Doc Out-Coached Phil

phil jacksonChuck took it hard from the Lakers fans… and even some Celtics fans…. when he suggested the coaching matchup in this series was even.

In game 1… Chuck was clearly wrong… because Doc Rivers out-coached Phil Jackson.  And before the Lakers fans go nuts here… I’m not the only one who thinks so.  Just ask Dr. Jack Ramsay:

Every move Doc Rivers made from the bench paid dividends for the Celtics. To start the game Rivers matched Kevin Garnett against Pau Gasol, but when Garnett picked up his first foul, he switched Kendrick Perkinsto Gasol and Garnett to Lamar Odom. The Lakers never went to Gasol with any consistency and Odom was not really an offensive threat, especially in the first half.

To start the third period, with his team trailing 51-46, Rivers ordered a set play for Pierce, who at that point was 1-for-4. Pierce scored from the low post and then nailed two 3s and two free throws in an eight-point run that allowed the Celtics to regain the lead.

So give Rivers the coaching nod over the veteran nine-ring wearer Phil Jackson … at least for Game 1.

Dr. Jack fails to mention the worst decision of the entire game:  the lack of a foul on the C’s… who took the clock from :53 down to :27 in an 8 point game.  Even one missed free throw makes it a 3 possession game with about :50 to go.  You mean to tell me the Lakers didn’t think they could hit a few 3’s in the last minute?  Mind boggling decision.  Everyone in the building was expecting a foul. 

I said this in our forums… and I’ll repeat it here.  If Doc Rivers didn’t foul in that situation, it would be topic #1 today… and all the storylines would be about Phil being the Zen Master. 

It’s only game 1… but the vaunted coaching edge that the Lakers supposedly enjoy was nowhere to be seen last night.


16 Responses

  1. The speech that Doc gave after Paul went down was awesome. Doc was solid throughout the game…the only time I started yelling at him was about with 9-10 minutes to go in the fourth: “GET HIM OUT DOC!! GET HIM OUT OF THERE!!” That was of course when Sam Cassell was in the process of throwing away about 3 or 4 possessions in a row.

  2. but you would have never known it the way jeff van gundy practically started a new religion and offered up sacrifices to zen master p

    pj brown came up huge in this game he didnt get the credit he deserved for game 1 (especially on the defensive end)

    why the hell doesnt eddie house get any minutes, i wouldve liked to seen a a little of the house that eddie built in the game because no matter how big some of those shots were that sam i am hit
    eddie’s ready and his play is always steady (unlike marvin the martian cassell)

  3. Ditto Mike.

    Also, yelling at KG to attack the rim. When his jumpers falling, great, if not, posterize Gasoft. OR get them in foul trouble-make them sit down AND the team is shooting more throws.

  4. one thing i was kinda pissed off about, why doesnt larry bird, whos just as much a face of the celtics as anyone else, show up to the games, i know hes a pacer guy now but if dr j can make it out to the games i believe it should be an obligation for bird-and all the celitc greats to endorse their team from the stands

    i had to see magic and kareem in the stands with bird no where to be found it was disappointing to say the least

  5. C’mon inferno… give credit where its due.

    You mean to tell me you’re happy with not fouling in an 8pt game with almost a fulll minute left?

  6. i sure was

  7. If Dr. Jack says it, it must be true. Now to all the people who called me out: hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  8. i have a question whos bench would you rather have the lakers, the pistons, the cavs, the spurs, or the suns

    now look at all of these benches and objectively tell me which one you would want to have if you were a coach of an nba team

    and take away ginobili and put in finley or bowen from the spurs cause no matter what anyone says ginobili aint a bench guy

  9. sorry bigmck i called you out and i was wrong but im a man an i can admit my mistakes, but in my defense i said phil would have the edge in between game adjustments and subsitutions, and so far we havent been between games and i wouldve played eddie instead of sam i am maybe that just means i can outcoach doc i dont know

  10. Thanks papa irish – I know the series is far from over and since there’s still time for Doc to screw up – I need to get my gloating in now.

  11. atomic man suck it up and play is what pierce does, and stop living in the past about how great jordan was, just be happy that yall go the 1st pick cause that might be the only thing tht saves you

    and dont call pierce soft how about heinrich=soft, deng=lambs wool soft, gordon=soft, and joakim noah well he just sucks

  12. Lets face it, the Lakers played subpar basketball and the Celtics barely won that game.
    I can’t wait to see the score of Sundays game when Pierce is riding the pine because his little knee hurts.

    Lakers in 5, maybe 6

  13. So by this post you are saying I was right and you were wrong. You claimed coaching was a non-factor, and I said it would be a factor…. so by Doc giving us an edge I’ll take that as you admitting you were wrong.

    I believe you both stated that you believe coaching doesn’t matter in the finals it is all about the players.

  14. Lets face it, Lakers played *a great defense* and had a subpar game and the Celtics barely won *by 10*

    The Celtics didn’t have their best game either. Pierce 3 points in the first half? Perkins 1 point? KG 0-7 for a stretch in the 4th? Posey 3 points?

    We’re 3-0 against the Flakers this year, another 3 wins over the next 6 games is very probable, maybe 5.

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