“When Did They Flip You?”

(NSFW language in clip)

I thought long and hard about how to approach the latest Bill Simmons column.  If you haven’t read it… spare yourself.  The man who gained national fame as the world’s biggest Celtics fan has written this:

Nobody is beating the Lakers this season. Not Boston, not Detroit, not anybody. They have the best team, the best player and a Hall of Fame coach. It’s really that simple. 

Now here’s where you shake your head and say, “You’re just trying to do another reverse jinx like that column about how Kevin Garnett isn’t clutch.” Fair point. That column was written for two reasons — because I thought it was an interesting debate (is clutchness in our DNA or do we acquire it through repetition?), and because I was aiming for a reverse jinx that partially absolved me for blowing an undefeated Patriots seasonfour months ago. This is different. The Lakers clearly have a better team. I believed this to be true before the playoffs and haven’t seen anything to change my mind; if anything, the first three rounds confirmed the chasm between the two teams was even larger than anyone believed. Even with homecourt advantage in the Finals, the Celtics will still be underdogs against the Lakers. And they should be.

Instead of making the case that the Lakers, as great as they’ve been, don’t match up well with the Celtics (and they don’t)… instead of extolling the virtues of a resurgent Paul Pierce and giving him some of the national spotlight… Simmons flipped to the other side.

So is there any more appropriate clip to use for what is about to happen… than Big Pussy getting whacked by Tony after they found how he was an FBI snitch? 

I’m going to follow Green 17’s lead over on Celtics blog.  I’m done with Simmons as the national voice of C’s fans.  As far as I’m concerned… he’s lost us.  You can’t give the Lakers that kind of national blowjob as we head into a Celtics-Lakers finals and expect us to sit here and take it.  After all these years and all those Celtics pieces… he’s finally got his chance to finally be our point-man… and he’s giving it away.  I don’t care if this is some kind of super reverse-jinx in which you really claim you’re not reverse-jinxing. 

Hey Bill… jinxes don’t exist.  Your column didn’t make the Pats lose.  And it won’t make the C’s lose. 

I think the Celtics ARE going to win the championship.  And you’ll be remembered now as the guy who flipped when it counted.


17 Responses

  1. Bill Simmons used to be a god, but do you ever say something like this about your own team? HELL NO!?!?! The media in Colorado didn’t say that about the Rockies during the World Series last year…even if it is true (which it’s not in the Celtics case) you don’t say it, much less write it. What happened to standing by your team? C’mon Bill, your team just won the Eastern Conference Championship and it took a long road to get there. Celebrate it!!


  2. And he’s calling Garnett out for not being clutch? Like you said, this is his chance to step up, and he flipped and took the safe route.

    I’ve been sick of that guy for a couple of years now. His good work is now few and far between.

  3. i read bill simmons all the time, and i happen to agree with him. im wicked excited for this finals series, and i love the celtics, but if you dont think the lakers are decidely superior to the celtics right now, i think youre off your rocker. do they have a chance? yes, definitely. but they do deserve to be underdogs.

  4. I wrote him off a while ago. His columns are too long and stretch to the point of absurdity. I think he just pissed off all of Celtic Nation.

  5. Why is he forgetting that Defense and Teams win championships? I envision a series full of games like when MJ scored 60-something on the C’s and lost.

  6. Tom:

    Decidedly superior? Come on. The Celtics are the best defensive team in the NBA… the Lakers are STILL one of the worst. Even with their improved defense, they’re average.

    The Celtics will turn Kobe into a jump shooter like they did with LeBron. Kobe can score 40 if he wants… but if the C’s hold the rest of the team to 50… that’s 90 points. And I’m comfortable, against that defense, that holding them to 90 points is MORE than enough to get the job done

  7. yo reds sup man lakers celtic NBA is already taking advantage for marketing look at both stores for lakers and celtics (looks like celtics are competing with you guys for beat LA shirts LMFAO) lakers in 5 five baby let’s go



  8. so, why are the lakers so favored by espn analysts? i was checking the series page and all analysts are predicting lakers are going to win. even in the spurs series the lakers weren’t unanimously favored. the predictions as follows:
    Abbott – Lakers in 5, Adande – Lakers in 6, Broussard – Lakers in 7, Ford – Lakers in 6, Hollinger – Lakers in 6, Sheridan – Lakers in 6, Stein – Lakers in 5, Thorpe – Lakers in 6. the last 3 analysts, sheridan, stein and thorpe actually favored the spurs in the last series. so, i guess they jumped on the laker bandwagon now. not one espn analyst favors the celtics. why are they unanimously favored?

  9. Everyone is enamored by the Lakers. Its sickening

  10. the Lakers are favored so heavily because of the way they plowed through the defending champion spurs… what a lot of these analysts are completely overlooking is the horrible state the spurs were in, when Manu isn’t scoring 25 – 30 a night the Spurs have the hardest time putting points on the board, and Manu had a torn shooting finger and a bum ankle… Spurs were in dismay, Jazz played them good and gave them a good series and I expect us to play them good and beat them. everyone will realize thursday we’re for real and the Lakers ARE NOT as good as they seem

  11. Go back and look at how many of those “experts” picked the Pistons to beat Boston. It was something like 7 out of 10 picked Detroit. Go ahead…put your stock in with those idiots think.

  12. Karalis, I’m gonna call you “butter” because you’re on a roll. Excellent stuff, got me all fired-up. I feel the same way, that the Lakers are wildly over-rated. The C’s are deeper, and better defensively. Boston is playing it’s best basketball. To not have a single pundit pick them after that pulsating dispatch in Detroit with the referees trying to jam them is a farce. Celtics, baby, in six or seven. We’re winning this thing, and it’s going to be oh so sweet.

  13. The national media is all about drama and trying to get a good story. They wanted Bron back in the finals so they could get a rematch of last year’s Eastern Conference Finals. Remember “LeBron James with no regard for human life!!”? Give me a break. Then they jumped on the Pistons bandwagon so they could write about Detroit as the perennial powerhouse of the east, going to the Finals for so many years in a row. Now they’re on the Kobe bandwagon so they can hype his 180 from demanding a trade and throwing his team under the bus to playing for a championship. In this over-hyped dramatized product that is the NBA, the big name gets all the attention. I guess a guy who’s played for one team his entire career without demanding a trade being joined with 14 other guys who make daily sacrifices so that the team goal of winning is achieved doesn’t make for a sexy story.

    Now that we’ve eliminated Cleveland and Detroit (who both made me nervous), and we manhandled LA in the regular season, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the Celtics will win a championship this year. No doubt whatsoever.

  14. F*ck Simmons

  15. Zidane, head butt him

  16. Hey Karalis…I’m gonna call you “shit” cuz you talkin’ outta yer ass! This site is crazy…do most of these bloggers have blow-up dolls at home and email jokes to Howard Stern…!?

    I love LA!

  17. […] Guy” Is At It Again I gave up on Bill Simmons last year when he tossed his Boston brethren aside and vehemently proclaimed the Lakers were […]

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