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Tick Tock
June 30, 2008

The clock is ticking closer to midnight and still no word on whether Tony Allen has been extended a qualifying offer.  We’ll be watching the situation past midnight for all of you night owls around town… and for those of you out west and around the world checking in.  Stay tuned for any updates.

Meanwhile, for those of you entertaining thoughts of Ryan Gomes… Minnesota made him a qualifying offer… so they’d have the right to match any offers made to him.  They did the same to Craig Smith… but not for Sebastian Telfair… so Bassy is likely heading to his 4th team in 4 years. 

I’m no fan of his (and I know some of you are) but I’ll freely admit that its hard to survive as a point guard in basketball playing for 4 teams in 4 years.  A little consistency and time to grow in one system will benefit him greatly.  If I’m his agent, I’m convincing him to find a place where he can sign a 2 or 3 year deal, no matter the money, so he can get some stability.


Potential Posey Replacements
June 30, 2008

I sat down with the intention of making the case for not resigning James Posey, but I just couldn’t do it. He’s too valuable to this team. Now I will draw line at a four year contract at $5.8 million per year. If Po-Z can get more than that, than more power to him. Marty Burns of offers up two intriguing names: James Jones and Mickael Pietrus.

James Jones: The 6-8 forward quietly put together a strong season last year for the Blazers, finishing third in the NBA in three-point shooting (44.0 percent) while bringing other intangibles that helped that young team blossom. He opted out of the final year of his contract ($3.1 million), but he probably could be picked up for only slightly more.

Mickael Pietrus: Once considered a rising star in Golden State, he has been buried on the bench in Don Nelson’s system. But the 6-6 swingman is a terrific athlete who can defend and shoot the three. With a change of scenery, Pietrus just might live up to his potential and turn out to be a steal at the right price.

Pietrus  made $3.4 million last season, while Jones collected $3.1. Throw either of these guys a 3-year deal worth 12-13 million….and you have your swingman who can shoot the three and defend. And both of these guys (Jones – 27, Pietrus – 26) are younger than Posey who turns 32 in January. Plus you save close to $2 million to throw at another player.

Welcome To Title Town
June 30, 2008

These are great times in Boston.  Show your city pride with our new “Entering Titletown” shirt.  click on the shirt for that style… or visit the championship gear section of our shop for all the styles.  If you want that design on a mug, mousepad or a clock, we’ve got it in the championship merchandise section.

Introductions Tomorrow
June 30, 2008

From… our draft picks will be introduced tomorrow morning

Giddens, Walker and Erden To Meet Media in Waltham Tuesday

The Celtics’ 2008 NBA Draft picks, J.R. Giddens, Bill Walker and Semih Erden, will have an informal meeting with the media in Waltham Tuesday afternoon at the Sports Authority Training Center in Waltham. will have complete coverage following their availability.

Posey Opting Out Today
June 30, 2008

The Globe is reporting what we all know… that James Posey is opting out today.  He is likely looking for a 3 or 4 year deal at the full mid-level exception.  The Celtics will beg him to take a little less so they have enough left over to sign potential free agents.

There are salary cap tricks that could allow Posey to be signed to a longer deal and maybe let him draw a salary after he retires… thus increasing the overall value of the contract.  I just started to try to figure them out… but then my eyes started to bleed. 

By the way… today’s the day to make a qualifying offer to Tony Allen.  If not, he’s a free agent.  So far… I haven’t heard anything about the C’s making him an offer.

“My Dream Came True”
June 30, 2008

One thing everyone keeps hearing about JR Giddens is that he’s got a bit of an attitude problem.  If we believe what he says now… that stuff is in the past.  He’s a Celtic now, and he says he couldn’t be happier.

“The first thing I bought with my scholarship check was a Paul Pierce Boston Celtics jersey and green headband,” said Giddens.  “I wore that headband until it was dingy green. I wore it out completely”  

“Everybody screamed,” Giddens said of the reaction of his former Lobos teammates, who watched the draft with him in Albuquerque, N.M. “I embraced the moment with my teammates and coaches. I prayed to God and thanked him. I can’t believe my dream came true.”

As for those off-the-court problems:

“I was a young guy, immature, and made some bad decisions. I didn’t put myself in the best positions. Now that I’m older, I feel I do a lot better in decision-making, staying on the right path. I feel I’ve overcome all those things,”

Paul Pierce will be able to mentor this kid, and explain to him how to behave.  It will mean even more coming from his hero.  I’m starting to worry less and less about his attitude.  I’m liking how this is going.

In Appreciation Of… James Posey
June 30, 2008

james posey

We are spending some time looking back over the Boston Celtics championship season… in an effort to truly appreciate the efforts of those involved. In our eight installment of our series, we continue our appreciation of the players.


Today may be the last day James Posey is officially a member of the Boston Celtics.

Aside from any sentence involving the words “devastating injury” and any member of our Big 3… that is the scariest sentence for a Celtics fan to read right now. Quite honestly, the appreciation of James Posey could end right there, because that perfectly sums up how we feel about him. Losing him will be a major hit to our chances of celebrating Banner 18.

