Suspensions Coming?

Ok… these are the questions we’ve got to ask after yesterday’s “altercation.”

Question#1:  Did KG push a ref? 

It’s at the :15 mark.  He certainly struggles to get free… and he’s not gentle about it.  It was a big debate today on “Mike & Mike in the Morning.” with one vote for a suspension… one against.  This photo doesn’t help.

kevin garnett

 Did Kendrick Perkins come off the bench?

At the 1:04 mark, you see Perk with a foot on the court.  It’s only 1 foot… but some people will say that’s enough.  Now we’re getting into “leaving the bench area” territory.  People will also point to the whole Amare Stoudemire incident last year as precedent.  I don’t think it applies… because Stoudemire had actually passed the bench area… whereas Perk only has one foot on the court.  There’s also the question as to how much of an altercation this was.

Did Zaza Pachulia headbutt KG?

At 1:30… Pachulia steps up to KG… and he instigates contact that results in their foreheads touching.  Gorman and Marshall say its a headbutt… I say (just like every other thing being brought up here) you can go either way on it.  He definitely initiates contact… and he does it from a few steps away.  That’s probably a fine… but a suspension might be pushing it.

Did Marvin Williams leave the bench?

This clip doesn’t show it… but Marvin Williams did what Perkins did.  Just keep that in mind.  If one gets suspended and not the other, that’s crap.  They’re either both gone… or neither goes.

In my opinion… no one should go.  This was a minor dust up.  You can fine KG for putting his hands on the ref.  You can fine Pachulia for trying to instigate… but that’s about it.


13 Responses

  1. Some editorial touch up needed – “You can find Pachulia” – should read “You can fine Pachulia.”

    As far as K.G. goes, you cannot do that to an official. The league can’t even pretend that is kosher.

  2. That whole altercation was gay. KG barely had any force on the elbow but since all Euros are soft and play on their heels it looked bad. If anyone gets suspended it’s lame. I miss the old days.

  3. Wow, it does not look good for the C’s.. KG definitely pushed the Ref.. and Perk looked to have 2 feet on the court.

    I agree, if KG goes so does Pachulia same with Perk and Williams

  4. The league must suspend KG. I don’t care how big of a name you are, you can’t shove a ref and get away with it.

  5. Yes everyone who leaves the bench during a situation gets a game suspension.

    Tim Duncan
    2007 Playoffs

  6. Wouldn’t they have already announced the suspensions by now? As of nearly 2 o’clock on Tuesday, nothing has been said yet. I’m guessing last nights game was somewhat of a “warning” for all players on both teams. If anything else…then I’m guessing some punishment will be handed out.

  7. When KG gets suspended, Atlanta is going to throw a parade for Zaza down Peachtree Street

  8. If nothing merited an ejection than it shouldn’t ever merit a suspension/fine. What a joke the NBA has become.

  9. Agree completely with Dave and perkisabeast. You guys are 100% right.

  10. LOL its over KG suspend hawks in 6 now

  11. Try watching again moron.

    It is the 12 second mark when KG grabs the ref NOT the other way around and after KG grabbed the ref the ref grabbed KG and then KG pushed him hard.

    Amazing how Celtics fans will do anything to make themselves the victim in everything.

    NBA apparently will ignore breaking the rules when teh team it wants to win is breaking them.

  12. perkisabeast.

    You’re an idiot but congrats. You are proving Celtics fans are stupid.

    It should have had both an ejection and a suspension but I guess you don’t think your team has to follow the rules.

  13. Not over Yet –

    Would you have made this much noise if they took away the shot clock at the Boston Garden and turned over the control of the game to the Celtics PA Announcer?

    Why didn’t Josh Smith Get suspended and fined for throwing Pierce to the floor and then pushing him back down as he tried to get up?

    Right. It’s only biased for the Celtics. The Hawks haven’t gotten any breaks.

    Take you dumb redneck ass back to your trailer park, idiot.

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