What Does This Mean?

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  1. Pretty sure it means “asshole”. For real.

  2. Each finger represents a letter… A.S.S. and I think we can figure out what the circle represents.

  3. yep, i think that was that. a-hole. i could understand the young fella though…all the hype of the game, the playoffs, playing against the best team, and beating them in game 3…but really uncalled for al. let’s see what happens…

  4. No, it meant, “Wow, you beat me on one shot. Now, I’m going to beat you for the rest of the series.”

  5. Never knew that hand sign – gonna have to start using it.

    And as much as Horford’s antics got me fired up the other night – I gotta be fair and say I loved the Eastern Conference Title run with Antoine wiggling all over the place. I can understand why Philly and Detroit and NJ wanted to kill the Celts then.

  6. My friend from L.A. says it’s the Inglewood Piru Family sign (Bloods). I saw someone else mention it’s the 3’s Up Benzino thing.

  7. I have a hard time believing Pierce was bangin’ back in Inglewood….. but who the hell knows. Maybe he’s got friends. Maybe Al Horford will be a “scratch” for the rest of the series.

  8. dave is right. pierce flashed a bloods sign. contrary to whiteboy belief, the sign stat spells ‘blood’ with your fingers that you learned in jr high isn’t real. there are plenty of rumors concerning pierce’s involvement with the inglewood pirus – especially surrounding the stabbing.

  9. This is a hot topic on an LA Lakers board… and they called it out immediately as a gang sign.

    Click here for link

  10. I tend to agree with Dave and Sean. If you look at this image, http://www.fgia.com/images/lololololololo3hu_000.jpg , (and I can’t believe I’m posting this, honestly), but the piru sign at the top, third from the left, looks pretty much like what Pierce was throwing at Horford.

    Now, what if Horford is part of the ATL crips or something? Do you think this could extend beyond just Celtics/Hawks?

  11. I think we’re making too much of it, honestly…. at least I hope we are.

    I will say this… if this is true… I find it a bit disconcerting that Pierce would be throwing those signs around in an NBA game.

    Personally… I’m ready to get back to talking basketball

  12. I’m sure it was a kneejerk reaction to say, watch yourself. If I was a bad ass like Pierce and some rookie had the balls to talk shit to me in the playoffs, I’d lose my cool too. But since I grew up in Boston and not Inglewood, it would have been a f-bomb laced tirade about what he does to dudes in his spare time, instead of a gang sign. Just a product of the environment, nothing crazy.

  13. it was a gang sign.
    pierce should be suspended.
    it may seem like a harmless gesture- but honestly…
    for the youth basketball of our country, it is important that stu jackson and stern address that.
    too many kids come from gang environments and for the league to have it brought to their attention (i sent it to stern) and NOT address it…
    enables the thuggery.

  14. It’s a gang sign..

    Means “blood.. (there will be blood). ;o)

    If he’s a gang member, he should be banned playing in NBA.

    Now, NBA becomes NGA (National Gangster Association)?

  15. Both explanations seem plausible. Either way, there will be blood tonight, just hopefully not in it’s literal meaning.

    I wouldn’t doubt that Pierce had some association w. a gang at some point in his youth, but I don’t think he’d flash a sign in a game.
    Anybody have any evidence that that is a common sign for a-hole? I’ve never seen that either.

  16. Could be either see this link

    but on a side note I do not think our boy Paul is an avid ASL student

  17. Pierce was fined $25k for this.

    dummy. I hope someone doesn’t get all stabby on him when we play the Lakers in the finals.

  18. It means boston. Kids throw that up all around boston, its just a b and the 3 represents strikes. 3 strikes and your out. it could be asshole, but when i lived in boston some ghetto kid i worked with use to throw that up and i asked him

  19. the sign means blood killer.

  20. Kids do throw it up around Boston, but it doesn’t mean three strikes. It’s an old gang sign. Gangs wore adidas sneakers in parts of Roxbury and Dorchester and flashed three fingers for the three stripes on Adidas kicks (no lie). Now all Boston rappers flash it to show where they’re from.

  21. i think the sign for asshole is a little bit (understatement) too dorky for pp to throw up. i’ve heard doing that means asshole, but i can’t ever imagining anyone waving it around as an insult. from what i know, its both middle school and about 50 years outdated.

    and even if paul was/is in a gang, i doubt that he would flash that around either. national tv isn’t really the place you want to do that.

    if matt warren is telling truth, i would say that’s the most likely explanation i’ve heard so far.

