Powe Posterizes Lakers

That’s fun to say…

And more fun to watch:

But wait… there’s more!

And for those of you who like the mix thing:



12 Responses

  1. I was at the game and probably the highest (and loudest) point of the the night was when Powe went coast to coast and jammed it home. AWESOME slam. It really showed how vulnerable the Lakers D is.

    So I may be the only one thinking this but I REALLY like how Doc has been playing our guys. It seems like there is a different role player every game. He is creating the best possible matchups on both offense and defense. It was PJ stepping up last game and now he goes primarily with Powe he goes OFF. I know we were all flipping out at Doc the first couple of series but I feel like he was getting a feel for his team and how they would play in the playoffs. Now the experiment is over and he knows what he has to work with. And quite frankly, Doc has REALLY impressed me in these first two games.

    SOMEONE must agree with me…

  2. Is Antoine Walker a Lakers fan? Did anyone see him after Pierce hit a 3 in the 1st half? That Joker never moved no change of expression the man looked like my one year old son when he’s taken a dump just stareing into space. He should have been removed from the building!! Oh yea Powe had the game of his life which I heard several times. I love it!

  3. Show Time was cancelled and replaced by the Powe Show

  4. Leon Powe is my JAM.

  5. Matty S. you were at the game? Where’s our NO MEANS NO chant? I figure most of the fans don’t know about the chant yet, and when it tries to get started it turns into BEAT LA, BEAT LA. If this series doesn’t come back to Boston, I may never get to hear it. Ill have to come out there next season, bring a NO MEANS NO sign and get the job done.

    Isn’t it nice that this is the ONE thing I’m worried about from last nights game (and this series). GO CELTICS!!

  6. I know! People tried to start it up but it just died out every time!

  7. Also, the best time to do it is when Kobe is at the line, which was only a few times. I’ll take that over the chant ANY day…

  8. when is Powe’s contract up?????

  9. Next season will be the last for Leon’s current contract. He’s signed for just under $800 K next season.

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  11. Actually, I was really mad when Doc took out Powe and didn’t bother putting him back in when the Lakers were coming back.

    To answer the Toine question, Walker told Pierce that he should have opted out of his contract with Boston and signed with Miami if he really wanted a ring, boy he was very wrong!

  12. OK Matty, I’m a glass is half-full guy. If I don’t get to hear the chant because Kobe is not shooting free-throws, atleast I won’t have to deal with all the stupid Faker flags out here when they lose.

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