Not Dead Yet

What the HELL is going on in Boston???  Last I checked… this series is tied… although you wouldn’t believe it if you read Gerry Callahan today. 

You don’t need cryptic hand gestures to understand what they’re up against: If they do not win two of their next three games, all of the above will be forgotten and the 2007-08 Celtics will be remembered for only one thing:  The worst collapse in Boston sports history.

Jesus Christ Callahan… why don’t you save the bile for tomorrow… IF its needed at all. 

People around here are acting like winning 2 of 3 is impossible for these guys.  May I suggest that, despite the past couple of games, that the Hawks will have a harder time winning 2 of 3… when 2 of those are IN Boston?  So what if the C’s lost a couple of road playoff games.  Congrats Atlanta… you got hot… you won at home… whoop dee freakin’ doo.

The only thing the Celtics have to realize is that no one can hang with them when they IMPOSE THEIR WILL.  The Celtics have briefly gotten away from doing the things they do best.  Once they realize that sticking to their game plan will win them a title, then they’re fine.  It’s like a boxer who has got a guy on the ropes in the 2nd round… goes for the big, pretty knockout punch in rounds 3 and 4… and gets his bell rung a little.  Bring it back in… start working that jab and getting in your combinations… and start winning rounds again.  Then you let the ref come in to stop the fight when your opponent is a bloody pile of ground sirloin.

But everyone needs to cut the doom-and-gloom crap until its necessary.  Stop acting like mid-80’s Red Sox fans… and start acting like mid-80’s Celtics fans.

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4 Responses

  1. Haha.. thats a pretty funny Video!!

    It’s true though… Why is everyone freaking out!! WE ARE THE CELTICS! We will handle this chumps.. they already had thier little glory!

  2. Gerry Callahan is a racist moron who cares more about voicing his “northern redneck” political opinions than he does covering Sports in this town.

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  4. *cracks neck side to side*

    Game on tonight, ATL bitches!

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