Celtic Killer

Joe Johnson single-handledly beat the Celtics tonight. He torched the C’s defense for 20 points in the fourth quarter (35 total) as the Hawks overcame a 10 pt deficit and won 97-92. After all the taunting and excessive celebration following Game 3, nearly everyone expected the Celtics to bitch-slap Atlanta tonight. But everytime the Celtics made a run (1st and 3rd quarters), the Hawks responded with a run of their own. It was downright embarassing. All the talk about Paul Pierce making Al Horford pay for the taunt? He shot 5-14 FG (4-8 FT) which included one crucial missed lay-up late in the fourth. The Celtics are in serious danger of blowing this series.

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The Punk of the Night Award goes to the Hawks Zsa Zsa Pachulia. Let’s see if he gets suspended for that headbutt on Kevin Garnett.


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  1. Pachulia got away with the head-butt because Garnett isn’t a flopper and didn’t take advantage of the situation. If Garnett did the same thing you know Zsa Zsa Gabor woulda flopped into the 10th row.

    What happened to the Cs team from the regular season? Amazing turnaround.

  2. hahaha! the hawks?! hahaha!

  3. Bibby’s better clap clap clap Bibby’s better clap clap damn talking championship n beantown again I say please they can’t even sweep da hawks while my lakers r bout to sweep the nuggets

  4. Garnett isn’t a flopper? Are you kidding me.lol

    Karma sucks. Hopefully Danny Ainge can get his exec of the year award on the same day his team is ousted from the playoffs.

    I am not gloating just laughing at the way karma can get people that deserve it and hopefully the way the Celtics players acted this year gets what they deserve, An early exit from the 8th seeded team.

  5. I think the C’s should give Tony Allen a shot to slow down Joe Johnson. Ray Allen cannot stop him at all. We can’t have our best 1 on 1 defender sit out the whole series.

  6. I agree Juan. That’s exactly what I was thinking at about the 6 minute mark of the 4th. They finally switched Pierce on him and then started double teaming the hot hand, but that was TOO LATE. Also, at about that same time, I noticed they stopped running plays and tried to force there offense thru Garnett or Pierce. I hope the Big 3 remember that the clock is ticking and start playing like the All-Stars we saw all season.

  7. I don’t know how much more clearly I need to say this…

    The Celtics need to just play basketball. Cut the shit… just play ball. They did it in the 3rd quarter… and then they got away from it.

    There’s no need for panic. There’s no need for major changes. There’s no need to even bring anyone in to specifically stop Joe Johnson.

    If the Celtics had played good team D in the 4th… rotated over when Johnson got into the lane and forced him to pass (or at least contest his shot)… and then grabbed a defensive board or two… they would have won the game. It’s not rocket science. Rotate, help, rebound… done. Hitting a few free throws might help too.

  8. Garnett pushed the ref. He should be suspended next game.

    [quote] [/quote]

  9. Look for the C’s to blow them out in Boston, Series over in two more games. But we can’t like the way they played on the road. Good thing they have home court through out the playofffs.

  10. ^

    Didn’t you guys say that about this game? lol

  11. Ok, here’s my problem with the last two games.

    I live in Detroit (ick) and my best friend is a Pistons fan. I asked him towards the end of the season, “If the Celtics and the Pistons meet in the playoffs, which team is smart enough to win? Both teams have coaches proven to not be able to win when it matters. Clearly coaching will be null for both teams. Which team has the stronger floor leader?”

    I see that exposed here in Atlanta. We all thought about it early in the season/preseason, is Doc a worthy coach? I think his true abilities are coming out in the playoffs. Does anyone think a team coached by Jackson, Sloan or Popovich would have lost two consecutive games, with the horses we have, to Atlanta?

    I have read a lot about the drive of the Hawks and the uninterested Celts, while I do not discount either of these facts, I propose that overcoming these is one of the primary jobs of the coach during the game.

    (hoping for 14 more)

  12. Ok here is the deal, I get in maui, HI, take a 40 minute bus ride to my hotel (by the way if get the chance go to Maui so cool place except beer cost a lot here) and the C’s are down 1 with 5 mins left in the game. Doc blew this one where was TA also what is Perk doing on the floor when we need to score (no disrepect to beef stalone and his crew at perks a beast) but posey needed to be on the floor way sooner. joe johnson played out his gord that will not happen again C win the next 2. on a side note it not cool try and pee in a beer can on a plane folks get mad!!!!! It is funny though. Aloha

  13. Enough with the Tony Allen talk. John is right….the team defense was lacking. Doc could have gone with Posey or Pierce on JJ also….I don’t want the most mentally soft player in the NBA on the court in a playoff game. Sorry…

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