No Pressure

So here we are… game 7.  The pressure is palpable.  Its stifling.  ‘There’s no way this can be happening.’  We all feel it. 

Except the players.

Players don’t think like fans do… and fans will never be able to grasp that.  NBA players are supremely confident.  I’ll guarantee you that while the fans are fretting all the storylines that the local scribes can conjure… the players are getting ready to do one thing: play basketball.  You know why?  Because writers are paid to come up with storylines… and players are paid to play basketball.

So today, they’ll play basketball…. in front of a roaring crowd… without the crazy, queasy stomachs that we have.  Atlanta is too young to handle a game 7 in Boston. 

And for those out there who think going 7 with an 8th seed is a harbinger of things to come… think again.  Cleveland isn’t the same team as Atlanta.  They’re a jump shooting team… Atlanta is a drive-to-the-hoop team.  Cleveland is much slower… and nowhere near as athletic.  The argument that 7 games against Atlanta is a sign that we’re not winning it all is just another manufactured story line to fill the pages of the local paper (or… space on Red’s Army from our resident “Mr. Negative” Rob Gill.) 

Yes, the end of game 6 was upsetting to me.  Ray’s shot.  Paul’s tech.  KG’s turnovers.  All of those are unsettling.  But players can erase that after this series is over.  They can focus on a new team, a new approach, a new challenge. 

All they need to do is win today.

Don’t forget our call in show today:  12:30-1:00… taking it right to tip off.  Visit our show page to listen(718 ) 508-9841 is the call in number.

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5 Responses

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  2. The hairy Greek is right…as long as they win today, the next series starts 0-0 and you begin again…however…The C’s are, lets be frank, old. Sam looks like Yoda more and more these days…Ray’s arms seem to get tired late…KG forgets things (like what color jerseys his teammates have on) and Paul, well just ask Chuck about the Blood…While I agree in theory with your synopsis…I can’t help but worry that by the time the Green Home for the Aged reaches the finals, they’ll have nothing left…and no one wants to see the Lakers sweep them…not even Jack.

  3. They may be confident, but they still feel the pressure. If they didn’t – then the concept of choking wouldn’t exist. Will they be composed enough to make the right decisions in the final few minutes of the game?

  4. Will they be FOCUSED enough to make sure the game doesn’t come down to the final minutes. We’ve seen what this team can do when firing on all cylinders. This should be a 20+ point game going into the 4th Q.

  5. OK, it’s time to get this series over with. The Celts are crushing them today and moving on with a little more confidence, and building that confidence with a shorter series against the Cavs. I give the Hawks and there fans credit, their energy level has been skyhigh at home.

    But I don’t see the Celts running into another problem like these Hawks gave us-mainly the athleticism and swarming defense. The Cavs are a slower, give the ball to LeBron and let him shoot or drive and kick to shooters team, which we can defend. And the Pistons are a more patient team, who prefers rough and tough play, which the Celts can also deal with. AND our offense is much better than either team.

    Bottom line, we’re still TCB, no doubt about it. UBUNTU!

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