Now That’s More Like It

paul pierce

Sorry for the late post-game recap… but Chuck and I were immersed in the luxury suite experience.  Free food… free beer… great game… it was very nice.  And I must say… the concubines were a nice touch.  They’re really stepping up their customer service efforts. 

I hope everyone can calm the hell down now that the Celtics got back to doing what they do:  Paul Pierce driving to the hoop… stifling D… and a steady pressure that ultimately leads to a blowout final score.  Yes, it did get tight there in the 3rd quarter… when the team came out a little soft.  And yes, I got some butterflies when the referees decided they wanted some of the spotlight in the 4th quarter.  But unlike games 3 and 4… the Celtics slowed things down when the Hawks made a run… and got a good shot off. 

Welcome back, Celtics. 

Box Score  |  Recap


4 Responses

  1. I was not able to catch the game last night but the only question I have is why does cassell get more min than House? I really think house would make more sence in this series. I know Cassell is a Vet but I think Doc should increase Houses min for the game in ATL. I did see that it was a blow out but I hope they can take that to ATL and end the series. Good luck on Friday guys.

  2. I’ve been all for benching Sam… but he played out of his mind in this game. I think this game had people saying “this is why you got Sam Cassell”

  3. Good to Know since I was not able to watch the game. But I think we need the shooting of House, he can score in bunches. Thanks for the comment redsarmy.

  4. I’d like to see more of Eddie House too…. but remember… there was a stretch during the season that a lot of people were crying for a back up PG because House couldn’t handle the job.

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