Celtics Don’t Care What Stern Thinks


David Stern “suggested” that teams cut out all the fireworks.  The Celtics, much to my delight, don’t seem to care much about what he’s suggesting.

“We’re going to do our usual show, get the fans fired up, get the energy behind our players,” [Celtics team president Rich] Gotham said.  “It’s been working out pretty well so far, so good in the playoffs (at) home that we’re 6-0 (now 7-0). We’re a little superstitious; we’re not going to change anything just now.”

So the fireworks will continue until David Stern makes them care.  The Cavs had to send Ben Wallace and Delonte West back to the locker room for the intros because the pyro makes Benny dizzy and Delonte go blind in one eye… spurring yet another classic quote from Delonte:

“It’s hard to play this game with one eye unless you’re a pirate”

But I don’t wanna be a pirate.

As for the actual game… I want to thank Mike Brown for playing Zydrunas Ilgauskas only 26 minutes last night.  I mean… all he does is clog the middle and make Rajon Rondo think twice about launching floaters in the lane.  I watched Rondo make a move… get to the middle… and turn and run from Big Z like a scared puppy.

But Z was out, and Rondo was floating… and rebounding… and passing… and making sure that this offense was running like it used to.  Best of all:  5 minutes of Sam Cassell.  Still no Eddie… but I’ll take 42 minutes of Rondo if I have to. 

Maybe this means the offense won’t turn into a stagnant mess on the road.  As crappy as our starters have played in the Q… it’s really been our second unit that has hurt us most.  Their bench has been big for them at home… while ours has been standing around a lot.

And can someone please tell me what’s up with Kendrick Perkins?  28 minutes, 0-2, 5 rebounds, 1 block?   Where’s game 1 Perkins… with the 12 rebounds a 2 blocked shots.  If that guy shows up tomorrow night… along with speedy, floaty, aggressive Rondo… then it’s Celtics in 6. 

Hey… who has two thumbs and predicted Celtics in 6 before this series started?  THIS GUY! (along with everyone else… except all the a-holes from other teams commenting who have said Cavs in 5 6 7)

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And finally… I love all you Boston fans:

fans taunting lebron james



5 Responses

  1. Love the signs! genius!

  2. Gotta love delonte, even in this series I cant help but root for him…as long as were winning

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  4. Let’s hope this doesn’t piss off Stern to the point where he orders the refs to be the 6th Man for the Cavs. Oh wait, he’ll do that anyway for another lucrative Game 7.

  5. Forget all the pyrotechnic nonsense, when are the Celtics going to file a missing persons report on Kendrick Perkins?

    Ever since he got popped in the face and had his nose bloodied a few games ago, he’s been playing like “Little Mommy’s Sissy Pants!”

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