It’s A Trap

We are loving life here in Boston right now, aren’t we?  Our Celtics came out to a big lead over the Pistons… held off their runs… and did a lot of things right in a fairly comfortable win.  Was anyone really ever nervous at all during this game?  I wasn’t.  This looked like a regular season game out there.  Which means…

This is a trap.

Haven’t we seen this from the Pistons before?  How about them losing their first playoff game… at HOME… to Philly?  How about them getting blown out by 20 in game 3 of that series? 

Nice try Rasheed.  You almost had me fooled there Jason Maxiell.  But I’m not falling for this crap.  I know that all you Pistons cared about was coming in and stealing 1 game in Boston… so you kinda cruised through things… made a couple of pushes to see if the C’s would respond… and packed it in at the end. 

The Pistons have made a habit of putting it in cruise control and then turning it on at certain times.  Hell, at this point, it’s almost a trademark.  If the Celtics fall for it and come out flat in Game 2… then we’re going to be climbing out of a big-time hole.  I know the guys are a little tired after playing more games this postseason than any other team… but they’ve got to come out and PUSH tomorrow night.  Paul Pierce said Game 1 was going to be the game Detroit tried to steal… I disagree.  It’s Game 2 that they want… and if we’re not careful… they’ll get it.

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10 Responses

  1. Maybe Chauncey was faking the hammy injury too? You are right, we must come out strong and lead this series 2-0…that will put all the pressure on the Pistons.

  2. AGREED. They play the same style as the Spurs. Don’t turn it on until absolutely necessary. Watch out for them in game 2! We just need to keep playing that nice defense that had them so frustrated last night.

    PS – Interesting that we haven’t seen any Detroit/Cavs/Hawks fans shitting out their mouths here today. I wonder why????

    Where ya’ll at?? Too sad that the Celtics didn’t lose like ESPN, and everyone outside New England said they would?

  3. maybe everyone’s sick of being wrong about their teams

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  5. yo yo my boys in detroit will be ready game 2. let me ask ya’ll a very good question, have any of you heard of a 5 game sweep? we made the lakers suffer through one of those a few eyars back in the finals, you are next greens. my official prediction: this series is a yawner

  6. yoyo, i didn’t yawn once last night. holla!

  7. Hey bad boys, remember when you said this?

    “man you fools, this series will be a blowout. my boys in detroit will get it done in a sweep baby. this is going to be a yawner. detroit in 4.”

    So your predictions at this point are already crap. The only reason it may be a yawner is if the C’s somehow sweep YOUR boys. Although I’m not PREDICTING that because then I would look like an ass just like you do now…

  8. Five game sweep? Is that like a rusty trombone or more like a dirty sanchez? You bad boys and your locker room parlor tricks.

    Here’s Tayshaun Prince at his 5th grade music recital-

  9. Remember when Billy D was so badass?

  10. He’s why I started drinking Colt 45

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