Stephen A. Smith Makes Me Want To Vomit

I know… what is it this time??

One year ago today, Kobe Bryant pulled his big douchebag move and demanded a trade from the Lakers.  Now, one year later, the Lakers are in the finals.  Now everyone’s blowing Kobe because he led his team to the finals… including Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning (audio link):

“I don’t think this has ever happened in my lifetime, not that I can think of.  I can’t think of anybody that had had such a complete 180 occur in their career.  To consider how despondent he was… you gotta remember I had spoken to him a couple of days prior to him coming on my radio  show last year and announcing to the world that he wanted to be traded and for exactly a year later to be in the situation where he’s the reigning league MVP… where he’s on his way to the NBA finals… where its entirely possible and likely that he’ll capture an NBA world championship just two months removed from leading the United States to a gold medal… considering all the things he’s accomplished and the metamorphosis that has taken place in regards to his image… I’ve never seen anything like it, I really haven’t.  But its a tribute to him… its unprecedented… its miraculous… but you talk about the American Dream and how anything is possible… definitely… when you look at what has transpired with him over the last year you can’t argue.  As Don King will tell you… only in America.”

Where do I start?

Kobe Bryant was an MVP candidate last year who led his team to a 7th seed.  Afterwards, he dickishly took his trade demands to YouTube.  This year, he won the MVP and led his team to a 1 seed. 

Where, pray tell, is the turn around?  Where, kind sir, is this miraculous, unprecedented American Dream? 

The Lakers, after improved play from Andrew Bynum, the return of a stabilizing force in Derek Fisher, and a trade that most people consider so lopsided that they half-jokingly called for an investigation… have made the NBA finals.  Turnaround? 

Dare I say that this was expected from Kobe Bryant and the Lakers? 

This wind-bag hyperbole fest is exactly why people like me hate Stephen A. Smith.  To flat out say that a perennial MVP candidate experienced some kind of metamorphosis simply because his GM had enough smarts not to trade him for pennies on the dollar is one of the most ridiculous arguments that I’ve ever heard.  Congratulations to Kobe for coming out and actually playing up to his potential after not getting traded. 

Stephen A…. that’s not a turnaround… Kobe simply did his job.  He had a great season.  He deserved the MVP.  His team dserved to be in the Finals.  But this was NOT a turnaround.

I guarantee you this:  Paul Pierce won’t get this kind of blowjob on ESPN if the C’s advance.  Meanwhile… he was the beneficiary of a similar trade… he also hinted at trade demands in the offseason… but he has ZERO championships… he didn’t force the trade of one of the best players of all time… and unlike Kobe’s Lakers… the Celtics were the SECOND WORSE TEAM IN THE LEAGUE LAST YEAR!  Yet, Paul Pierce rededicated himself to defense… accepted two superstars with open arms and played the most unselfish ball of his career… and when it mattered most… he out-dueled LEBRON FRIGGIN JAMES in the biggest game of his life. 

So Mr. Smith… when if you went this ga-ga over Kobe Bryant’s “turnaround”… I can’t wait to see how insane you get when it comes time to recognize what Paul Pierce has done.  If you care to mention him at all.


31 Responses

  1. It is absurd the treatment Kobe gets in the national media. The comparisons to Michael Jordan are absurd…. yet they are everywhere this morning. I’m going to take so much pride in murdering LA in the finals. And even when that happens Kobe will be the lead story. Regardless of what dick-suckers like Skip Bailas, Stephen A. Smith, and even Michael Holley say, any Boston fan knows that Paul Pierce is better.

  2. Stephen A Smith is an idiot. Everyone knows this. Even he knows this.

  3. No Aaron, im sorry to say he really does not realize how much of an idiot he makes himself look everyday… If you have ever had the burden of hearing his radio show, the introduction is so over the top and self indulgent that you honestly have to laugh out loud, the guy really thinks hes a genius. He has a 5 minute intro all about himself and what he has accomplished in his life, its hilarious

  4. I’ll say this. There are many factors here, and Kobe messed up big time last summer, true, but the main reason is Kobe himself. I honestly believed Kobe would NEVER win an MVP. He’s had better seasons statistically and had never finished in top 2 voting.

    Steven A. Smith is very close with Kobe. So it doesn’t shock me that he is giving him the praise and love. But let’s not forget, the Lakers just managed to come out of the West with only 3 losses facing 3 teams with 50+ wins.

    Part of this is the chemistry Bryant helped build (along with Fisher no doubt), as well as forging his will and desire to win on his teammates. Kobe admits he messed up in the summer, but perhaps it was all the reason he is where he is today.

    The comments, attitude, and bitching and complaining to win is validated right now. He wanted a team, he got his team. I think that’s why it’s so amazing. So many hyped up players don’t deliver, Kobe definitely does. We’re not finished yet, and we’re waiting for you… but there is most certainly a remarkable turnaround (but you don’t and can’t credit Kobe 100% – Phil, Mitch, Gasol… and maybe more than anyone else, Kwame Brown share that privilege).

