The Cherry On Top

That ‘ZaZa getting in KG’s face‘ thing was the Hawks defining moment early in the series.  This, then, is what we would call “coming full circle.”

via Odenized


12 Responses

  1. Great screen. I don’t get why it was a foul. Because KG braced himself? Or leaned in ever so slightly?

  2. that’s clearly what you call a “CHEAPSHOT”!!!!
    OMG, how come KG was not suspended for pushing the ref in game 4. KG is just a sore loser. be ready BOSTON, coz the King will rule you out. I am expecting a sweep baby!!!

  3. If the Lakers is goin to face the Hawks, probably the Lakers (We) will also sweep them like what we did against the Thuggets. Hey Boston, you just got exposed, and that’s not good for you haha!!!

    BEAT UTAH!!!

  4. I’m surprised david stern would come to Staples in game 2, mainly because he’ll just award the MVP award to the best-player-the-panet, Mr. KB24!!! But after that, he’ll go back to your facking homecourt and watch the so-boring Celtics..and will be a little hyped because King James will eat you alive and you’ll eat Ben Wallace’s shit!

    Note: Stern = a celDICKS fan..=)

  5. Since when did the Los Angeles School for the Mentally Retarded get internet access?

  6. Seriously, are all Lakers fans morons?

  7. Wow. He likes to feed the pigeons (aka knuckle shuffle on the piss pump) to Mamba AND the King. Only the best for his spank bank

  8. Those are new ones to me Dave…

    …. not that I condone that sort of stuff. It’s both disgusting and a sin.


  9. Ha damn, busted. I’m Catholic school kid too.

    Feeding the pigeons was the new one I heard that I thought was hilarious. The gesture one makes while feeding those vermin is….well…you get the idea. Anyway, Back to the hatin’

  10. Regarding the lakers fan’s comments at the top of the comments section, I would like to know what the “BOSTON BITCH TREE” is. I didn’t know we had a “bitch tree” in Beantown. Oh, and redsarmy, sources are still unable to confirm how exactly the Los Angeles School for the Severely Mentally Challenged were able to obtain internet access.

  11. You know guys…trying to mock Celtic fans becomes very difficult when Bitch Tree and Ajay are in my huddle…Guys please…harness your anger and form full sentences! And Chuck…please restrict your moron question to those it applies to…Go Lakers.

  12. HAHAHA..Celdicks fans are so pissed because of my moron-like comments. Hey guys, have you ever feed a pigeon. That’s a cool thing to do rather watching Celdicks game. and by the way, i dont feed pigeons. I feed hawks!!!

    You just got lucky bitches!!!Hawks should have upset your old and worthless-to-watch team.

    Note: I am not a LBJ fan (as a matter of fuck/fact, I dont like the guy either but Id rather suck his balls than to talk with uneducated bandwaggoners like you). Haha!!!

    When did I get internet access? before you learned how to switch the CPU on!!!

    BEAT UTAH!!!

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