  22. i know for sure that is not the benzino boston three signal that is with your pointer, middle and index finger…. but i also think people are looking to much into it… he pointed at him weird. hes gonna drop 40 tonight….. on a lighter note im goin to game 5 anyone know if they are givin us towels or anythin to rock?

  23. How does Pierce’s gang sign and DeShawn Stevenson’s flagrant foul on LeBron’s head compare? They got the same fine for the same “menacing gesture”.

    And while they were reviewing the Pierce footage, did anyone think Horford deserved a fine for pointing and yelling at Paul, igniting that whole ordeal? I’m pretty sure taunting carries a penalty in this league.

  24. droopy, in the article that rich posted it says that it used to use the pointer finger, but doesn’t anymore.

    over on the lakers board people are going nuts. talking about how paul should be banned for a year+ for this. because he’s a role model. first of all, the only smart thing charles barkely ever said was about the whole role model thing. second of all, if you’re going to talk about role models, lets talk about kobe “the rapist” bryant. and third, they’re talking about pierce promoting a lifestyle that “kills 1000s every year”. cigarettes, alcohol, and george bushes each take out more than that. let’s ban players that vote republican. fans too. not to mention shut down arenas that sell alcohol. yawn.

    i always stayed away from gangs…until pierce threw up something that looked like a blood sign in game three against the hawks.

  25. Definate Gang sign. It signifies a B in terms of the word Bloods (A Los Angeles Street Gang). If you do some homework, you will see that Pierce is from Inglewood, Los Angeles…Bloods territory.

  26. Didnt kobe throw up this sign the other day when he went for 49? it was when he motioned it to the scorers table, he made it look kind of like a gun though – like a sharpshooter, whatever. and he pointed it down.

  27. I think it might mean that the series is gonna go back to Boston tied at 2.

  28. A lot are gonna say its a blood sign (Bloods, the gang).
    But its reportedly a symbol for blood, sweat and tears. Which the paul and the celtics do before EVERY game…


  29. It definetly means something along the lines of “Im gonna get you sucka”

  30. he put the 3 up, 3s up means beantown, adidas footwear was created in boston, hence the 3 stripes on the side of the sneaker, he ment wait till we bring it back to beantown……but obv. it didnt do anything!!! bullshit fine fuckin cocksuckin nba owners

  31. Pierce is a Nike guy.

  32. Blood, sweat and tears if it were a gang sign his fingers would be up not down to the side(bloods) This is a sign of pure ignorance the rascism in this country is killing me. Please take time to understand our (black america) culture you cant do it at school because its hidden, but do something its getting CRAZY.

  33. The fingers point up to symolize a B only for pure blood signs. The sign he threw is symbolic of Piru, also a blood click. Piru is crip spelled backwards with the C on it’s back (symbolizing dead) to form the U. This sign is a P (for PIRU) on it’s side when it is in gang context, which I am not sure that Pierce intended, but before you go calling all these white folks ignorant and racist, you should get your facts straight.

  34. Boston apologists are a joke. The dude is signed with Nike. There are no references to Adidas or Boston. The dude is not from there. He’s from Inglewood, CA and he just got punked by a rookie. Gang symbol or no gang symbol stop whining and complaining about not getting calls. You had the best record in the NBA and if you lose it will be the greatest choke in the history of chokes. Las Vegas odds at 80-1 which is the greatest odds for any NBA series ever.

    Tied 2-2. Let’s Go Hawks!

  35. paul musta bin real mad 2 throw that sh*t up in the middle of a game

  36. The B stands for Boston and the three fingers meant the big THREE…….Pierce, Garnett, and Allen. Thats all it is, lets be real they are all adults on the court. But the Hawks is wildin tryna beef wit KG they betta be careful, b4 cassel get em’ YA DIGG

  37. […] time here? Subscribe to my RSS feed. Also Check out the Forums. Thanks for visiting!Ok so Reds Army brought this one to my attention today. Paul Pierce threw up some sort of sign to Al Horford during […]

  38. I thought pierce was throwing up props to Larry Bird with the B-sign (Boston Celts)!!!!!

  39. Pierce was just frustrated cause Horford gave him the poindexter while he was sucking the ground.

  40. what was the 1 finger point by Big Al? The bent knuckle voodoo curse from 8 mile!!!!!?????

  41. concordo com o hawks! haha

  42. I like beans

  43. It’s a Boston thing:


  44. It says “We’re sorry, this video is no longer available “

  45. Wow, y’all are hilarious… I’m pretty sure, Paul Pierce is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity (est. 1911), which is a Black Fraternity… That is their sign that they throw up, but I’m not sure why he would throw it up during the middle of a game… Okay, I just googled it, and Al Horford is also a member of the fraternity, so I guess a little friendly rivalry.

