Red Hated Flopping

This is one of the greatest clips you’ll ever see… and it comes to us courtesy of BulletsForever.

Here is Red Auerbach… lamenting the new practice of flopping in the NBA.  Let me tell you… he doesn’t like it one bit. 

My favorite part is when he brings in Mendy Rudolph… former Dean of NBA Referees (and who Red calls one of the great officials of all time) to break down the flop that he has set up on the tape:

“as soon as the contact came, Mike [Riordan… who is demonstrating the flop] does some Hollywood acting.  And the best thing the officials can do in this case, Red, is to ignor the play and don’t even call it.”

Hmmm…. I wonder where I heard that argument before

So take a memo, NBA Officials.  It’s not just douchebag Celtics-crazed blogger that is saying you should have the sack to no-call a flop… it’s one of the greatest officials of all time, too. 

Thanks, Red.


One Response

  1. that video is great.

    I loved how Wes Unseld was too disinterested to actually fall over.

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