If It’s Up To Us… Then So Be It

kevin garnett and the fans

Fans always refer to their teams in inclusive terms.

“We can’t win on the road.” 
“We’ll get them in Game 5”
“Our offense can look so bad some times”

We’ve seen the Celtics suck on the road.  We’ve heard them say how much they’re affected by the crowd.  So I say forget all the going nuts over who sucked in game 3 or game 4.  Forget getting pissed about rotation this and rotation that.  The Celtics have home court advantage… which means it’s up to US to get the job done.

It’s up to us to make a ton of noise during the intros.  It’s up to us to chant “DE-FENSE” or “Let’s Go Cel-tics (clap, clap, clap clap clap) without being prompted by the jumbotron or Lucky.  If these guys need us to help them out… then dammit… lets help them out.  Don’t be discouraged by Cleveland’s made baskets.  Don’t clam up after a 6-0 run.  The team clearly feeds off us… so lets feed them like a fat guy at a buffet.

We can debate whether their dependence on the crowd is a shortfall later.  All I know is… they clearly need us… and if we win… we can all take heart in knowing we helped them win it all.  And then there’s this:  After seeing the Pats win on neutral sites and the Red Sox win it on the road twice… won’t it be great to celebrate a championship on the streets of Boston?

The only thing I wonder is… how the hell are they going to get ALL of us on a duck boat?

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7 Responses

  1. Two suggestions for Doc. Start Posey for Ray. Will alllow Pierce to save energy by covering Wally instead of LeBron. And use House instead of Cassell.

  2. I’m with you. I think maybe Ray on the second unit could help him get his shot off too.

  3. It’s a good thought, but I think we know it won’t happen. And I’m all for House over Cassell… have been from day one of the Cassell period.

  4. And I agree with the nature of the post. So frustrated that I don’t have tickets and can’t do my part. But to those going, you know what to do

  5. I’ll be there – 1 row behind Mommy’s Boy LeBron – screaming my brains out.

    I wonder what I can do to distract him?

  6. Ooooh. Good question. Seems like a job for the front page.

  7. Start Posey, but for Perk. Leave Ray in and move KG to center, Big Z is an outside shooter anyway and he won’t bang with KG down low. Posey guards Big Ben or switches with Pierce to guard LeBron, either can guard Wallace being he has no moves (just seal him out when the shot goes up).

    This lineup will give us more offense, speed and shooting. And better perimiter and help defense.

    Also, everybody needs to play their position. KG, post up. Ray, spot up. Pierce, slash/take your man to the whole (you can also post up and spot up). Rajon, work pick and rolls/drive and kick. Perk, be a beast. This team was assemled for exactly this. It will help with floor spacing and keep the offense rolling with multiple attack options.

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