Positive Outlook

The frustration over Game 4’s missed opportunity is a thing of the past.  Everything that needed to be said… has been said.  Now, I’m hopping on board with the others (like Chuck) who accurately noted that the Pistons played a great game 4 while the Celts looked like crap… and we STILL had a chance to steal that game on the road.

Besides… when Steve Buckley is telling you to calm down… you know you’ve got to step away from the ledge. 

The fact is… the Celtics are at home with the series tied at 2.  Exactly where we thought they’d be.  And Paul Pierce is giving his team a dose of reality:

“It’s been six years since I’ve been in the Eastern Conference Finals and my second time in 10 years,” he said. “This opportunity isn’t guaranteed. A lot of players don’t even make it this far. So this is a tremendous opportunity and I want these guys to realize that.”

The Game 4 no-show is still a concern.  Especially since the Lakers have total control of their series.  But we’ll win tonight… and that means we can close it out in six… just like we thought.

Speaking of the Lakers-Spurs.  Here’s the last play of the game.  There is no question in the world that’s a foul.  The Spurs deserved to lose that game… but they have a real beef.  I’d say more… but Henry Abbot already said it perfectly on TrueHoop.

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6 Responses

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  2. I have a feeling they’re going to need some Paul Pierce heroics tonight – ala Game 7 against Cleveland – to get some momentum back.

  3. Copy that.

  4. All I know is we’re gonna win!

    I used to really root for the hornets when LJ and Zo were there. U may recall Zo’s series winner in game 4 vs Boston 92-93. They’re at the timeout behind by 1 and the last thing Allan Bristow – their laugher of a coach said was ‘We’re gonna win the game!, We’re gonna win the game!!”

    After that terrible effort in Game 4, we know our stars won’t let us lose this one….

  5. Steve Buckley is a doddering old putz.

  6. Unfortunately for Celtics’ fans this series is going to Game 7.

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