    Why does everything have to be gang related? O, that’s right…

  46. I posted a new video.

    Is Pierce really a Kappa?

    If he is… does it really make sense for him to do that? Maybe he’s reminding Horford that he’s a Kappa too.

    I don’t know… I’m looking for an explanation. If that’s all it was…. then why did the C’s come out with their “blood sweat and tears” explanation?

  47. Paul Anthony Pierce (born October 13, 1977 in Oakland, California)

    definitely a gang sign, lost a TON of respect for pierce for this one

  48. Aright I don’t know much about Pierce’s pre-career history, but I definitely think it’s premature, prejudiced, and ultimately insulting to automatically assume he’s throwing a gang hand sign, regardless of whether one thinks that because he’s black, because he’s from Oakland, or both. First of all, if he was Blood, and using that as a taunt, he would have put the three stripes in the air, not to the side. Signs mean very different things when they’re used in different positions. Now that we’ve established that, also try to recall what Rich and other posters have said about Boston being “3Town”/”3 City”. It’s incredibly common here in my hometown (Roxbury, part of Boston) and much of Eastern Massachusetts to throw up three fingers to show Boston pride. This can either be the pinky, ring and middle fingers with the thumb and index finger joined, or it can be the pinky, middle, and index fingers with the ring and thumb joined. In this case, the three fingers are often shown to the side as opposed to in the air. Obviously pointing down would be disrespecting Boston. All in all, try not to jump to conclusions about things like this when all you have to go on is what some ignorant analysts on ESPN and internet sports websites surmise. Try to get the facts and background first.

  49. Sorry, I should also mention that while the history of the three fingers hand sign in Boston is disputed, and may or may not have criminal origin, it has absolutely no gang affiliation when used today.

  50. the sign means bloods, i’m a blood from L.A and that’s what it means. Paul Pierce straight banged on Al Horford.

  51. you guys are idiots if you think it means asshole, thats all i have to say, its a lil different than that…!!

    “each finger represents the letters….ASS”
    Are you kidding me?!

  52. Nice.. Bloods read Red’s Army.

    If I made some shirts in red… would you wear them?

  53. A little late, but I wanted to correct jamessye. Paul Pierce is not a member of Kappa Alpha Psi and he did not throw up the “Yo”.

  54. It Means I hate white people!

  55. Harmless!

  56. Just wanted to point out that the dingus who claimed Adidas shoes were created in Boston is sorely wrong. Adidas was founded by Adi Dassler in Germany–nice try though.

  57. he is kumi nation, 415 bay area blood

  58. […] you can see from the comments at Reds Army, there are a lot of differing opinions on what Pierce was actually "throwing." Was it a […]

  59. Not at all. Pierce is from Inglewood, the home of the Piru Bloods. Back in the time he went to high school, Inglewood was still a pretty rough place, although its calmed down a bunch since then. Pierce would have at least come into contact with the Piru Bloods, and that sign looks an awful lot like the Piru Blood sign. Its not an adidas sign because adidas was a germany thing, and its not for Boston thing because Pierce was born in California.

    The only other thing i could think of was “you gotta win 3 to come back” because that game wasn’t over yet….. that could be it…

  60. It means Blood Sweat Tears, or BST which is Boston abbreviated, and its also because boston became famous for always wearing adidas as apposed to nikes, it came out with old boston rap groups, not gangs, rap groups
    read these and you’ll know.

  61. I went to Inglewood High School with Paul Pierce and the guy was not involved in gangs. He graduated in ’95 and I graduated in ’97 and from what I remember, Pierce was actually a nice, humble guy. It’s funny to see so many who self-proclaimed ‘hood/gang experts on the internet.

    I don’t think Boston’s mayor lived in Inglewood…

  62. Check this link

  63. its actually sign language (not done correctly, but you know) and yes it does mean a**hole


  65. threes for the bean. he’s not usin it as a gang sign. it reps his team and the town. stands for ‘blood sweat and tears’

  66. hes a blood

  67. […] remember this thing from Paul Pierce?  (or this from Danny Ainge).  He’s apparently inspiring the NFL… which is hiring an […]

  68. Yeah the NFL hired Sweets from the movie south central to interpret gang signs. There are so many interpretations of hand signs, frats, gangs, play calls. No one has any idea what is what. But inside the lines did do a special on gangbangers who made it to the NFL a couple of years back. It was interesting.

