Plenty Of Blame To Go Around

Everyone wants look for one scapegoat after losing a winnable game on the road… but this one has plenty of them.  Here they are… in no particular order.

Doc Rivers:  I’ve said in the past that we got Sam Cassell…. because we needed a back up point guard.  But I think its time for everyone (Doc) to realize that we’re not getting the guy who will run our offense while Rondo takes a rest.  We’ve got a guy who is here to get his own shot, and nothing more.  I know you trust veterans… but this guy is essentially an older Eddie House right now.  The thing is… we’ve got A YOUNGER EDDIE HOUSE ON THE BENCH!  I know he’s not a ball handler… but he’ll at least try to run the offense.  And there were more than a few games this season where Eddie boosted a sagging offense.  The Sam experiment needs to end… and end now.  Bring Eddie off the bench at home… and let him get into a groove. 

Sam Cassell:  Here’s my impression of Sam:  dribble dribble dribble dribble shoot.  Dribble dribble dribble dribble shoot.  Hey Sam… you’re here for a reason… to get a ring.  It’s not going to happen doing that.  And if I hear “that’s who I am”… then I’ll take up a collection to buy out the rest of your deal.  Bigger stars than you have sacrificed “who they are” for a chance at a ring… we don’t need an elderly, back-up screwing it upby refusing to tweak his game.

Rajon Rondo:  For making Doc Rivers feel like has to put Sam in.  Last night was better… but this series has been a bit of a let down… especially when you’re the most talented point guard in the building.

Paul Pierce:  The D on LeBron has been great… and I’m sure that’s making you a little tired on the offensive end.  Fine… but that doesn’t mean settle for jumpers with 18 seconds on the clock.  Drive to the hole… and get to the line.  Or drive and dish.  Stop trying to answer one of their 3’s with one of your own 2 seconds after crossing half court.:

“We have to play better under stress,” Rivers said. “There’s no doubt about it. I call them hero shots. I thought we took a lot of those instead of just trusting what we do.”

Kevin Garnett:  If I was an international basketball Icon… I’d be pissed to read this:

Garnett scored 15 points, but only two in the second half, as Cavs forward Anderson Varejao harassed Boston’s All-Star all night.

I have a hard time believing Garnett can’t score more than 2 points in a half on Varejao.

Ray Allen:  33% from the field… 20% from 3 in this series…  14 ppg.  A lot of us are happy to sacrifice Pierce’s offensive numbers because of his D on LeBron… but that means you have to pick up the slack.

The Bench:  Daniel Gibson last night:  14 points.  Celtics bench:  17 points… and that’s only because PJ Brown stepped up with an improbable 4-4, 8 point effort.  Oh.. and the Cavs bench outrebounded our bench 18-11. 

This is all just the tip of the iceberg.  For some reason… this team has a different attitude on the road.  It has wide-eyed, slack-jawed bit of awestruck look sometimes.  To be outscored 20-12 in the 4th quarter last night is inexcusable.  The Celtics are averaging 17.4 ppg in the 4th quarters of their losses.  They’re giving up 24.6.  They’re wilting in crunch time on the road.

I still have confidence that this team will win at home… but I’m not comfortable with being tied with LeBron James in a 3 game series… when he’s just starting to get hot and we’re still frigid on the road.

I’ll take 7-7-7-7 for a championship… but I wouldn’t mind getting back to business at home tomorrow… and then finally finishing a team off in 6.

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10 Responses

  1. You know, I said it a long time ago about the Celtics being the #1 team in a terrible division – they weren’t tested. They weren’t ready. It’s going to be another seven game series against an awful team…

    …how will they compete against the West?

    I’d love them to make the Finals and play against the Lakers.

  2. In Sam’s defense, he was huge in the fourth quarter of Game 2. 10 points and two 3s – I believe. He won that game for us. But Sam will keep shooting hot or cold and that’s why I hold Doc responsible for his play.

  3. To clarify my point above, Doc needs to know Cassell is on or off his game. House is a great shooter….the perfect boost for a struggling offense.

  4. You just gotta know when someone is on or not. Maybe House won’t be on and we go back to Sam. But you gotta try something… and I don’t think House is going to kill us by going out there.

  5. That was game 1 Chuck.

    And your criticism of Garnett is absurd. When are people going to realize that we never go to him enough. NEVER. Watch the game again, look at how many times in the third they just ignored him on the post. It’s atrocious.

  6. I’ve been the biggest Ray Allen fan & I’ve backed him up when everyone was asking to have him come off the bench for Eddie House.. but Thats sounding pretty good right now! If he’s not making shots after game 5, Give it a try DOC.

    & I totaly agree with you FD FEED THE BALL TO KG! I’de rather see KG take 40 shots in the paint with 3 guys on him than Ray, Pierce, or Cassell taking 3’s at this point.

  7. Even the past few years when the team was horrible, I stood up for Doc, I have always thought that he was a great coach. But I can’t defend him on this one, Rondo should NOT be sitting that long. Even if he is cold on the shooting end, he at least moves the ball better than anyone else we have. This is INEXCUSABLE.

    ~Matty S.

  8. How can you not blame KG? He should be demanding the ball! A soft EURO on him should be such a mismatch in his favor, but I did not see it exploited. I’m really demoralized. I keep waiting for KG to put this team on his back while on the road like all the other greats in the past who wore the green. It hasn’t happened.
    Same goes for Pierce and Ray. We have 3 prolific scorers but no one is taking it upon themselves to lead this team on the road. WTF!?

  9. […] at their own game CelticsNews Where failing to close out road games happens Red’s Army Plenty of blame to go around Full Court Press Celtics can’t rise up, fold again in game 4 Courside View Here we go […]

  10. Rivers is an awful coach, I’ve said it all along and he’s showing his true colors in this series. I am the biggest Kevin Garnett fan, but he’s proving in the playoffs why he is not MVP worthy. I don’t think KG has the ability to put the team on his back and carry them on to victory. If he does, he has yet to show it. I agree with the above comment that they need to feed the ball into KG and let him create. He’s either going to score, get fouled or be double or triple teamed where he can dish it out. Ray Allen has been a horror show in the playoffs and the team as a whole needs to stop relying on threes. That was NOT their game all season and now all of a sudden you see them hurling up threes all game long. It’s been a very frustrating series and if Lebron chooses tomorrow night to put up 45 pts then the Celtics are in serious trouble.

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