These Things Are Stupid

vince carter and his dumb arm sleeve

I’m officially sick of those “shooting sleeves” that everyone wears now.  They don’t make you shoot better.  They only make you look like a giant douche.  “Hey… look at me… I’ve got a cut up piece of pantyhose on my arm.  I’m cool.”  No… you’re not. 

jason richardsonkobe bryant










avril levigneHey… you know who wears that look?  Avril Levigne.  So I hope Vince Carter is about to come out with some fake teen angst song soon.  Otherwise… take that damned thing off.

More a-holes wearing arm sleeves




and here

5 Responses

  1. It’s a fashion statement more than anything. Same with those absurd tights. Bring back the nut-huggers and bad mustaches of the 70s and 80s.

  2. […] out your D-League dream. Need4Sheed – Don’t nobody got no influence on ‘Sheed Wallace. Red’s Army – Red has had it up to here with the Avril Lavign armwarmers. Slam Dunk Central – Mike Woodson with […]

  3. did iverson start that in the NBA?

  4. I think so.

    My favorite thing tonight… Vince Carter is wearing it on his left arm. What a dick.

    NBA should be like the NFL…. your uniform is your uniform and all that extra crap is out

  5. […] the way… I’m well aware that I said this about guys wearing those shooting sleeves. They don’t make you shoot better.  They only make you look like a […]

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