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The Cavaliers are a desperate team.  Their management has posed as the  ‘And One’ Cavs blog on (The Cleveland Plain Dealer website)… to solicit our advice.  Well OK Mike Brown “Carolyn”… here are the things Cleveland needs to do… to beat the Celtics.

Tip 1:  Avoid KG

Conventional wisdom is to go at KG… and try to get him in foul trouble.  He is, after all, our leading rebounder.  BUT… the real target down low is Kendrick Perkins… who clears out much more space, and who is much more prone to fouling.  And you saw in game 7 that when Perk has got it working, he can be a real catalyst out there.  Get Perk out early… and then you force Leon Powe and Glen Davis… 2 undersized guys… to box out 7 foot 3 Big Z. 

Tip 2:  Cut off the lane

The Celtics have shown they will settle for jumpers.  You just gotta hope they don’t get hot from downtown.  But cutting off the lane is your best chance to keep your rebounders in the game… and the Celtics off the line.  If Paul Pierce is in the lane… you’re screwed.  If he’s shooting fadeaways… you got a shot.

Tip 3:  Make your shots.

The Celtics #1 objective in thie series will probably be to force LeBron to take jumpers.  He’ll try to drive… but they’ll be blocking his path.  That means its time to get ready for the pass.  If LeBron’s drive and dish goes unrewarded… then Bron Bron will be forced to do it all himself… and we win.  So what if he scores 50… if the rest of the team can’t match him.

There you go.  3 free tips… not that it will help. The folks at the And One blog were nice enough to return the favor… and map out the Celtics path to victory.  Thanks for that.  Celtics in 6.

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14 Responses

  1. If you can’t win in Atlanta, you surely won’t win in Cleveland. If the C’s win this series, it would have to be in 7.

    You have to fear The King since everyone is saying that he will lose this series. He has something to prove. The scariest things in basketball are Kevin Garnett trying to live up to expectations and Bron Bron playing with house money.

    Cavs in 6.

  2. Will The Cleveland arena people play the shell game with the Shot clock when they are losing too?

    Will the refs spot Lebron and company 70+ extra points in foul shots over the Celtics like they did for the Hawks in Atlanta?

    That’s the difference here. That’s what you don’t get.

    In the games played in Boston – the foul calls were relatively even. the Celtics won by an average of 24+ points.

    In the games played in Atlanta, The Hawks were awarded 71 more points on 102 more foul shots than the Celtics were given.

    The Hawks only won by an average of 6 points.

    Can you do the math? That’s right. Had the foul call disparity been even in Atlanta like it was in Boston – the Celtics would have won the 3 games played in Atlanta by an average of 18 points.

    The Hawks didn’t beat the Celtics in Atlanta by outplaying them. It had nothing to do with skills. They were spotted an average of 18 points extra PER GAME at the line.

    You’d better pray that Lebron has the refs in his back pocket.

  3. danno,

    i totally agree with what you’re saying.

    unfortunately, lebron does have the refs in his back pocket. they also walk his dogs, watch his kids, and mow his lawn.

    my guess, david stern has the refs make as many calls as necessary to make it a 7 game series. we all know he loves money and the celtics are the number one draw in the nba this season (biggest average crowd for away games). i’ll say he spots the cavs about a game and a half and the celtics win in it seven.

  4. Yep.

    Not that I mind, really. As long as the ACTUAL better team wins the series, I get to go to more playoff games, so I get my money’s worth on my season tickets.

    But the idea that anyone thinks the Hawks outplayed the Celtics in those games in Atlanta is just plain ridiculous. They didn’t. Not even close. They were given those games by the refs, straight up, on a platter. And they just barely pulled them out, at that.

  5. You guyss have it all wrong. Lebron is going to destroy the Celts. He will smother ray allen into 10% field goal percentage shooting, he will hound paul pierce into submission, he will convince sam cassell to retire after they get humiliated, and he will make kevin garnett regret he ever went to boston in the firswt place. Oh, and he will make glen ‘big baby’ davis wish that he were a baby again. The celts will be destroyed

    by the way, how can a proud organization like the celtics go 22+ years without a championship?? at least the lakers ended the drought in 2000, but you guys?? and the drought will continue this year :-) I bet more than half of you people on this web site weren’t even celtics fans last year. Mike Bibby said it, you guys all joined the bandwagon.

