We Can’t Lose To This Guy

Zydrunas Ilgauskas… who dropped 22 and 12 on the C’s last night… shaves his armpits.

And you know what?  That bothers me.  Maybe more than it should.

But there’s is no way I’m going to stand by and let the former Soviet-Bloc version of a metrosexual dominate us on the blocks.  That’s a space for real men… men who let their arm-gardens grow free and wild. 

Why does he do that?  It’s just so… so wrong.

I did, however, dig Big Z in Fargo… especially the Steve Buscemi in the wood chipper thing.


6 Responses

  1. How about calling him out for kneeing Sam in the head? That’s a complete non-call while Sam actually getting ball is a flagrant?

    I can’t wait for a series in which the officiating will actually be even.

  2. i’ve noticed this year how many players shave their pits. i think it’s rampant in the league.

    see this

    and this

  3. oh my god….. ITS AN EPIDEMIC

  4. Ilgauskas is lucky Sam got held back after he kneed him in the head. Sam looked like he meant to do some damage.

  5. Try it…you might find its actually quite refreshing.

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