No Sweat

Whoa. Does it really matter that the Celtics let a 24-point lead evaporate in the fourth quarter? Nope – because they still lead the series 2-0. So we’ll ignore the fact the C’s played zero defense in the final 7 minutes and focus on the positives, starting with Leon Powe. Our favorite bench player dropped 21 points in 15 minutes. He did the dirty work in the first half, working inside, drawing fouls and getting to the line. He played a key role in the 3rd quarter (finishing 2 fast breaks with dunks) as the Celtics pushed the lead to 22 points. The play of the night came early in the fourth when Leon went coast to coast and threw down a monster jam. For the second night in a row, the Celtics bench outplayed LA’s Bench Mob. We’re not surprised but the national media might be.

-The Lakers can’t play defense. We tried to tell everyone before the series, but no one outside of New England wanted to listen.

-Be prepared for the Lakers to bitch about the officiating (As I type this, Phil Jackson is whining about it to the media). Leon Powe shot more free throws (9-13) than the entire Lakers team (10-10). The Celtics went 27-38 from the line because they were the more aggressive team. (I believe that’s the line I heard after bitching about the lack of calls for the Celtics against the Hawks and Cavs.) The Celtics defense is also forcing LA into jump shots.

-Paul Pierce (28 pts, 4-4 3 FG, 8 assists) looks fine. I didn’t see him limp once. He continues to score at will against Radmanovic. Phil “the greatest coach of all-time” Jackson might want to re-think that match-up. 

-KG (17 pts on 7-19 FG, 14 reb) struggled offensively all night. He started painfully slow. Pau Gasol posterized him with a dunk in the 1st quarter. He will get better.

-Gasol (17 pts, 10 reb) disappeared again in the 2nd half. He started strong (13 first half pts) but did nothing after that.

-Rajon Rondo (16 assists, 2 TO) was awesome again.  On one sequence, he blocked a three-point shot by the 6-10 Radmanovic, released, caught a KG touchdown pass and slammed it home.

-Kobe Bryant (30 pts, 11-23 FG) didn’t do much until the final 7 minutes. The Celtics team defense is keeping Kobe away from the rim.

-Mark Jackson had the line of the night in the 4th quarter with the Celtics up 24. Seconds after a close-up of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jackson says “If you’re DiCaprio, you’re thinking this is the Titanic now.”

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According to Stu Scott, of the 29 teams to fall behind 2-0 in the finals, only 3 have managed to come back and win the series.

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35 Responses

  1. Man, these are the games I really miss Tommy.

    I! LOVE!!!! LEEEE-ON!!

  2. We all love Leon

    (but do you love him enough to buy the shirt?)

  3. Phil Jackson is already complaining about Leon getting to the line. How about the fact that he was doing work under the boards while all your Lakers were just shooting jumpers.

    And where was Gasol in the 2nd half??

  4. So how tight was your asshole after Radmanovic got that layup?

  5. got nervous… no doubt. I didn’t get nervous really until then.

  6. hey dont get too fucking cocky. Next 3 are ours. Then we end your season on Tuesday the 17th

  7. scoot- I want Tommy, too. Meanwhile, a win is a…scary moment.

  8. Oh… here we go again.

    Get in line with the Cavs and Pistons fans who were predicting ridiculous “5 game sweeps”.

    Look man… the Celtics have shown that their defense is killer. You saw it when they relaxed in the 4th… then stepped up again. The Lakers made it look easy… and then the C’s clamped down at the end… and it was over.

  9. The Celtics did their job(With some help from the refs) and defended their home court, Now it’s time for the Lakers to do the same. And Pierce stop embarassing yourself and take the damn sleeve off

  10. did you see those two fakers with the “am-not-going-bust-up-mah-pretty-face” looks when leon was flying in for that end-to-end dunk. priceless.

    pretty much sums up what laker d is all about… disappearing.

  11. another idiot who thinks Pierce is faking.

    Think what you want… he’ll get plenty of time to rest it riding on the duck boat during the parade.

  12. i love all these comments claiming lakers are going to win 3 in LA and all that, how many of these faker fans really have that confidence in their team they had coming into this series, they must be crushed…. poor socialites across cali sobbing and hugging trees

  13. I don’t think he’s faking. He’s just a pussy. It one or the other, and he’s not faking it, so he’s just a pussy.

  14. He’s a pussy? Please explain your logic. You acknowledge he’s hurt… and the way this thing is going.. he’s going to be Finals MVP on a bad knee.

    So how is he a pussy?

  15. Then the Lakers should be embarassed that a “pussy” is destroying them.

  16. I did not acknowledge he is hurt. Here’s what happened. He fell to the ground, and thought he was hurt really bad so he had his team carry him off and wheel him back into the locker room. He realized he wasn’t hurt at all and came running out with joy. He’s not any more courageous for coming out. I don’t want to hear the comparisons or his “courage”. Paul Pierce was never hurt, I’m just not stupid claiming he faked it, he just felt some pain and overreacted. If he got an mri I would have a lot more respect for him, but of course he doesn’t want to do that.

  17. I, too, don’t get the logic.
    not faking = playing hurt = pussy. huh???

    leon powe dunk > gasol+vujacic defense
    now that’s pussies.

  18. I’m not acknowledging that he was hurt. I think he felt a bit of pain and fell down to the ground and started crying, and had to get wheeled off(If you don’t admit that the wheelchair was WAY WAY overreacting then you’re blind, because Pierce atleast admitted that himslef). He really didn’t get injured at all and ran out there and hit a couple threes which he is clearly capable of doing at any time. He didn’t fake it, but he certainly isn’t injured. He just had a pussy moment and thought he injured himself bad when he really didn’t at all. It’s not really Pierce who disgusts me, but everyone who claims how couageous he is for playing with his “injury”. He just doing what he should be doing, playing like a superstar. But I don’t want to hear about this bullcrap “playing hurt” stuff. Just stop it. For the sake of Pierce just stop it. And I will acknowledge the bad defense, when has radmonovic ever played decent defense?