  5. PS: I am holding a “Celtics” party at my place tonight. Yes it’s true, I’m bringing all my Celts friends (gross) over to my place to cheer on Boston.

    If you’re a true Boston fan, you want it like I do:

    Lakers vs. Celtics – 2008 NBA Finals.

    Nuff said?

  6. Goddam Right

  7. He’s become a caricature of himself. It’s funny to laugh at at least.

    a FIVE minute intro? WOW.

  8. Back when Kobe was acting like a douche, I felt the media was going soft on him. It was Kupchak who took all the heat despite Kobe’s selfish, 5th grade tantrums. Now that everything is OK is La-La land, the media credits Kobe?

  9. Steven A. needs needs to throw props out to Marv Albert too. He made his comeback after getting nailed for biting the bitches just like Kobe. And if your waiting for the HACKS on ESPN to give Pauly his props, you’ll be waiting a long time.


    Certified Asshole.

  11. You forgot to mention Kobe’s intentional tank job in the last game of the 2006 in game 7 vs Phoenix in the playoffs.

    “Bryant tried to keep the Lakers in it in the first half by scoring 23 points on 8-of-13 shooting. The league’s leading scorer, Bryant netted 50 points in Game 6.

    But in a puzzling disappearing act, Bryant deferred to his teammates in the second half Saturday, taking just three shots and scoring one point on a technical free throw.

    “If we were going to get back in this type of game we had to have everybody contributing,” Bryant said. “In the first half I started to pick it up offensively just to keep us in the hunt. If we were going to get back into the game in the second half everybody has to get into a rhythm and that didn’t happen.”

  12. zippittyay, you could argue he let his teammates feel the pain. The pain that once reminded them of how it feels to lose. Those same role players – the Sasha’s, the Turiaf’s etc… are now the ones stepping up and playing with a swagger.

    I was at Phoenix at the game, Kobe was far from “tanking it.” They wouldn’t have won that game if he netted 50. Not with the way the Suns were playing.

  13. You might not like Stephen A. that’s your business but the ‘turnaround’ of which he speaks did occur in lotusland this season, as a direct result of Kobe’s actions this past off season when he made it known that the ‘culture’ of the Lakers’ organization had drifted off course and he was only interested in fulfilling his obligations to the team if/when they expressed in no uncertain terms THEIR commitment to the ‘Lakers’ Covenant’ … i.e. the Championship is what this organization is after each and every year.

    What there a drastic ‘turnaround’ in LaLa land this season, in comparison to the year’s they played without Shaq at Kobe’s side?


    (none of which detracts from Paul Pierce’s accomplishments this season, as you’ve expertly outlined, which are exemplary in their own right)

    Credit where due … nothing more, and nothing less.

  14. Tim (FD),
    Paul Pierce is better than Kobe? Hmmm…ok. Keep believing that because no one outside of Boston would ever agree with that statement.

  15. hahaha wow i mean just wow. How many idiots are on this site. Redsarmy your a bitch that is scared that you have to play us lakers. OH and dont pull that “We beat you twice in the regular season sh!t” because first of all e have done WAY better than you in the playoffs. Second, we did not have pau gasol and we had a bum named kwame brown. So forget it bitches you aint gonna win it this year

  16. hahaha paul pierce better than kobe. You are on crack you asshole. Pierce has never been in the MVP conversation seriously whereas kobe has been in SEVERAL times. So fuck up redsarmy

  17. zippityay you forget to mention January 22, 2006 you faggot. Go look it up if you want to and see what comes up

  18. zippityay you faggot also go check what happened in Boston Garden on Wed Jan 31, 2007 you bitch

  19. LakersAllDayandNight… why don’t you check what happened to the Lakers against the Celtics both times this year?

    Keep bringing your ignorant bullshit. You just keep making Lakers fans look worse and worse

  20. Also Zippityay look at Mon MArch 20th 2006 if you want

  21. redsarmy you fucking faggot stop hating on the lakers okay. I told you not to bring that fucking crap “We beat you twice” because we did not have pau gasol and we had a bum at center. So i say you stop posting ignorant bullishit posts like this and stop taking cheapshots cause i can tell you a hell of alot more cheapshots about your team and the load of crap on it

  22. hahah you think us lakers fans look bad, look at you. When kobe won MVP i remember you saying “And now i have learned kobe bryant has won MVP. Anyone else want to piss in my cereal?” that prooved you fucking celtics fans have no class and cant respect a out of this world player. And you wanna know how many people have said great things about kobe, well ill bring a list. Hold on

  23. “Kobe Bryant will go down as the greatest basketball player of all time.” – Mark Jackson

    “Kobe is more skilled than Jordan, a better shooter. Michael has bigger hands and that helped him alot.” – Phil Jackson, who coached both Michael and Kobe

