“Rondo’s Better (Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap)”

mike bibby and rajon rondo

Mike Bibby hates you (and your mother too… something about her combat boots).  Granted, Bibby’s probably talking out of frustration because he was destroyed by Rajon Rondo.  Its the equivalent of going up to a hot chick at the bar… getting rejected… and walking away calling her an ugly lesbian (read more about that in Chuck’s new book “Every Woman I Meet is an Ugly Lesbian”… available soon on Amazon). 

So let’s show Bibby how loud fans can be.  When he starts walking the ball up the court, or when he’s at the free throw line… let’s spark up the chant “Ron-Do’s Bet-ter (Clap, Clap, Clap Clap Clap).”  If you’d like… you can do it while waving the Bibby Face you download from BostonSportz

I’m hoping that other blogs and sites pick this up… so enough of the fans going to the game tonight get the word… and really get this chant going.  Partly because I want to shove it down Bibby’s throat… and partly because I need to feed my gigantic ego by controlling what the crowd at Celtics games say.  Speak my pretties…. SPEAK!

Besides… Paul Pierce wants to hear it from you guys too:

“I hope our fans hear that and come even louder tomorrow in Game 2. I think that’s totally disrespectful to our fans.”

And its not just fans that will be tearing Bibby a new one today… expect the abuse from Rondo to continue… because he’s got plenty of confidence going into tonight.  This will not be a good night for Mikey.

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And finally… the We Rite Good 7th man and MVP rankings… as chosen by us… the basketbloggers.  The 7th man is a player who averaged under 24 minutes, and started in less than 25% of the team’s games.  I voted for KG for MVP… he did not win.  In fact the only time I matched the consensus was with the 7th man:  Jason Maxiell. 


16 Responses

  1. “Bib-by’s a douche-bag” has a much better ring to it…but let’s go with your saying.

  2. I gotta say I love your analogies. Maybe its because they’re hilarious or maybe because I can relate to all of them either way great anaolgy!

  3. I am SO doing this. I shall be printing out bibby heads and adding popsicle sticks for all of those in the Balcony who have been sitting there for years. Well, all of those in my section. Bight your tongue, Bibby. Don’t make me come down there an do it for you.

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  5. I’ll be all over this chant if the series goes to game 5…… but that won’t happen.

    Bibby’s never won anything and has always been a shoot first guard.

  6. Just thought this was interesting.


    A thread in which Chuck tries to convince us that Bibby is a huge upgrade over Rondo. Good call there Chuck.

  7. Chuck… that is damning evidence. You really lobbied hard for Bibby. Doesn’t look good for you.

  8. That was during the week my computer was hacked.

    Actually it was a pretty interesting thread. Here’s my favorite line:

    “As for Bibby, looks like the Cavs have interest. I can see him and LeBron in the Finals again next season while we lament Rondo’s woeful shooting and lack of leadership.”

    Boy was I wrong. About as wrong as John was about Ben Wallace and the KG trade.

  9. Now we just gotta rally the C’s fans attending Game 3 in Atlanta.

  10. Are you kidding me! I went to 80% of the home games last year. Proudly wearing green and not a bag over my head! Maybe he is thinkning of how the Hawks fans felt that night. Rondos better….clap clap clap clap clap!!!!!

  11. I’m not going to the game tonight but will wear my Mike Bibby face at home to scare my dogs.

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  13. May i just say ever since Bibby came to Atlanta beautiful doors have opened for us. At that I just have one thing to say…



  14. bibby is the best fucking point in the got damn league and if any body is that nasty fuck place called boston whats it they can try and the only fucking reason that the hawks didn’t beat there ass in game 7 was because the refs are some bitches just like the fair weather boston fans BITCHES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. […] got things started by calling us fair-weather fans. Red’s Army responded by calling for the “Rondo’s Better” chant and the fans delivered. Bibby proceeded to suck the entire […]

  16. what the fuck!? Bibby sucks man. what kind of bitch cant see that? he is wasted in the NBA he is a discrace 2 america. Lets go celtics!

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