Pistons Perception

It’s always good to peek outside your own bubble, and by bubble I mean the Boston sports media scene. Fans of New England teams are generally beaten over the head with negativity and tales of curses – even during the good years. While admitting the Celtics have been anything but a juggernaut this postseason, I firmly believe the media has gone overboard with it’s skepticism. Along with that skepticism comes “overhype” for the opposing team. There aren’t many locals who think the Celtics can hang with the Pistons in a Game 7. Maybe they should read what the Detroit media – particularly what Mitch Albom has to say:

Since winning the NBA title in 2004, they have been known to: 1) Steal playoff games. 2) Throw away playoff games. 3) Win strong on the road. 4) Lose ugly at home. 5) Go longer than needed against inferior teams. 6) Oust challengers in seven games. 7) Watch certain stars drift off the stage. 8) Stay cool. 9) Lose their cool. 10) Face elimination. 11) Say they like the pressure. And 12) Get eliminated anyhow.

So Rasheed Wallace, heard Wednesday night in the locker room cursing a blue streak, will have to play, not scowl, his way to redemption. And Tayshaun Prince, understandably tired from his defensive burdens, will have to find aggression and a shooting touch if he wants another game this season. And Billups, a puzzling force this series, will have to earn his Mr. Big Shot reputation, not just hear it.

For all the bravado, here is who these Pistons really are: a team that, like late-arriving passengers, stuffs all its baggage into one huge suitcase and tries to hoist it through a closing door.

Anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I’ve been a bit sensitive to Celtics criticism this postseason. It’s just nice to know the guys wearing blue-and-red have their faults too.



2 Responses

  1. As frustrated as we’ve been with the Celtics this postseason…. Pistons fans have been through years of this.

    At least we can blame it on this being the first time this team has been in the playoffs. Our point guard, a VERY key player, is 22… and so on… and so on….

    I’d be pissed when the Pistons lose tonight.

  2. From Rob Paker of the Detroit News:

    They have been to six consecutive conference finals, an incredible feat considering it has been accomplished with three coaches and a slew of players. They won a title in 2004 and lost one the following year in seven games.

    Most organizations would die to have that kind of success.

    Still, if the Pistons don’t reach the Finals, the run’s dead.

    Not impossible
    Faced with no room for error, the Pistons’ chances of getting out of the Eastern Conference finals aren’t impossible.

    In 2005, they were faced with the same scenario.

    They beat the Heat in Game 6 at The Palace before taking out the Heat and Shaquille O’Neal and Dwyane Wade in Miami in Game 7.

    “We can do it,” said Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace, whose team has not lost back-to-back matchups this postseason.

    “We’ve been there before; we can do it.”

    And before the Celtics start making plans for their first trip to the Finals in 21 seasons, they should remember a win at The Palace isn’t guaranteed, especially since they’re 1-7 on the road in the postseason (their only victory, however, was at The Palace).

    When it comes to Game 7s, it’s a tossup.

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