  19. Pierce has a sprained knee. He didn’t ask for the wheelchair… he was put into it. I’m sure it happens to any player who gets carried into the back… but in the Finals… everyone sees it because there are a million cameras.

    So Paul is playing hurt… there’s no doubt about that. But I think everyone will acknowledge that a sprained knee was best-case scenario and its not too serious.

  20. injured or not, they have to take the right precautions to make sure he doesnt injure it any worse than it was, hence the wheelchair you moron, it wasnt pierce’s choice he WANTED to walk on it, and who even cares, what you really should be bitching about it your pathetic team hahaa

  21. It isn’t too serious so why is everybody acting like he’s so brave for coming back out there? Every player is hurt in some way shape or form. Pierce is not a warrior because he came out and played hurt, he’s a damn good baller, but it has nothing to do with the injury. Alright maybe I was a little harsh at claiming he was pussy, but he definitely was overreacting. It’s just unfortunate how all these people have to make such a big deal out of the damn injury, especially Mark Jackson.

  22. if it was kobe bryant instead of paul pierce, what do you think would have happened? it would have been like a 24hour knobjob on kobe bryant for years to come, so if you think this is overreacting you can relax

  23. One thing for certain, the absence of bynum hurts us big time. And the absence of Lamar Odom’s balls. And Radman’s brain.

  24. stop arguing thetruthisalie please stop it won’t make our lakers win game 2 will it just drop it dark days are over LA right now my prediction is obviously out the window with lakers in 5 but we gotta believe lakers will take this in 6 or 7 just stop arguing we have no right too we lost we got out rebounded, out hustle and made lean powe look like a legitimate 6th man of the year candidate we just gotta look ahead for next game

  25. Never nervous, just pissed off for a few minutes. We got the win, we will get more. The Celts are 4-0 against the Flakers this year. Am I really worried the Purple and Fold will take 3 at home? NOT AT ALL!

    This game really exposed the Lakers soft/weak defense. It was laughable. Yes they got some stops late and made some late 3’s, but that was more the Celts trying to manage the clock instead of beat their ass. AND our offense, bench, coaching, toughness, hustle is greater than theirs.

    OH, and Pierce got stabbed how many times and came back to play an 82 game season? Sounds like a pussy to me. Kobe crying on the bench,whining about a trade and cheating on his family? He’s a tough guy, right? The Black Mamba? More like the Black Mamba’s boy.

  26. bleed green in LA –> i think it was 11 times in the face,neck, and back… haha amazing comment i completely forgot about that

  27. Ya best listen to your best bud truthisalie, he knows what he is talking about. I won’t get into all the other stuff ya’ll are talking about but I will say this and I’ll quote from my bud Jon who I split C’s season tickets with.

    “The DETROIT PISTONS beat us at home, if the Lakers can’t do it, they are f*cked.”

    I have to admit he has one of the best points I’ve heard since this series started. Seriously, if your magic man Kobe can’t win at least ONE of the first games on the road like EVERYONE said he would, you are in some SERIOUS trouble my friend. Oh and yes, Paul wasn’t playing at full strength and neither was Perk.

    Good luck purp and gold….you’ll need it…

  28. if paul pierce is a pussy consider the lakers pussy whipped

    and powe definitely deserved mark jacksons favorite/most overused phrase “momma there goes that man!” but of course i dont think hes used that on a celtic all postseason even though he’ll throw it at andrew bynum when he runs to the rest room typical media biased against the celtics

    the rebounding worried me a little tonight but i think a lot of that was due to not having perk for most of the game and playing a pj brown leon powe foward combination which isnt gonna help your rebounding advantage any

    and how bout some minutes for my man eddie house, he couldve provided some energy we needed in the last six minutes, big baby too but not as much

  29. Pierce didn’t just play a full 82 game season after nearly being stabbed to death… he played *two* full 82 game seasons.

  30. Pau is playinglike a marshmallow on the boards and Kobe is playing like an overrated ball-hog…add that to the worst officiated finals game in history and that’s what you get…

    I appreciate that the Celtic team defense is excellent, but when our players are being mugged it should be called…any educated C fan would admit that you had ref help all night…but that wasn’t the reason we lost…

    The Celtics are simply the best team in basketball and we need to summon every once of energy we have to win 3 in LA and then it will be a new series…I said before that I have no idea how we were favored in this series…

    Powe is better than Jordan…really…

  31. All this “Pierce is a pussy” talk is loser-speak for “We lost.” Look, I can call the Manning brothers sniveling, whiny bitches, but they both beat the Pats in the last two years. Doesn’t change the results. Celts in one in LA, finish it in 6.

  32. Who gives a sh*t about this sprain/sleeve/etc…

    The point is that the Lakers had a window of opportunity to get some stops and score with Pierce out of the game but they didn’t.

    The end.

  33. For the Lakers to have a chance Odom needs to play like he did the first minute of the game. Goodguys 2-0

  34. Hilarious that Laker fans all over the net are only talking about what happened with Pierce’s knee. Forget the knee, they should be wondering if their team has been faking D all year.

  35. Pau Gasol plays weak knee’d everynight and you don’t hear him complain. Well maybe he’s complaining but we just can’t understand him. Anybody who has watched Pauly for any amount of time knows he’s no p*ssy. Never once have I seen him display the “loser’s Limp” I’ve seen so many other’s display in this post season (Yeah, I’m talking about you little Rippy hamilton) Fakers down by 2 games, analysts looking like douches. Even Kobe’s chief apologist Steven A. looks nervous.

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