I Got A Tingle

kendrick perkins

I’m going to admit a little something here.

I had to listen to the last two excruciating minutes (which took about 30 minutes of actual time to play) in my car.  And at the end, when I heard “… and the Celtics are now just one win away… from the NBA finals”… I got a little tingle.

In fact… I just got one again typing that. 

I would like to stress that this is no guarantee.  It’s a 7 game series… not a 5 game series.  If the Celtics don’t go get it done in Detroit tomorrow… then we have to play yet another Game 7… and I just don’t want to do that.  So 1 win away give me a tingle of anticipation… a tingle of hope… but it can quickly turn into doom and despair.  That’s the thing with situations like this.  The anticipation magnifies everything.

What I hope is that the Celtics understand this too… and that NOT making the finals would be a horrible disappointment.  Gentlemen… I say we MUST win Game 6.  The promos are running right now:  the Finals start Tuesday.  We can either sit here in that “play every other day” cycle that is slowly killing this team… or we can suck it up and win Game 6… and enjoy some rest.

— edit:  Game 1 of the Finals is Thursday… but I think my point still stands:  The Celtics need all the rest they can get.

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(photo: ESPN.com)


10 Responses

  1. It was hard enough watching on TV…I can’t even imagine relying on the radio…and Maxwell.

  2. It’s brutal… especially because its ALL just waiting for the reaction. You get antsy watching on TV… but you can see plays develop on TV… you know when a shot looks good or not. But to hear “Pierce…. in trouble on the right… over to KG near half court”… you think to your self.. “WHAT THE FUCK IS KG DOING AT HALF COURT… AHHHH”. At least on TV you know why he’s there.

  3. […] career with Celtics over? Celtics one game away Hamilton strains elbow in loss Red’s Army I got a tingle Perkisabeast Kendrick Perkins is a beast Full Court Press A win is a win is a win: Celtics take […]

  4. That game last night was nuts. At least Boston did something that drives me up a (bleeping) wall… they fouled when they were up by three. And you know what, the rook missed the third shot (3/4 I believe). That’s why you foul, don’t give them a chance to tie it up – too bad Phil and my Lakers never have figured that out… and it’s cost us, badly, in the past.

    1 win away from Celtics in the finals.
    1 win away from Lakers in the finals.

    Holy (bleep).

  5. Is game 1 Tuesday or Thursday? I thought the TV ads said Thursday?

  6. Its actually Thursday… .but they can still use the rest

  7. Lakers vs. Celtics – the NBA going back to what made it great. Old rivalries. If this series comes together, I’m going to be watching my first complete NBA Finals in about 18 years.

    Holy crap, how old am I?!

  8. sucks, huh Dre?

  9. Scally’s back, now I’ve got a tingle.

  10. I tingle every time I watch replays of Game 4-Garden-1987…Magic’s Baby Hook over the Original “Big Three”…I hope we can both secure one more win to create lasting basketball memories for this undernourished NBA fan-base…Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals…say it out loud…
    Remember the good ole days BigMck…this is what the NBA has needed for two decades…Amen.

    Lakers 111 Spurs 93

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