Paul Pierce > Kobe Bryant

This is always a fun one for Lakers fans.  We’ve been saying this for a while.  In facthere’s a little something from 2 years ago

The simple fact of the matter is that Paul Pierce is, was, and will continue to be better for an NBA team than Kobe Bryant. 

Sure, Kobe’s more explosive, athletic and prone to give you a “SportsCenter” moment… but Paul Pierce has been just as effective,  more efficient, and a better influence on his team.  Their career averages are all virtually equal… yet Pierce has had far fewer public meltdowns and squabbles.

And now, in these NBA Finals, both players are putting their legacies on the line.  Pierce risks being branded as a second-tier star that is doomed to a ring-less retirement and a slow fade into obscurity as the years pass.  Kobe risks being the guy who could never climb into that pantheon of mega-stars that could single-handedly carry his team to a title.

Everyone (at least, everyone not in Boston) figured Kobe was a lock.  The word “coronation” was thrown around a lot.  But the funny thing is that so far… Paul Pierce is the far better player.  In fact… their Finals numbers look a lot like their career numbers:  Pierce is averaging a couple of points less while taking fewer shots and shooting a higher percentage.

At this rate, Paul Pierce will be the Finals MVP… and Kobe faces the prospect of never getting out of Shaq’s shadow.  LA fans will never accept that Pierce is in Kobe’s class… but Pierce isn’t giving rational basketball fans much choice. 

(He’s also winning over the media… both nationally…(here too)… and at home)


61 Responses

  1. Get ready for all those – “You’re Crazy” posts from Lakers fans. But you are right – the stats don’t lie. And thanks to Curt Schilling, we know Kobe is a horrible team leader.

    More importantly, Whitlock just blasts KG in that column. Wow….that deserves a separate post. Hmmm…I think I just found my afternoon project.

  2. i could listen to pierce is better than kobe talk all day.

    also, whitlock begins a sentence with “Unskilled Boston reserve Leon Powe…” so there’s clearly something wrong with him.

  3. I’ve always thought Pierce was a mismatch for Kobe. The better player? I just don’t see that, but when they have faced head to head, PP has put up some of his best career numbers on Kobe.

    However, this series might be the determining factor in this debate for a LOT of folks. 2-0 Boston.

  4. The Truth} the defendant

  5. Red’s Army…spreading The Truth for over two years. It’s why I read.

  6. many thanks Bill (and all our readers)… glad we can be of service

  7. Another thought. The media bashes into Kobe for not being able to win without Shaq, yet no one mentions Pierce now has two All-Stars next to him (Allen, Garnett). I find it sort’ve ironic.

    Could one make the same argument PP can’t win without a superstar(s) either?

    However, Peirce has come closer without another star – more so than Kobe. But difference in the toughness of the conferences plays into that. This year, however, Celtics dominated pretty much the whole league. It’ll be interesting how it plays out.

  8. This is a joke just watch when lakers win tonight game 3 everbody will be back and say is Kobe pierce is nowhere near Kobe

  9. I don’t think many players can win without another superstar. But I think Kobe WANTS to do it. Pierce just wants the ring.

  10. The bias is so thick you might as well pour it on your waffles. No one on the lakers is all-star caliber besides kobe. He’s got a solid group of guys that work well together but wouldn’t be anything spectacular outside of the team. The celts made trades for two very accomplished players still in their prime to play alongside pierce and power their way into the finals which they barely did.

    Calling pierce(mr. nba 3rd team behind boozer) better, especially this year when kobe recieved the mvp for the specific reason of sharing and making plays for his teammates and taking them to #1 in the conference that was 10 times more competitive than the other, is kind of funny(and just plain ridiculous).

    We’ll see how your attitude changes when you’re down 3-2

  11. Yeah… where’s that Kobe when it counts?

  12. the entire playoffs haven’t counted so far I guess, only the two games in Boston and the last one being brought to within two after pretty much being stolen.

  13. When Kobe tries to take over tonight because he’s 2 games in the hole and costs the Lakers the game, it will be glorious…

  14. Kobe please be Kobe tonight (I don’t mean go rape someone) shoot so much you make Cassell look tentative. If our Big’s continue to dominate the paint, Fakers will continue to live & die by the off balance jumper,and we might just steal one tonight. Stay close, hang around and see what happens. On a side note, the ref’s, at sterns direction will overcompensate tonight so I hope Doc has sense enough to send Big Baby in for some hard fouls on the euro-trash, Radmon and vucic rattle easy.

