What’s Washington’s Problem?

First… Washington came out trash talking like crazy… apparently trying to bait LeBron James into excluding his teammates in an effort to shut everyone up.  Now… they’ve switched to trying to kill him. 

This is bad news for Brendan Haywood.  You almost just maimed the face of the NBA.  You think you’re getting away with just a fine?  You’ll be lucky if David Stern doesn’t waterboard you.

rajon rondo and mike bibby

As for our C’s… the big talk today is still about our boy Rajon Rondo… and how he schooled a guy who once taught him the game (you see what I did there?  Brilliant, right?).  I love the photo of him getting ready to whip a 90 mph fastball off Bibby’s face (full Getty Images photo here). 

The Bibby/Rondo story goes like this: 

Mike’s cousin coached Rondo in high school.  Cousin Doug called Mike and said “Hey… I’ve got a kid here that is going to embarrass you in the playoffs in a few years… you wanna get some licks in now before he does that to you on a national stage?”(I’m paraphrasing).  So Mike says yes… sees promise in the kid… badda boom, badda bing… now the Herald and the Globe have a storyline for today.

The steady stream of awards is starting to emerge.  Manu Ginobili won the 6th man of the year award (despite playing starter minutes… don’t get me started).  Meanwhile… a few dozen of us blogger-types have congregated to put our own ballot together.  Its being rolled out in 2 parts by the good folks at We Rite GoodHere’s Part 1 which includes our Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year and Most Improved Player.  Here’s my breakdown (which, by the way, did not match the blogger consensus):

ROY –  Al Horford

COY – Doc Rivers

MIP – Rajon Rondo

Homerism?  Maybe… if you mean it as in Homer the genius Greek thinker whose brilliance is recognized throughout civilization.  Then yes… I am a Homer. 

Part 2 of the ballot… including MVP and 7th man (so as to avoid another Ginobili thing)… comes out later today.  Now… links to stories by professional writers:

Herald: Posey not after awards  |  Green Celtics soak it all up  |  Come playoffs, youth doesn’t serve Hawks  |  Globe:  Posey 8th in 6th man voting  |  Horford spreading his wings  |  Souza:  Around the Parquet on Patriot’s Day  |  Enterprise News (scroll down):  Game 1 highest rated CSN game in 6 years (note:  add the national numbers to the CSN numbers and the ratings almost double)  |  ProJo:  Games more hooplah than hoop (note: Holy Crap does Bill Reynolds eviscerate the people putting on a show at the games)  |  Bynum not close to return  Cavs win big  |  Jazz beat Houston  |  Skiles gets Bucks job  |  Basketbawful:  Is Tyson Chandler testing Dirk Nowitzki’s deoderant or something?  |  Sports By Brooks:  Lakers fans chant “DUI” at Carmelo


3 Responses

  1. good post, but i my favorite pg-for-the-celtics/mike bibby connection is that eddie house is tagging bibby’s sister.

  2. That’s a good one. Can you imagine the trash talk there?

    “Hey Mike… why didn’t you tell my your sister’s kitty was that abused? I think I lost my keys in there.”

    I get the feeling that might get back to her though.

  3. I have hated the Wizards for a long time. Especially Gilbert. Need to come up with some sort of Gilbert T shirt for next year. Does not look they will be needed this year, Even though I would still wear it. The Cavs will probably finish them off though, and they deserve it. They suck.

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