I Have The POWER!!!

He man

As I stood there in my living room with about 3 minutes to go in the game… I heard a sound that made my heart swell (and my ego too)

Rondo heard it:

One chant, “Rondo is better!” was particularly biting and hard-hitting.

“I heard it,” said Rondo. “Like I said, these fans have always been great to me. It was nice to hear, I guess. But it didn’t faze me.”

Josh Smith heard it too:

“I hope our fans were watching,” said Smith. “We are going to need them to be like the Celtics fans were tonight. The Celtics play with a lot of energy. They fed off it.”

Special thanks go to these guys

It was staring him in the face. Section 2, Row 4. Dave Weigner and Calden Akin made the sign just for him.

Big green letters that said “Rondo’s Better.”

And also to these guys:

Buddy just texted, they are chanting “RON-do’s BET-er!” in the T station! WOOOOOO!!!!!

In fact… the “Rondo’s Better” chant was mentioned in almost every recap out there… and the Herald also did its own piece on the crowd’s reaction.  In all seriousness… thanks to all of you who went to the game and followed through on this.  It was awesome to hear. 

Also awesome to hear:  Bibby did it on purpose to take the heat off his young teammates

According to a Hawks source, the veteran point guard purposely made the incendiary comments to take the pressure off his very young teammates. Asked during a private moment before the game if such was the case, Bibby smiled and winked.

What’s so awesome about that?  It didn’t work… and now we’ve got someone else to hate!  Win-Win!  Also very encouraging… the Celtics are decimating the Hawk while KG is shooting 38% from the field.  But Rondo is picking up some of that slack… and KG is still making his biggest impact on the defensive end. 

How great is Garnett?  He gets a very cool individual award… and he immediately calls his whole team out there to share in it.kevin garnett

 I definitely wouldn’t have done that.  In fact… when I got my “Blogger of the Year” award last week… I super glued it to Chuck’s computer monitor… just so he’d never forget who the king was. 

I’m A Douche Bag (clap, clap… clap clap clap)!

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8 Responses

  1. Just remember–with great power comes great responsibility (to taunt the opposing team).

  2. That was an awsome moment… as soon as I heard the Chant I started giggling like a little school girl (I can only Imagin John) & for some reason felt like I was part of it!! IT was great.

  3. […] silence Bibby in game 2 Boston’s crowd and defense demoralizes Hawks Red’s Army I have the power Perkisabeast Hawks wake Garden ghosts with idle talk Full Court Press Celtics victory in Game 2 […]

  4. I nearly passed out when I heard it. You think this is fun now, wait til we get in a real series.

  5. Good on you guys. Mini-me was tryin to keep a brave face but it wasn’t working. Do you have any special instructions for the C’s fans stuck in Atlanta???

  6. Terrific!

    Blog influence prevails again.

    Nice contribution to the cause, Jon!


  7. That is so fantastic. We were working it in our section (and I continued it on my sorta drunken walk to the car) but the goof offs in our section were having non of that so I never heard the crowd really say it. So sad for me but too cool to hear it on TV! Great job getting it out there.

  8. Thanks everyone…

    Celtified.. I’d say C’s fan in Atlanta need some sort of signage. If you’re going to the game… something like:

    Rondo > Bibby

    I’d also take an MVP chant when KG was at the line. We all know how much shit gets kicked up when MVP chants for the other team happen in your building.

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