Its Already Over?

Didn’t the Celtics just get back from Rome like 3 weeks ago?  Wasn’t All Star Weekend like 3 days ago??   What the hell happened to the regular season??? 

The Celtics will wrap up the 82 game portion of their schedule tonight, hopefully by making Vince Carter cry (which is possible… since he is a bit of a bitch).  That would give the C’s 66 wins.  The C’s then hope to win 16 more in the playoffs… so we can start planning our parade.  By the way… if the C’s win it all… they will have won 82 games this year… the equivalent of winning every regular season game.  Not bad when you compare it to last year.

Call In Show Tonight!

It’s  been a while since we had a call in show… so we’re doing one tonight to celebrate the end of an awesome regular season.  Talk playoffs with me and Chuck from 10 to 10:30 tonight by visiting our show page… or by calling 718 – 508-9841. 

Save The Sonics!

SonicsCentral is trying to save Sonics basketball in Seattle.  They were initially sold on a promise to keep the team in Seattle… but emails have shown that the new owners never intended to keep their word.  While the old owner sues to get the team back, SonicsCentral is hoping a grassroots effort will lead to the NBA Board of Governors to reject the move to Oklahoma City.  You can email Wyc here and let him know you want the move rejected (For any Celtics brass wondering how Wyc’s email got out… he gave it out to the Globe 10 days ago).  Please don’t abuse this email address. 

WBZ TV has an interview with Ray, KG, and Paul Pierce.  This is just a minute long clip… in which KG reveals his superstitions involve eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before every game.  On TV last night… KG dubbed his down on all 4’s move “The Cobra”… cuz you never know when its gonna strike.  He also got his balls busted for not stopping David West on the play.  KG explains it this way:

“I wanted his best… I wanted him to give it to me… if you read my lips I’m like ‘give it to me’ I wanna see it.  I don’t believe it.  I got down and I wanted to see it.  That’s the D… I wanted it… and its called ‘The Cobra'”

He goes on to day…

“you have not seen the last of ‘The Cobra’ either.  I’m oh-for-2… so I gotta even it out”

You’ll see a bunch more of that interview on their Celtics TV show… on TV38

Herald:  Celts defense set to strike a pose  |  Globe:  One Hawk is talking upset  |  Q& A with Eddie House  |  LA Times:  Celtics best against the spread  |  Pioneer Press:  TWolves suffer 60th loss  |  Lakers #1 out West  |  Video:  Rasheed Wallace’s conversation with a ref at the free throw line 


6 Responses

  1. You guys rock! Thanks for helping us keep the Sonics in Seattle!!

    Big Chris

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  4. Thanks for getting the word out about the robbery of my Sonics. I am leaving for Boston tommorow as my wife is running the Marathon. I am sure this is a stupid question, but how hard will it be for me to get tickets to a C’s playoff game, and how much would a typical scalped set of upper level tickets cost? I hope to get to a game and see Ray in person again. Any help would be appreciated, Tim.

  5. Wow… good luck Tim. It’s going to be next to impossible to get tickets. I’m going to guess scapled tickets will run you a few hundred each for nosebleeds

  6. Thank You for helping Save the Sonics. It would be a huge mistake to allow a smaller market to steal a bigger markets team by lying and being deceptive. That is exactly what Clay Bennett and David Stern have done.

    By the way Thank You to all of the fans and people who are supporting the Sonics in Seattle and go Celtics!

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