    Cavs in 5

  6. Uhh, SacKing – I think you forgot something.

    16 Championships >>>>> 0 Championships.

    When Lebron wins anything other than “Whiniest Crybaby in the NBA” award, come talk to us.

  7. Don’t you think you’re a little too confident in your ability to stop Lebron from driving? C’s definitely have very good defense but Lebron is Lebron. Plus if you guys double team him (which will absolutely happen since you had to double team Joe Johnson) then you’ll leave Cleveland with wide open looks. Gibson/Szerbiak/West are better then any of the perimeter shooters Joe Johnson had to pass to. Also, Atlanta shot more free throws in Atlanta because they were much more aggressive taking it to the rim…Boston often settled for jump shots when they played in Atlanta.

  8. Danno, don’t be too high up there on your horse. by the time Lebron retires, Cleveland will have 8 to 10 championships. Since we will be beating the celts every year in the playoffs (unless if they go back to their old ways of palying at the bottom and not make the playoffs), your 16 championships will remain that way. by then, we will be 6 to 8 championships away from catching up.

    Now that you decided to respond, tell me Danno how an organization that supposedly has so much pride hasn’t won championship in 22+ years?

    Cavs in 5

  9. How many Championships does Cleveland have in those 22 years of Boston trying to rebuild?


    Thought so.

    How many Superstars did Cleveland have up and die on them well before they could accomplish anything? (Len Bias and Reggie Lewis)


    Thought So.

    As far as Szczerbiak/West/Gibson…heh. ha……ha ha ha. you’re kidding, right?

    Um, we traded two of them away for one starter, in case you forgot. Mostly because they didn’t live up to expectations. I’m not exactly quaking in my boots over Wally “Paper Ankles” Szczerbiak. What’s he gonna do, drop 4 points and 6 turnovers on us?

    There’s a Reason we threw Delonte in on that trade as an afterthought, and not Rondo.

    So that leaves Gibson. And Lebron. If the two of them can score 100+ points, the Cavs can win. Maybe.

  10. You asked me once, i’ve asked you twice already. here we go one more time: why haven’t they won a championship for 22+ years? such a storied franchise? such a prideful franchise? such an arrogant franchise? you can only ride history for so long before the question arises, why no championships for such a long period? put it this way, i like our future more than yours. Once the old crew is ready to retire, cleveland will rise. Lebron will eliminate you from the playoffs every freaking year, at least of those years the celtics actually make the playoffs.

    boy i am going to be so excited to rub it in to all of you bandwagon fans when lebron eliminates you guys. or who knows, maybe the following day i come on this web site will be gone. if this web site is made by the bandwagon fans, it will be shut down the next day following their elimniation.

    enjoy the loss tonight Danno and the rest of the bandwagon celtic club

    by the way, did i mention the following, cavs in 5?

  11. So they’re going to win 4 in a row now?

  12. And I love your Bandwagon crap.

    I’m a Celtics Season Ticket Holder.

    How many Cavs games did you go to in the last 10 years?

    One, Two maybe?

  13. yes, you are right on the money Danno. Lebron will come out with a vengeance, a couple of 55 point performances, probably two of them and the rest will be 45 point performances. delonte west will pay back at the celts for trading him, wally will hit his shots and the series will be over before you know it.

    If you truly think about it Danno, this is a very unimpressive win. Lebron will absolutely NOT struggle this badly for the rest of the series. he only scored 12 points and you still only won by 4 points??? you guys should have won by 30 points if Lebron only scored 12. The celts are in deep trouble. he will definitely come up with a vengeance, with some more scoring from him, we will win. 5 more points from lebron, game over for celtics.

    about the bandwagon thing, the garden was empty last season and the season before and the season before etc. where did all these celts come from that are attending the games this season? they had to come from somewhere, people joining the bandwagon.

    Cavs in 5

  14. Sorry SacKing… the Garden was actually kinda full throughout. People still went to games.

    You must be thinking about Atlanta.

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