Now comes the good news.

The Celtics want him back. The fans want him back. And he, apparently, wants to be back. His agent has said many times over the past week that Posey loves it in Boston. He loves the situation. The loves the management. And he loves how the fans are very well aware that he’s extremely important to our chances. When Danny Ainge signed Posey, the whole thing snapped into focus. Like one of those old magic eye posters, a clear picture suddenly emerged from the muck (“Oh look… it’s a championship ring”).

Posey is a do-it-all guy. When the Celtics were embarrassing the Lakers in Game 6, Posey became “The Mongoose,” because he was the point-man in shutting down The Mamba. When the other team’s big slasher was feeling his oats, it was Posey that took more charges than Visa. And When the Celtics were making their epic comeback in Game 4, it was Poz and Eddie House who were drilling back-breaking 3’s. In fact, many of Posey’s biggest 3’s over the season were comeback-killers… 3’s that killed momentum and made sure the Celtics maintained, or even extended, a lead.

James Posey is a classic Boston hero. He comes in, does his job, does it well, and leaves. As die-hard as we all are, do you know what his voice sounds like? If you turned on the radio mid-interview… would you know right away that it was Posey talking? Probably not… because he doesn’t do much talking after games.

Nope, he just comes in and does the dirty work. And for that, James, we appreciate the job you’ve done in helping us achieve the ultimate goal… an NBA title.

(Getty Images Photo)


Herald: Big spending might not occur during free agency  |  Nets set to wheel and deal  |  Globe:  Coach K testing his mettle with the stars 

PacMan Parties With The Celtics
June 29, 2008

This has been posted twice in the comments, but I know not everyone reads those… so here’s the video of Manny Pacquiao, one of the best pound-for-pound fighters on this earth (and 2 of the 3 other earths that exist.  Don’t ask how I know) partying with the Boston Celtics afterwards. 

Pacquiao had just turned David Diaz into a bloody mess (bloody photographic evidence here. here and especially here) before hanging out with the NBA Champs… who had pretty much just done the same thing to the Los Angeles Lakers (go ahead… deny it Lakers fans). 

By the way… Red’s Army is pretty strong in the Philippines… probably because Chuck and I fathered half of their population on a Red’s Army publicity tour last year and this is their only method of tracking us down for child support.  We hope Pacquiao’s newly publicized love for the C’s only strengthens that bond, and makes it less threatening and lawyer-y.

The 2010 Plan
June 29, 2008

You can’t read a story about an NBA transaction without hearing what kind of impact it will have on the 2010 free agents.  LeBron James and Dwyane Wade can both opt out of their deals in the summer of 2010… along with other pretty good players like Chris Bosh and Michael Redd.  The free agent list in 2010 doesn’t look too bad either.

While everyone is jockying for position to clear whatever space they can to lure ‘Bron and DWade, we’re sitting here with the opportunity to clean up in the ’08-’09, and ’09-’10 seasons.  Some of these teams are going to be willing doormats for the next two years… leaving good teams like the Celtics clear paths.

Meanwhile, a lot of teams are setting themselves up for MASSIVE failure.  Teams are essentially tanking the next two years in hopes of getting LeBron or Wade.  They are handcuffing themselves by making every move with 2010 in mind… and telling their teams that the next two years don’t matter. 

I know LeBron and JayZ are tight… and a lot of people are looking at this as some kind of foregone conclusion… but what if the Cavs get better?  What if the Cavs make a couple of decent moves over the next couple of years and get back to the Finals…. or even with the Championship?  Will LeBron really leave that?  Will LeBron leave a team on the precipice… to go to a team that has spent 2 years in the tank just to get enough cap space to make him an offer?  Haven’t any of these other teams heard of Bird Rights?

I’m openly rooting for the Celtics to beat the Cavs on a buzzer beater in Game 7 of the 2009-10 Conference Finals while the Nets are making a lottery pick.  I want that team in such disarray that there’s no way LeBron could switch teams. 

There will be more than 1 team that gets ROYALLY screwed in 2010.  Like franchise-altering screwed.  I can’t wait to see who it is.

In Appreciation Of… Eddie House
June 29, 2008

eddie house

We are spending some time looking back over the Boston Celtics championship season… in an effort to truly appreciate the efforts of those involved.  In our seventh installment of our series, we continue our appreciation of the players.

Open packet, add minutes, stir.

That’s essentially the user-manual for Eddie House.  To paraphrase Dennis Green:  He is who we thought he was.  And we’re going to let him get away. 

Eddie has said this season that he’s a shooter.  He wasn’t signed to bring the ball up the floor.  He was signed to come in and do what he did.  Tee up that lightning quick release and make opposing defenses pay for slacking off him to double-team someone else.  It was a master-stroke by Danny Ainge.  Load the team up with very affordable guys who can drain shots from the perimeter… and when anyone left that shooter to double Pierce, Allen or Garnett… they’d get burned.  Eddie House fit perfectly in to the plan.