Al Horford Will Regret This

I did hear that Paul Pierce had to be restrained after this little incident… which is probably a good thing.  That means Paul can play on Monday and turn Al into a poster.  Nuts on that Sundae Mr. Horford?

Congratulations Atlanta… you’ve managed to turn your one shining moment into fodder for an on-court dismemberment (there’s also the matter of Perk’s bloody nose to avenge).  Hope the first 5,000 fans get barf bags.  And if anyone doesn’t expect a total blowout… I want to point to the postgame celebration by the Hawks.  The way they were jumping around, I almost expected David Stern to come out with trophies.

As for last night’s game:  it was so bad that some people are wondering if the C’s threw the game so the team could get another home game… and make Wyc some extra money.  While I don’t believe that for one second… I’m still a little pissed that we saw an effort (from everyone… coaches all the way on down to the players) that would make people think that.  The team took their normal team approach and tossed it out the window… opting instead to try a more individual approach

“Even in the end you saw Rajon [Rondo] try to back Mike Bibby down [and got a foul]. That’s not what we do, but that’s what they all did. Rajon tried to win the game for us. Ray wanted to win the game for us. Paul [Pierce] wanted to win the game for us. But we have to win it as a group and that’s how it always has to be.”

Come to think of it… I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rajon trying to post up another PG.  I hope those guys weren’t reading all the great things we said about them on Red’s Army… because we’re friggin idiots.  Our first 6 months on this site, I was calling all the baskets “touchdowns” and every one of Chuck’s game recaps was of a game from his sophomore year in high school that he keeps watching on VHS tape over and over again.

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(Video Credits:  Odenized)


9 Responses

  1. A-Ho is an A-Hole.

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  3. I want to rip Horford for the taunting and the rest of the Hawks for the absurd celebration but they aren’t alone. Are you watching how ridiculous Chris Paul is acting in the series with Dallas? I’m embarassed for him. Can’t you dominate and play with class?

  4. fucking streamers coming from the ceiling? al horford taunting paul pierce? all they needed was papelbon doing the riverdance… im actually happy they won last night cuz that means my game 5 tickets will actually be useful

  5. Anyone else catch that hand gesture Pierce threw at Horford after Pierce was stopped from proceeding closer to the Hawks bench? Looked like an upside down A-OK sign – wonder what that was all about?

  6. I’m guessing it was some sort of “P”

  7. Oh, you guys didn’t know? Paul is part of the Boston Crips.

    Why did he walk over to the bench like that? He should have just laughed at Horford and left it at that. When basketball players get mad and try to force things in order to get back at other players or the refs, it screws them up. I’ve seen it happen to Kobe, Shaq, Dirk, Lebron, AI, and even Paul before. Hope he just realizes how stupid Horford is and shakes it off before Game 4.

  8. This guy is just a rooookie and he thinks he can talk $h!t to a ten year vet. PP needs to take this personally and look to kill the Halks team by him self. I remember a couple years ago when the C’s played the nets and kmart got in pp’s head, he can’t let a rookie talk shit to him and let him get away with it!! Getter done PP!!

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