Yes… Yes… IN THE FACE!!

leon powe

We’ve only played one game… and the Celtics already have one of the defining moments of the playoffs.  Its right there with the Tim Duncan 3… and the alley-oop to LeBron (and the subsequent ‘fight’).  The Powe dunk on everyone… followed by KG’s maniacal outburst is absolutely going to live on forever in the “2008 NBA playoffs” highlight reel (click all photos for full versions).

leon powe

leon powe & kevin garnett









 leon powe

 leon powe and kevin garnett

 Why do I get the feeling that right at this point, Leon Powe just wants KG to shut the hell up?  I mean… the look on Leon’s face in all these pictures is priceless.  I’ll bet his ear is still ringing.

I’m a little more impressed with the Celtics effort in this game than Chuck was because of all that led up to it.  Everyone would have easily made the “they haven’t played a meaningful game in 3 weeks” excuse to explain away a crappy game. 

But the C’s did what they do all year.  They ride hot hands… they play tough D… and then at halftime… they make a few adjustments and run away.  Atlanta is clearly outmatched here… and the only time any game of this series will ever be close… will be if the Celtics get lazy and sloppy.

One thing I heard last night is “there’s no way Mike Bibby will be this bad for the whole series.”  Maybe not… but I don’t see why everyone should expect the Mike Bibby of 2002 or 2004.  His career averages have noticeably declined over the past few years… I would expect his playoff averages would follow suit.  And it doesn’t help him that he’s got an All-Defensive caliber point guard hounding him the whole way.

One of the biggest complaints around here this year has been with the crowd.  And I admit… the crowd was a little quieter than I expected at some of the games I was at.  But last night was much different 

“It felt good,” Garnett said of making his first playoff appearance since 2004. “I ran through that tunnel, man, and I had so much emotion that I had to slow down.

“The crowd was rocking, the bleachers were shaking, and I had to take time to collect myself and slow down for a moment,” he said. “Man, it was something running into that rush. I’m going to enjoy this one and not hold back. Wooo, this is a rush.”

 I was at one of the 2002 playoff games against Philly… and that building was a madhouse.  The fans understand that they’re attending something special.  I’m proud of all the Red’s Army soldiers for stepping up and being a true 6th man.  Imagine what that Finals game 1 is going to sound like.

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  1. Nice porno headline for this post.

  2. […] now on opposite sides of court Celtics coach Rivers admired Bruins determination Red’s Army Yes, yes… In the face Courtside View Pregame from the Garden Shamrock Headband Ruthless BostonSportZ Round 1 Game 1 […]

  3. Great pictures. Over at I put up a video of the dunk and a link over to so they could see these great pictures of KG in Leon’s ear. Good stuff.

  4. Its a reference to “Coming To America” … with Eddie Murphy?



  5. That play/reaction was intense. Great stuff.

  6. Celts are destiny this year. My hope is that we meet the Lakes in the Finals for the Be and End All Bring it back to the Old School before they closed it down for referbishing!

    KG is the MAN!

    Go Celts!

  7. Yeah, in his face!

    Yes! Yes! In the FACE!

    I was searching for like a WAV file of this quote just now. Any idea where I can get one?
    Great quote man.

  8. >>>>>>>>>>>>I was searching for like a WAV file of this quote just now. Any idea where I can get one?
    Great quote man.

    Yeah, I was looking for it too and this site came up…no wav file. Thanks

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