  15. […] Boston Celtics fans have gone mad. Is Paul Pierce really better than Kobe Bryant… come on now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Leave this guy some comments about how […]

  16. “No one on the lakers is all-star caliber besides kobe. He’s got a solid group of guys that work well together but wouldn’t be anything spectacular outside of the team.”

    huh, that’s funny. cuz i thought lakers fans saw gasol as the second coming, kobe’s much-needed superstar. you know, the one who would give the team desperately needed post presence and complete the triangle, while not threatening princess kobe’s fragile ego or his role as the supposed team leader. guess he’s just a solid guy who wouldn’t be anything spectacular on his own… meaning without kobe.

  17. Ajay I don’t want to get personal dude but you need to stick to radio. The written word is not your thing. We need the Rosetta stone up in here to understand you.

  18. Haha I second that! He would be a better trash talker if he knew what grammar was. It takes me 3-4 times reading TWO sentences to try to understand what the hell he was saying in that last one.

  19. Another hero-mode KoMe? Love it!! You could start to see it last game, his hands drop to his sides and his shoulders shrug when a teamate misses a shot. He pouts and frowns on the bench, and starts to turn on his teamates. It’s the only thing that I like about the Lackers, self-destruction.

    Again, thank you Reds Army for giving me more ammo to attack my Flaker fan friends. Pierce’s career numbers are almost identical to KoMe. They can’t argue with the TRUTH.

  20. the idea that kobe can’t win a finals without shaq is there because shaq went on to win one with the heat AND because kobe hasn’t won one since.

    on the other hand, its true that pierce hasnt won without kg and ray, but its not like kg and ray have (or probably will ever) win a finals on another team.

    the pierce has kg argument also falls flat because you went out and got gasol (of course he’s no kg…but laker’s fans were drinking his koolaid all season).

    pierce just wants a ring. i wouldnt be surprised that, if the lakers won, kobe would try to take all his teammate’s rings for himself.

  21. Thanks for the laugh!

    Pierce 2 for 14 for 6 points tonight!

  22. No doubt that Paul Pierce is a great ball player, but to say Pierce is better for a team than Kobe is nothing short of pure homerism. You may as well pucker up and plant one in between Pierce’s cheeks (you pick which ones) while he is bent over. Pierce wasn’t even on the map until #5 and #20 came into the picture. Sad thing is that those who aren’t Laker fans hate Kobe merely for the fact that he is playing for an opposing team. I guarantee if Kobe was playing for the Celtics, you’d be singing a much different tune.

    Try writing something that actually makes sense. It may just boost your credibility.

  23. lakers stepped up their d tonight, but a lot of pierce’s missed shots were wide open (ex, pump fake in the corner to get kobe in the air, wide open and he still airballed it, nice)

  24. fucc all u faggots…lakers in 6 bitch…fucc gay all, kevin garnott & pussy pierce

  25. fucc all u celtic faggot fans…lakers in 6 bitch…fucc gay allen, kevin garnott & pussy pierce

  26. Kobe is taking this series on his back and carrying his team to a championship. PP is a baby, a faker, and an overall inferior player to kobe. Suck a fat one celtic fans

  27. I can’t believe the PP>KB is even a discussion, show me numbers where pierce has ever avg. 34 in a season, show me one time when pierce was all nba defense 1st team, not to mention the fact kobe has been on that team how many years in a row! all nba 1st team!? 81 pt. game, 3 titles, nba mvp, all star mvp, give me a break if PP had half of the career as kobe he would be a first ballot hall of famer. in addition to all that, i dont think an nba team led by kobe would finish in the cellar as the pierce led celtics did!? but yea pierce over kobe is a lock!!! hahahaha

  28. just as two games in the finals shouldn’t coronate PP as better, one crap game from PP shouldn’t take him out of the running. .

    it’s certainly an interesting debate. i personally don’t think there’s much merit to the discussion though. . .

