Dear Atlanta, Keep Dreaming

kevin garnett

I have no general animosity towards the Atlanta Hawks.  I like most of the players on their team.  I’ve been to Atlanta a few times and managed to thoroughly enjoy myself while somehow avoiding arrest.  I even think they’ve got a bright future ahead of them.  But business is business… so without further ado

[The Celtics are] a team that obviously is very good,” forward Josh Childress said. “I like our chances. We match up pretty well with them. In the games we played them we have played well, but we weren’t able to finish. I feel like we’re still trying to get better at that. We’re a team that has nothing to lose. We’re going to go out there and just fight.”

Yeah… and Chuck has nothing to lose in a fight against Randy Couture, but that doesn’t mean he’d last any longer than 4 seconds against him (Couture’s been ducking me for months).  Now… I don’t expect Childress to come out and say “When I found out we earned the right to play the Celtics… I pooped myself and cried for hours” (which is how my senior prom night ended).  But I just want Childress to know that he can pretty much start planning for his vacation to start when other series are going into their 5th games.

I wonder if other NBA teams are a little worried by what they see from the Celtics during their “rest the Big 3” run here at the end of the season.  Specifically from Rajon Rondo and Sam Cassell.  Rajon is now at a point where he’s making lesser point guards look stupid out there.  People are learning his name this year… next year… he joins the big boys at point.  Sam, meanwhile, is starting to heat up.  Bad news other NBA teams.  Our second unit is putting it together.

Please enjoy Carmelo Anthony’s mug shot as you peruse the links.

carmelo anthony mug shotHerald:  After appetizer, C’s hungry for main course  |  Masters champ gives C’s halftime speech  |  Globe:  C’s don’t miss a beat Advice from a Master  |  Camerato:  The Celtics real MVP (jump on the bandwagon Jess)  |  NY Newsday:  End looks close for Isiah  |  Yahoo:  Isiah tried to con Knicks more than coach them  |  NY Daily News:  Knicks don’t figure to match C’s turnaround  |  Patriot Ledger:  Commish uses C’s as example of how to build  |  Eagle Tribune:  All 4 MVP frontrunners have a case  |  TrueHoop:  Does Stern’s backing of Seattle owners make sense to you?  |  Final Power Rankings:  Celtics, Lakers 1-2 on SI  |  And on ESPN  |  KG 3rd on ESPN NBA Staff MVP voting


3 Responses

  1. If Dominique Wilkins gets hot, and Tree Rollins controls the boards..the Hawks have a chance.

  2. You think Doc will have flashbacks… and suddenly start running point and throwing Childress alley oops?

  3. From what i saw the other night, 4 points down going into the 4th quarter, the bench plays the ENTIRE quarter and ends up winning by 10 i believe, with the Hawks starters in the game…..looks like it will be a nice warm up for the next round….old man Sammy was killin Bibby too…he also pulled so many savy jump into ya foul calls ..that the ATL fans were about to storm the court…it was great! LOL ……Get out your brooms!! SWEEEEP!!

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