Screw Bill Plaschke

All of Boston held its breath.  I sat there and thought “we’ve come this far… only to have it fall apart.”  Paul Pierce didn’t just go down… he needed to be carried off.  His return has people making “Willis Reed” comments.  They’re talking about Larry breaking his face against the Pacers.  And others, like Bill Plaschke, say it was all a show:

Paul Pierce, the Boston Celtics captain, was carried from the opening game of the NBA Finals in the third quarter Thursday with an apparent serious knee injury that momentarily deadened and distracted the Lakers.

At which point, Pierce came running back to finish them off.

To nearly 50 years of delicious Celtics-Lakers lore, add a new apparent bit of chicanery.

Call it the Fake N’Shake.

The Celtics won Game 1, 98-88, on the momentum of a recovery that smacked more of professional wrestling than professional basketball.

Plaschke has put his ESPN Blowhard training to good use.  Why wait for the actual diagnosis before making this kind of excusecomment?  Just come out, make a definitive, inflammatory statement… get attention… and move on.  Yay Bill… you get your attention.  Now you’re no better than Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless as soulless self promoters who will say whatever it takes to get some extra publicity.  Enjoy being lumped into that cesspool.

To hear Paul describe a “pop” and pain in the inner knee makes me think there is some kind of tear in the meniscus or medial collateral ligament.  That’s purely a guess on my part… and it might just be a sprain.  However… people can play with mild meniscus or MCL injuries… usually with a big brace on the knee.

Pierce had another “moment” last night.  It’s another lasting memory in the minds of young fans that they’ll romanticize later in life when they talk about their favorite player going into the Hall of Fame.  These playoffs are full of those “moments” for Paul Pierce… whether Plaschke likes them or not.

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20 Responses

  1. This guy is a joker. I am sure, in the biggest game of his career, Paul Pierce was like, let me fake an injury to get the crowd going, because these Boston fans aren’t really into it. What a tool. This was a real injury, something that I am sure will reer it’s head during the rest of this season. If Kobe went down, this guy would’ve been crying.

  2. what a coward. always hated him on around the horn. guess it was well deserved hatred.

  3. I was at the game last night and the whole building fell silent when Paul went down. This guy is the key to the Celtics’ winning it all, and to see him go down made me fear the worst. When he came running out of the tunnel, the place just erupted. It was probably the loudest point of the entire night. And he completely fed off the energy of the crowd to hit those threes. Amazing stuff.

  4. Wow who cares Goodguys win.

  5. Does anyone have a status update on the Perkins injury???

  6. Why would he fake it? There was zero energy in the Garden when he went out. Jackson himself said that the crowd is massively overrated. Assuming that’s true (and it’s gospel to Lakers fans since the Zen Master said it), why would he fake an injury when he could instead be on the court helping the Cs win?

    Plaschke catering to those Lakers fans that also like the Yankees I guess. Same disrespect for their opponents and undeserved sense of superiority.

  7. @Matty S.

    Doc said in the postgame that Perk said he could have played at the end of game 1 at 60%. My guess is that he’ll be at full strength for game 2, or very close to it.

  8. Matty S,

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Perk’s injury. If need be Powe and Brown can take those minutes. My bigger worry is this quote from ESPN’s daily dime, “The snaps along the right side were hanging open, revealing a wrapping of several ace bandages from the bottom of his calf to the top of his thigh, an additional layer of white tape wrapped around the lower half of his hamstring, ending just above his knee. Pierce’s feet moved no more than 12 inches with each step, and as you watched him begin to navigate the four flights of stairs from the locker room level to the players’ parking lot, you couldn’t help but wonder exactly how much adrenalin had fueled his comeback.”

    Not good times.

  9. There was no doubt in my mind that after the game he would tighten up and the injury would really announce itself. I just hope he is not lost for more than a couple games….

  10. Eff ESPN. They, along with the blogosphere (sorry boys) are to blame for columns like that one. Thanks to the internet and the obnoxious programming on ESPN, fat, middle-aged white guys have decided they have more license than ever to make baseless and asinine statements endlessly and question things they have no business questioning.

    My question is, how bad is this trend going to get? Have we hit rock bottom yet? Will it continue to get worse to some extent I can’t even conceive but will become our kids’ sense of “normal” journalism? It’s disgusting.

    I don’t even think columnists should ever call for someone to be fired. How would any of us like it if someone publicly called for us to lose our jobs? I truly believe that to be crossing a line. But waiting zero seconds to make a totally baseless assertion that someone faked an injury is beyond the pale.

    Gee Bill, have you ever done anything athletic in your life? Ever do anything physical at all? Ever hurt yourself to the extent that for a few minutes you’re convinced that you “really did it this time”? Isn’t it slight more likely that Pierce was convinced that he hurt himself very seriously and was afraid that his long awaited first Finals appearance had ended before it began? (Then after a few minutes, he realized it wasn’t as bad as he feared.)

    I sort of feel dirty even posting this response because I know I’m playing right into Plaschke’s hands in my own infinitesimal way. As His Eminency, John Karalis, so astutely pointed out, Plaschke now gets to bask in a day of being the center of attention. And that’s really the only reason he wrote that column. He’s probably punching his clown while watching ESPN’s abhorrent “First Take” as we speak.

  11. Plaschke also predicted Lakers in 5 believing this wouldn’t be much of a series so he’s just making excuses as to why his prediction will be wrong.

    He also said the Lakers were like a March Madness cinderella story the way they were “doubted” by everyone. Hey Bill, just because you dont have Kobe and Shaq on the same team doesnt mean the Lakers are somehow having a miracle playoff run. They were the #1 seed.

  12. Yeah all the haters are coming out and calling it an act. They all know. They’ve been there, in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, their life long dream and goal of their whole career against the perfect rival. They all know how that feels, and how adreneline affects you in a moment like that. They know from writing their columns and blogs.

  13. The extra day of rest/care will be huge for Paul. Minor sprains hurt the next day, but get better after that. Paul has played hurt before, and there is no way he’s missing game 2.
    Marvin Williams came back for game 7 against us with a sprained knee, AND HE AIN’T THE TRUTH.

  14. What a sorry excuse for a fakerass posing as a columnist.
    Don’t worry, when your mom dies, I won’t think you were faking your tears. What a fcuking jerk.

    And for those faker fans not wanting to beat us at less than full stength, don’t kid yourselves. You’d take any advantage that comes, and that includes any of your opponents not playing at all.

  15. whether he was faking or not i had a legitament heart attack when he was being carried off the floor

  16. I hope woody paige takes his blackboard and beats plaschke’s queer ass with it, hes a dumbass and the biggest homo ahh i mean homer there is

  17. Bill Plaschke is a moron. He also wrote Tom Brady was overrated, and is just a “Johnny Come Lately”

    He has an inferiority complex, because Boston Owns LA in everything

  18. Plaschke should get hell Sunday night in the Garden. I wish i knew where he was staying in or around Boston.

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  20. […] L.A. Times columnist Bill Plaschke took a lot of crap (and rightfully so) for his BS allegation that Paul Pierce faked his knee injury in Game 1. But I have to give him a ton of credit for skewering the Lakers for their Game 4 […]

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