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rajon rondo

We’ve caught some crap recently for various statements.  One being the coaching matchup is overrated… yet we’re still waiting for Phil Jackson to start out-coaching Doc.  Another is that Rajon Rondo needs to be in the Chris Paul/Derron Williams conversation when you’re talking about great young NBA point guards.

I’m willing to admit that Rajon doesn’t have the same affect on games as those two… but he can dominate in different ways.  Last night, he dominated (even though a couple of his assists were generous) and it showed on the scoreboard.  He found guys open on the perimeter.  He found guys open at the rim.  He knifed his way through the Lakers “defense” with ease… passing up his own shots to run through the offense and keep everyone else involved.

While I think the Celtics need him to take more of the shots he passed up last night (especially the layups), the unselfish nature of his game is a beautiful thing to watch.  I know there was a recent piece out there that called Rajon Rondo a “combo” guard… but the fact of the matter is that Rajon is what every NBA team dreams about having:  a pass-first point guard whose greatest joy on the court is getting all of his teammates involved in a big win. 

Rondo-love on this site is nothing new.  But his dominance in a game that featured Paul Pierce’s knee and Leon Powe’s explosion… Rondo-love is very much deserved.

Some other things out there this early afternoon:  Rajon’s post game blog (“We’re Up 2-0“) and one before the team flew out this morning

Video of Lakers fans beating the hell out of a Celtics fan… who had the huevos to wear his Paul Pierce jersey into the Staples Center for a special viewing of Game 2.  

A Boston-hater finds some solace in a possible Celtics championship:  Phil Jackson losing.  And someone skeptical of Pierce and his knee injury opens up to the possibility that he’s really hurt.  Nice to see a lot of people calming down and backing off the ridiculous claims.

And I love Leon as much as anyone… but Mark Jackson deserved to get killed by The JVG for comparing Leon to Dr. J.

(photo: Getty Images)


9 Responses

  1. Was that Reginald Denny getting his ass whipped in LA again?

  2. I don’t care if Rondo averages 16 assists for the duration of this series and continues to play Derek Fisher like a puppet — there is absolutely no reason for him to be mentioned in the same sentence as Deron Williams or Chris Paul.

    Rondo is nowhere near the player those two are.

  3. Would that be why he dominated both matchups with Chris Paul?

    Rondo might not be AT their level just yet… but he’s near it. Nearer than everyone thinks.

  4. Paul and Williams are much more polished offensively than Rondo. They also can take and make big shots. Rondo isn’t there yet. But defensively, he’s better.

  5. BigMck. Very true, however the C’s don’t need Rondo to be an offensive weapon. Not yet at least. His game will develop over the next few seasons.

  6. Dude, thanks for the shout-out. And yeah, Rondo is going to be very very good soon.

  7. He would be more of a star on a team without 3 superstars. AND he’s a damn fine rebounder for a point guard, he ain’t afraid to get in there and mix it up with the bigs, and usually at key moments in the game. Much love for the Big thre…FOUR!

  8. I believe he’ll make the All Star team at some point. He’s that good. His floater in the lane is nifty, he’s quick, plays great D, and is fearless. The only confidence he needs is in his shot selection and his jumper.

  9. Deron or Paul? Maybe not. I actually see Rondo, with improved overall play, better confidence, and a decent decent jumper, transforming to a better version of Tony Parker in 2-3 years. I’m serious. I really see a lot of resemblance. But Rondo better work hard on his jumper in the offseason. If you guys remember, that was Parker’s flaw the first years he was in the league. Now I’m not a fan of Tony Parker or anything, but Rondo playing like that or much better, can take him to great heights.

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