Hamilton Will Play

Rip Hamilton says he’s a go for Game 6

“I have no choice. This is do or die,” Hamilton, who suffered a strained right elbow near the conclusion of the Pistons’ Game 5 loss in Boston, said after the team’s shootaround Friday.

“Once I get out there and the adrenaline is going, I’ll be fine,” Hamilton said. “I told my teammates, ‘Don’t look at me as handicap.’ … I’m fine. I’m ready to roll.”

Doesn’t sound like he’s very healthy to me.  Maybe its worth a good, hard foul to see how healthy that arm really is.


7 Responses

  1. Play Rip…and take lots of shots. Here’s hoping Ray grabs that elbow and twists it real good.

  2. He was never really hurt in my opinion.

  3. @Tim,
    I couldn’t really see why he would act though. It was excessive if it was meant to draw a foul (a la “checking for blood” like LeBron). Does anyone think he would act to get Rondo to foul earlier than he needed to, 8.2 versus 6.2 seconds left? I know that’s the sportsmanship in soccer, to kick it out of bounds when a player’s down…

  4. The game had just been sealed. It was an act in my opinion, albeit maybe an unintentional one… like when a fielder looks for the hole in his glove after an error.

  5. If he was acting… he probably wanted to distract everyone from the fact that he had his hand wrapped around Ray Allen’s throat on the play

  6. I’m not saying that he was trying to draw a foul. I never said it was an act. I just think that he got hit on the arm and cried like a little baby, when in reality, there was nothing more than a bruise.

  7. Little Rippy is suffering from a losers limp, nothing more. Wrap some Glad wrap around it he’ll be ok. except for his vagina, which apparently, will always hurt.

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