  69. I’m sure no one has seen the movie South Central..just so you know it was a joke. See the movie to understand.

  70. Not sweets…Loco

  71. That’s definitely the sign for bloods

  72. That Ni@@a iz a slob! That’s a ‘B’ for Blood! He went to Inglewood High, Home of the bloods in the most ‘Blood-filled’ city in L.A.. That’s the same junk that got him stabbed so he’d better watch out!

  73. Ok let me get this straight. They are saying Pierce gave Kevin Youkilis the sign to steal home. Bill Belichick taped it Stern got ahold of the tape and destroyed so it never happened. Sounds like we need about 20 Senate hearings on this.

  74. Thanks Ya’lls fo comin’ to my rescue. What I is was really trying to say was. “Ohh, I’d really like a hat”. Thanks fer understandin

  75. you guys are all ricking retarded pierce is not a blood that B was for BOSTON

  76. I can’t believe ANY of you would even pretend to think someone like Paul Pierce would be a gang member! Don’t you realize EVERY person in the NBA, NFL, MLB, etc. are the most perfect, upstanding citizens in the country? I mean, it’s not like Michael Vick actualy attended dog fights or raised dogs for fighting. It’s not like Mark McGuire was a ‘roid freak. It’s not like OJ stabbed & killed his ex-wife and her boyfriend or anything. They’re all completely innocent and were just victims of the media making things out to be something they weren’t. GET REAL PEOPLE. IT’S A GANG SIGN. YOU CAN TAKE THE ATHELETE OUT OF THE HOOD, BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE THE HOOD OUT OF THE ATHELETE.

    And, considering how much money they’ve made by being the way they always have been, why would they want to change?

    He’s a thug. 90% of them are. Deal with it.

  77. So you think Paul Pierce is a Blood?

  78. it looks like a gang sign my friend tought me

  79. If your not from Boston, then you have no idea what it means to throw up the 3s. Paul was thrown up the 3s to represent Boston. Like someone said earlier, it the origin of the 3s can be disputed, and many said it has some sort of gang origin in Boston, but 99% of people who throw it up don’t even know that, they just do it to rep the city, and thats all that Paul was doing. All yall from Cali who claim to know anything about the Bloods would know that Paul Pierce is not one.

  80. You people are all idiots. He’s throwing us three’s for boston you shmucks… god I can’t believe you idiots… sincerely.

  81. listen 2 dese dumb people in hea it meanz 3 stripez i got it tattood on me i know what im talkn bout an yes 3 stripes originated from gangs in da 80’s early 90’s in dorchester on intervale street where they had a tree it was called the addidas tree run dmc was popular at that time in boston and every one who was any one had a pair of adawgs ya digg there were the shelltoez the gazzelles the yum yums the top tens the equipments all typez of adawgs thatz what we call addidas anyways the gang on intervale would jump kids if they had on anything but addidas if you waz rockn nikes or reeboks u got your ass whooped and your sneekers would be taken from you laces tied together and thrown on the tree then ass a tradition every1 in the neighborhood would get together and throw a pair of their own addidas tree hence our motto of threes and trees addidas sneakers or timberland boots 1 or the other but it caught on and soon every1 in the city was thrown up the 3z at first it started using your index middle and ring finger and pointing them outwards and connecting your thumb 2 your pinky but that changed because it became disrespectfull 2 dap ur friendz up with ur pointer or trigger finger (pierce got pointed at b4 he threw up the 3 wich mite have set him off knowing that he knowz this knowledge) so then it became 2 what it is today and what pierce threw up with your trigger finger and thumb 2gether as a circle and your middle ring and pinky pointed outwards bloods turn there handz upwardz 2 symbolize there b bostonianz dont do that we either put it in the air or or hold it at a slight slant so here is what paul threw up thea it iz people end of discusion factz are facts and assholez are assholez and whoeva thought it meant asshole iz tapped in da head and people who thought it meant bloodz dat waz close nice try but remember hez from inglewood do a lil more research next time there sighn iz a bit different and not so loose of a hand jesture and way more derrogitory than the threez paul waz lettn him know hez messn wit boston and dat hez representin hiz team and his fans every1 out hea knowz dat so people letz get it 2gether they find him 4 showing pride it wouldve beenliking takin hiz jersey off and wavin it around but keep debatin if u want thatz what it standz 4 im out 100 3z up

  82. all u fuckers are dumb he throwin up b’s 4 boston get a life u internet thugs

  83. ya are a bunch of lames it means 3 for the stripes it mean he repping boston

  84. YUP…I live in inglewood and u see lots of people thown da piru sign those r bloods in inglewood….

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