    Not to take anything away from PP (he’s a fantastic talent) but as far as statistical similarities, Shareef Abdur-Rahim was a 20/9 guy on a bad team. .(i know, who?) emphasis on bad team (which, no offense, you guys were until this season)

    “Their Finals numbers look a lot like their career numbers: Pierce is averaging a couple of points less while taking fewer shots and shooting a higher percentage..”

    that’s a misleading statement, because while it’s true for the finals, it’s not true for their career numbers.

    for his career PP is averaging 23/6.5/4 on 44.2% shooting, while Kobe is averaging 25/5/4.5 on 45.3% shooting.

    and in case you didn’t get the discrepancy PP is shooting a lower percentage

    “At this rate, Paul Pierce will be the Finals MVP…”

    this is a much more reasonable discussion, although its not one that laker fans such as myself would like to entertain.

  29. haha u guys are pathetic. SUCK IT!

  30. how about some real statistics straight from

    kobe bryant CAREER statistics = .453 fg%

    paul pierce CAREER statistics = .442 fg%

  31. Wow Pierce WTF, He is good but not Kobe Good

  32. hey if yall say pierce its better to have on a team then kobe then why did the lakers make it to the playoffs last two years because of kobe and what about the celtics they didnt even make it to the playoffs and pierce had a better supporting cast last year o and i almost forgot yall in the east so yall go get yall facts straight and show the best player on earth its respect because what i remember its kevin garnet running for M.V.P not pierce.
    we taking the series 4-2

  33. lol

  34. You guys are sad. Kobe would never ever ever go 2-14 in any playoff game. BOOK THAT. Not one boston fan here could man up and disagree with the author of the thread. Everyone of you guys know that you’d swap Pierce for Kobe in a heart beat. Kobe led Smush, injury prone kwame, lamar and Walton to the playoffs in the grueling west and he’s avg 30ppg 6rb 6asst on 50% fg thru out the playoffs without shaq. LET ME KNOW WHEN PIERCE DOES THAT.

  35. Are you serious? Wow. This is the stupidest thing i’ve ever heard. This is all coming from a celtic fans point of view. Tell me one time that you heard on ESPN Paul Pierce is better than Kobe? Go ahead count, exactly none. Kobe has accomplished so much more it’s sad to even say PP is better as a joke! And Tuesday night PP scored what 6 points? Oh yeah definately GOAT. Kobe right now is the best basketball player in the league everyone knows it, there is no point of starting an argument over that. So PP is better than him? That’s why his team went to a game 7 with the Atlanta Hawks?!?!?!?!??! I don’t think Kobe has had a 6 point game in the past 8 years, except for the times he got injured during the game. PP is a scoring machine, but he is nothing compared to Kobe. PP’s career high is 50 points, he did it once! Kobe has equaled or surpassed that many times, once by 31 points! Paul Pierce will need to play 2 great games to score 81 points. You guys are probably thinking “What about defense?” Kobe is one of the best defensive players in the league, in the top 5 easily. So don’t talk.

  36. pierce mr aka drama queen will never be as good as kobe, pierce is just like T-Mac, Vince Carter, hes not at the level of Lebron or Kobe

  37. Vince Carter

    23.8 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 4.2 apg, 44.7% fg, 37.5% 3 pt FG, 1.3 spg, 0.8 bpg, 2.4 tpg, 22.0 per

    Paul Pierce
    23.1ppg, 6.4rpg, 3.9apg, 44.2% fg, 36.3% 3 pt FG,
    1.6 spg, 0.7bpg, 3.1 tpg, 21.4 per




    Vince Carter
    26ppg 7rb 5apg on 42%fg

    Paul Pierce
    22ppg 7rb 4.5apg on 42%fg

    Explain to me how vince carter is not better than Paul Pierce….?


  39. LOL, these celtics kids are really hopeful.

    so cute.

  40. Not at the level of Lebron & Kobe? Your a moron mamba, two of the biggest crybaby, f*ck my teammates, I want a trade if I don’t get what I want prima donna’s in the game. Your right, pierce has little in common with them. You glorify a sexual predator, Jeffery Dahmer was also a laker fan.

  41. laker hater, just stop. its just straight up fact that pierce is not better than kobe. like what redsarmybloggersRsad said, even the most diehard celtic fans would trade kobe for pierce ANY DAY. he’s just that much better.

  42. lol what a dumb ass.

