much , bad game for him…anyway just letting you know Celtics fans are everywhere!! Not a bandwanger either been a fan since my grandfather introduced when i was a wee lad :) Keep up the good work!! love the site!!

  4. I love it I think that’s HILARIOUS!!!!! If that what it takes for Sam to do his job than by all means, getter done.

  5. Thanks BaMaCeltic…

    nice to see a few new readers posting. Welcome aboard everyone.

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