We Got This

rajon rondoI’m not Bill Simmons… I don’t believe in jinxes (which, as has been pointed out in our comments, may be why he picked the Lakers). 

So when I read Rajon Rondo write about how the team is going right now… I can’t help but react by going down to City Hall Plaza and staking out my spot for the parade.

I went to practice this morning…watched some film. Now, I’m about to lay down for a minute. I’m going over Ray’s later. We’re having dinner over his house. Overall, the team is better than ever right now. UBUNTU is in full effect, and our chemistry is crazy! My job now is to just stay focused, play team ball, and win this thing.

How can you not read that and get giddy?  Better than ever?  UBUNTU in full effect?   I can just imagine all those guys at Ray’s house having a blast… talking shop… and getting focused on laying a couple more 20 spots on Atlanta.  Every day I sit here in my underwear and think I can’t possibly love this Celtics team any more… and every day someone says or does something that makes me love this team more.

One more from Rondo:

The Garden are the best fans ever. They bring soo much energy, and I just feed off of it.

You’re welcome.  FYI Rajon… the Army will be in the ATL tomorrow night… right Hawks legend Dominque Wilkins?

“We had just as much green in our building as we had red, and I was mad as hell about that,” Wilkins said. “Oh, I was mad as hell. I took it personally. We all took it personal. But that’s what made the rivalry so great.”

I might cry if I hear the “Rondo’s Better” chant in Atlanta.  Seriously.  I’ll put it up on YouTube.  If anyone gets on TV with a “Rondo > Bibby” sign (and can prove that its you)… I’ll give you a free shirt.  At this point.. I’m thinking even Bibby’s cousin might bring the sign.  He is, after all, rooting for Boston

And just in case you’re not hyped up enough about our chances… let me turn things over to Mr. Kevin Garnett.

“We expect to win this thing and nothing less than that.  That is the focus here, that’s the mentality, and that’s what we are manifesting.”

I think Chuck and I are going to bring a “Moses eats sh*t” banner… you know.. kick it old school.

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