One thing we know… basketball will be played in Boston on Sunday.  The only thing we need to figure out is if we’ll be playing Cleveland… or Detroit.  The Celtics fans I’ve been talking to are feeling confident about tonight.  Part of it is because we’ve seen Rondo step up… Paul Pierce go to the hole… KG get aggressive… and Boobie Gibson go down (which will immediately become an excuse for some of the Cavs fans that have been talking trash here). 

I REALLY would like to see the real Celtics show up tonight.  Let’s cut this “can’t win on the road” crap… let’s not let Chauncey Billups fully heal… let’s send a message to the people who thing the Celtics can’t win it all now.  Enough already.

I think the first order of business for the C’s tonight should be running some sets for Ray Allen early.  Let’s see if we can get him hot.  Run him off some picks… let him curl to the middle… and get him a few 15 footers.  If Ray can come out and knock down some easy J’s… then we can move him back out and force Cleveland to adjust.  Then we can get it to KG… or let Pierce drive… or have Rondo do what he does.  They’ve done all those things without Ray… but man… won’t it be nice to see that offense humming along with Ray Allen splashing jumpers like he used to?

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20 Responses

  1. Cavs fans talking trash? Can’t imagine. This has been a fascinating series. My question is whether or not Mike Brown will play Damon Jones tonight in lieu of Boobie. Friends?

  2. I like it. Pierce will deliver the FATALITY in the 4th tonight…

  3. that would be a bad move on the c’s part, the c’s can ill afford to have a slow start …and with the way rays been shooting, they will have a slow start if they go to this strategy…pierce early and often on the block and foul line exstended and rondo pushing after misses….

  4. People need to lay off Ray Allen. He has sucked, but part of it isn’t his fault. This just isn’t a good fit for him. But he has accepted a decreased role, and embraced the idea of defending first and worrying about his shot second. Sure, we’d all like him to knock down a few more shots, but I find it hard to criticize somebody for going through a shooting slump. I love what Ray Allen said once: “God could care less if I can shoot a basketball”. That applies to this situation in a way. Fans shouldn’t complain about his shooting woes and simply look at his other actions. People underestimate the difficulty of a franchise-player like Ray Allen adjusting to a much smaller without complaining.

  5. But Tim, Ray had all year to adjust to the diminished role and did just fine. I’m sorry…when a star plays at a less than desirable level (how’s that?) during the playoffs – we have reason to be pissed off. You realize the Celtics have played in 12 games so far. He’s had enough time to get out of the slump.

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  7. I don’t think its something we should complain about. There are plenty of other things that I’m worrying about more than Ray Allen’s shot.

  8. I couldn’t disagree more about not worrying about Ray. Going through a shooting slump is one thing, but there is no excuse for him not being able to take the Croatian off the dribble. He’s not exactly a shut down defender either. For $16 million, I’d like the investment to pay some dividends when it matters most.

  9. Wow. You do realize that the Celtics would be a 30 win team this year without Ray Allen, right? Look, he was necessary to build this team. He hasn’t lived up to his part of the bargain, but I’d rather have that then not have KG. It is ignorant and flat-out stupid to say that it is was a bad investment. His play will improve, just let it happen

  10. I agree with Tim…. which is why I’d like to run a few sets for him. Sometimes you’ve got to push the car a little and pop the clutch to get it started… then its fine.

  11. Talk about missing the point – Tim. I’m fine with the Ray played this year – albeit a bit of a rollercoaster ride with his shooting. But he’s flat out sucked in the playoffs and needs to be held accountable.

  12. Chuck, I was responding to Dave if that is what you mean by ‘missing the point’.

    Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough before, but the team needs to be held accountable for his play as much as Ray does. They are not getting him good shots. When you don’t get good looks, you start to take bad ones. So John is right in that they need to run plays for him…and run them early so he doesn’t feel that he is once again out of the flow and must create instead of letting the game come to him.

  13. Never said it was a bad investment. This is when the investment matters most so I hope he comes through. Just like the Pats, the extra 30 wins you pin on Ray Ray will mean nothing if he can’t help the team get to the Finals.

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  15. YES!!!

    I’m right!

  16. Tim I hear what you’re saying.. The team barely rans any plays for Ray.. Its like he’s an after thought & I more than anyone would love to see the C’s take a page out of Rip Hamiltons game But You can’t blame Doc, KG.. or even the scapegoat himself Tony Allen for him missing shots.

  17. i say start posey and give house minutes and rest ray allen for a game. there was a couple times during the season where he went cold and took a game or two off to rest his ankles and then came back really strong. he’s already admitted that he wasn’t fully healed at the beginning of the season and shouldn’t have played.

    he just hasn’t looked good in the playoffs (especially from 3) and while there has been some contested shots, he’s also been missing the wide open ones. i really don’t know whats going on. he should be eating wally up. maybe he should try to drive the lane or take some midrange jumpers to get himself back in rhythm. i think we saw some of that in game 5.

    obviously ray was key this year and key to getting garnett, but we need him to show up now when it counts. i didnt want to point this out but i’m almost sure that wally and delonte have made more threes in this series than ray allen.

  18. Ray needs to be held accountable to whom, exactly?

    A couple of guys on a blog who act like fair weather fans when he goes through a slump?

    How many games do you guys go to? How many of those games are ones you actually PAID for the tickets, and weren’t just handed them because your boss/brother/friend couldn’t go or had an extra ticket?

    The only people who should even shudder to think about holding any of these players “accountable” are the owners, management, coaches, and season ticket holders with large vested interest in the team.

    Sounds like a bunch of Tomase/Massarotti’s in here.

    I love this blog and you guys do a great job, but between the out of town, opposing team’s yahoo moron fans and everybody jumping on and off the bandwagon like it’s a game of hopscotch, some days it makes my head hurt to read here.

  19. Wow, its sounds like Danno is on the rag this month. I thought this was a free country and you could cheer for whomever you like, whether you go to the games or not. Why don’t you stop crying and take some Tylenol or maybe Midol.

    peace out
    Bulls fan

  20. Hey Danno…if your head hurts then stick a Ginsu up your ass to redirect the pain…ancient chinese secret…

    Go back to the Big Island and “book ’em” you self-righteous bloginator…

    You ma boy Atomic! When tthe Cavs win in 9 we should go streaking…You in SacKing?

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