Just Like (Very) Old Times

Over the next five days we’ll be beaten over the head with stories of this renewed rivalry. Magic vs Bird. McHale’s clothesline of Kurt Rambis. Henderson stole the ball. Magic’s baby sky hook. Some will reach back even further to the 60s. For an old bastard like myself, this is heaven. But I also realize a majority of Red’s Army readers were probably born in the 80s. So we’ll do our best to spare you the nostalgia.

The Celtics series clinching victory in Detroit was clutch…to say the least. Here’s Bob Ryan’s take:

There are no more questions. The Celtics have closed the deal. They have not only won an elimination game in the Eastern Conference finals, they have done so with a monster comeback, a fourth-quarter performance that will go down in Celtics history. They have won a big playoff game on the road and they have won it in a style that the Russells, Cousys, Havliceks, and Birds could be proud of.

Nice to have that monkey off our back. Like it or not, the Celtics are underdogs in the Finals. Everyone is caught up in Kobe-mania. The Lakers mowed through the West and rightfully deserve credit. But as we all know and usually forget – defense wins championships. The Lakers don’t play it – the Celtics play it the best. For now, I’m basking in the glow of last night’s win. John and I will hammer you with breakdowns (Gasol vs Garnett), matchups (Is the Lakers bench really better than Boston’s?) and predictions (Celtics in 6) over the next few days.

Today’s Links (Sorry, I can’t post them all): Globe –  A Green Dream | He Posed a Problem for Pistons | Pierce’s Wait is Over | Herald – Beat LA! | Doc Rivers: Best Man for Boston | Lakers-Celtics: It’s Fantastic | Daily Dime – Celts Snatch Series | SI.com Good to be Green | LA Times: Dream Finals are Greenlighted | Watch Trophy Presentation | Watch the Truth Destroy Detroit |

One final note: David Stern is an ass. Starting Finals games at 9:17 pm is absurd. It sucks for me and any other working guy not to mention the 12-year-old diehards who won’t be able to watch the second half. But as long as Stern is happy with the NBA being the 3rd most popular sport (behind NFL and MLB) in America, than why change? 

A second final note: You all know we love the Laker fans who spout off in our comments section. But if you keep bringing those expletive-filled, hate-based tirades – you will be banned.


9 Responses

  1. I still cannot believe we are in the Finals!

  2. I know. I love how everyone is picking LA. I’m looking at matchups… and I don’t know how LA matches up against the C’s. Who covers KG? Odom? Does Kobe cover Pierce? If Derek Fisher covers Rondo… then that leaves Radmonovic and Gasol to cover Perk and Allen.

    I think they put Odom on Pierce, Kobe on Ray and Fisher on Rondo… and Fisher will be doing all the double teaming. That puts Radmonovic on Perk and Gasol on KG (or vice versa)

    No mater how you slice it… there is a bad mismatch somewhere.

    I like the C’s chances

  3. […] The rivalry is back Yahoo Sports Rivalry renewed for Celtics and Lakers Red’s Army Just like very old times […]

  4. This is gonna be great, I was a senior in high school last time the Celtics were in the Finals and I love that Ainge again is a part of this team. I know this series hinges on the Celtics starting off strong. Goodguys 87-86

  5. I agree with reds. I don’t know how the Lakers will macth up but I think he Celts will defend like this:
    Ray/Kobe (Posey will see Kobe too)
    Pierce/Radmonovic (outside shooter)
    KG/Odom (keep KG down low)

    Looks like Pierce and KG will have very good chances. And if Perk wants to bang with Gasol and Ray is hitting his shot, and Kobe is being forced into the leagues best TEAM defense, the Lakers are in trouble.

    I’ve gone to every Celtics vs. Lakers games here in L.A. for the last 8 years, and I can tell you Pierce loves to play here, he puts on a great show and kobe tries to match him. But this year Pierce has a TEAM behind him. I would like to see Pierce run the offense and bring up the ball more when we’re not fast-breaking.

  6. Underdogs is good. In the years after Bill Russell retired, The Celtic Underdogs just kept winning. Can’t wait!

  7. the starting times favor the Celtics. The Boston Garden fans will have a good hour and a half at the bar to get juiced up and rowdy before the game starts and will be rabid by game time. At the staples center however, half of the beautiful people wont even be there at tip off, you just watch…

  8. I’ll be honest guys…I wanted to play Detroit…the C’s are the best team in the league and i think their getting back to 66 game-winning form…I don’t see how we’re the favorite, especially with the 2-3-2 format…but overall i see at least a 6 game series and a hell of alot of fun…and yes Chuck, i I remember those glory days…and I see a couple more years of them to come…and to use your Bryan Adams quote, this is “Heaven”…

    Go Lakers

  9. I’m an old fart, too, and remember the old Celts vs. Lakers well. And I must say that I haven’t been this excited about a matchup since the days of Larry, Chief, Cornbread, Tiny and Chris Ford (I remember when Kevin was a bench player!).

    I also want to say that I have a nagging suspicion that Red, from up in the rafters of heaven, spearheaded this playoff final.

    Go Celts!

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