    “Kobe is the best player in the league no doubt” – Michael Jordan

    “Kobe, Kobe’s the man” – Nick Young on who the greatest of all time is

    “Kobe is the best player and best scorer in the league.” – Lebron James

    “Kobe is the best” – Clyde Drexler, commentating with the Rockets

    “Kobe is the most talented in the game on both ends of the floor” – Gregg Popovich

    “Kobe is still the best in the game” – Phil Jackson

    “He’s the best one-on-one player in the league, hands down.” – Chris Bosh

    “Kobe is the best in the game…” – Larry Bird on DP Show 04-30-08

    “Kobe Bryant is probably the best allaround player we have today” – Kiki Vandehaeghue

    “for the best player in the league to say that about me..” – Gilbert Arenas on Kobe

    “Everyone knows Kobe is the best in the game right now” – Mike D’Antoni

    “It’s amazing. Beyond amazing. He’s on another level from any other player at this point.” – Mark Cuban

    “Players are jealous of greatness. Kobe is a unique talent and a unique person.” – Jerry West

    “The MVP is the best player. The award should go to Kobe…” – Chauncey Billups in 05-06 (paraphrased)

    “Hats off, he’s the best. It’s hard to get 50 in a game. He did it in a half. It takes a tough player who works really hard. I think he’s one of the best ever.” – Eric Snow

    “Who betta than Kobe?” – Amare Stoudemire

    “Kobe is the best in the game” – Stephon Marbury

    “That should put all the questions to rest who’s the most talented and who’s the, you know, best offensive player in the league.” – Ben Gordon

    “We’re witnessing greatness right now. We need to understand that. (asked: “Is he the best of the best?”) Yeah, definetly.” – Tyson Chandler

    “Amazing to see how he hasn’t won an MVP award considering how he’s been the best player the past few years.” – Sixers commentators in Game 2 2008

    “hat guy is incredible. That’s why he’s the best player in the league.” – Keyon Dooling on Kobe

    “Kobe is the best player in the game” – Stu lantz and Joel myers

    “Kobe is a tough player, arguably the best player in the NBA right now.” – Kenyon Martin

    “Kobe is the best player in the league” – Charles Barkley

    “”Mj is the best player ever, but kobe is the best offensive player ever”

    ” I guess Im fine with MJ getting the label best ever, but I really dont see much difference. Maybe you can say MJ was more ruthless, but even that is close. I just dont see much difference. I know Brons putting up great numbers, but Kobe is on a another level. The ease in which he makes everything look is amazing, and defensively, he can lock down anyone he wants. I just dont see much of a difference.” – Eddie Johnson

    “Kobe’s better than Lebron.” – Ira Newble, who was Lebron’s former teammate

    “My first thoughts were that I’m playing with one of the greatest players to ever play the game.” – JR Smith

    “Kobe is in a stratoshpere of his own.” – Avery Johnson

    “The best player in the game right now is Kobe Bryant” – Bill Walton, in nationally televised Cavs vs Suns game

    “Kobe is the most skilled player in the game today…” – Bill Walton in Game 1 of Lakers vs King

  24. It’s so sad that so many people just can’t give the man the credit he deserves. If you choose not to accept the fact that he has accomplished so much, just stick with the idea of not accepting it as opposed to arguing the negative aspect. Why is it necessary to take away from a man that has worked so hard to earn what he has.

  25. “redsarmy you fucking faggot stop hating on the lakers okay. I told you not to bring that fucking crap “We beat you twice” because we did not have pau gasol and we had a bum at center. So i say you stop posting ignorant bullishit posts like this and stop taking cheapshots cause i can tell you a hell of alot more cheapshots about your team and the load of crap on it”

    So you can bring up what the Lakers did last year before we had KG and Ray….. but we can’t bring up what we did before Gasol?

    Hey… here’s a newsflash. I call the fucking shots around here. I leave your comments on this site because you make Lakers fans look like total douchebags.

  26. Lakers Blog… everyone will acknowledge that Kobe is one of the best of all time. But its the constant fawning from the media that gets to everyone.

    Paul Pierce has proven he can play with LeBron… he can hang with Kobe. Get ready for a revelation

  27. hey redsarmy just stop hating on the man. Just like lakers blog said its sad no one gives kobe the credit he deserves. Least you guys have brains unlike those dumbass phoenix fans

  28. I think Kobe gets PLENTY of credit. He gets credit for TOO much.

    Look.. Kobe’s great. We all get that. What we’re saying is… Paul Pierce is great too. Pierce is a lock hall of famer in my eyes. I think everyone is in for a big revelation.

  29. Paul > Rapist (KOBE)

  30. Similar trade John…are you on crack!? And I thought Pau was soft? Jeez man…be consistant…and to tell the truth, I think the “trade” stuff was done to light a fire under what was becoming a contented front office…guess what…it worked!

  31. […] Stephen A. Smith is quite frankly the most annoying pick that ESPN could have made. Stephen A. is a rare form of annoying. He annoys with his comments, voice, gestures, attitude, overall cockiness, and being. Not many […]

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