  43. Wow…. what a fucking idiot. I guess you expected only Celtics fans to come here and all agree with you to make your dumb ass think your are right.

    Pierce sure played good in game 3, huh? Better then Kobe in game 1?

  44. BTW, someone has gotta teach Pierce how to fucking run. It looks like he’s trying to move through quicksand every time he touches the ball.

  45. I love the influx of Lakers fans. The collective IQ of our readership just dropped 80 points. Your defense of Kobe will look foolish once LA loses this series and Bryant starts demanding a trade…again.

  46. Didn’t Pierce want a trade if the C’s didn’t get help? LOL hypocrites

  47. […] you want a good laugh, check out the comments from Lakers fans in Pierce > Kobe. They are coming over […]

  48. Pierce asking out if he wasn’t getting help and Kobe going public with his bitching and even calling his GM a moron are two completely different things. But I don’t expect you retards to know the difference. Hell…you all think Kobe is a good leader. Ha….

  49. Thing is, Kobe is a better leader now. He went from not even hanging out with his teammates to planning the team lunches. It’s been said that he hangs out with the guys more and is a better person overall.

    Anyways, no way in hell is PP better than Kobe. Kobe is a better shooter, slasher, passer, and much better defensively. Kobe has also accomplished much more, even is you want to take away the 3 titles because he had Shaq. Kobe is also the more efficient player between the 2. There are 4-5 SG/SF I would take before Pierce.

  50. They all think the bitch was asking for it BigMck. Pierce is not the showboat highlite reel that Kobe is. He’s something much more, a teammate. He’s not perfect, but he is willing to put it on the line for his team. EVEN WHEN IT MEANS PASSING INSTEAD OF TAKING SHOTS ON BULLSHIT LOOKS. Shaq was right, Kobe is a complete douche.

  51. Think about it….the Lakers might have another 2-3 titles if Kobe didn’t run Shaq out of LA. Even Phil Jackson left…because he was uncoachable. Did any these Laker retards even read Jackson’s book? Forget the book…how about some excerpts? I’ve said it a million times on this site, Kobe is the most divisive player in team sports.

  52. Andro – I wouldn’t trade Pierce for Kobe or any other HACK on your roster. Kobe will always be second act to LeBron James. Once Lebron leaves clevland, Kobes gay lover Steven A. will forsake for the new kid in brooklyn. Kobe will remind us of Steve Francis in his twilight years. OK, I went too far, Francis was never charged with rape.

  53. BigMck your hatred of Kobe almost seems personal? You seem so angry at him…almost violent…

    Did you ever go to his hotel room alone…?

    Just asking…

  54. i wouldnt trade pierce for kobe.
    i dont even think i could like the celtics if they had kobe.

    and, although the national announcers are idiots, one of them (van gundy i think) was talking in game 2 about how pp doesnt get the respect he deserves because no player has ever been able to do everything he can. everybody that wants to blow kobe (looking at you stephen a. smith) can talk about him being the next mj, but they can’t compare pierce to anyone.

    just like a 17 year old girl, the national media is going to regret being all over kobe’s dick.

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  56. You know the problem with this whole thing is that Kobe may be the best “player” in the NBA, but “players” don’t win championships, teams do. Teams play defense. Teams dominate. You can list all the stats you want that “prove” Kobe is better, but three weeks from now, when Kobe demands to be traded, we will see how loyal Lakers fans are to the best player on the planet.

  57. Word.

  58. where are the lakers(kobe) fans now?FUCKIN CUNTS…kobe is highly overated.I’ve told people over and over, kobe will never ever win another ring without shaq. He is nowhere close to Jordan. on the other hand Paul pierce can play ball one-on-one with kobe.i don’t car what any of you all say…When your team is down 24 on the road in the nba finals and you will them back to victory.THAT is what greatness is.and pual pierce has greatness.celtics in 5!!!!

  59. btw how the fuck can u even think about comparing him to Jordan.(especially stephen A. Smith).personally iv’e always thought he is smart about most things in the world of sports, but this stupid comparison?I would bet anyone a million dollars that an Jordan team, even a lebron james team wouldn’t allow their respective teams to squander a 24 point lead in any game(especially not a crucial nba finals game)chris paul should have gotten the mvp

  60. paul will never be like kobe cause paul SUCK HAHAHAHA

  61. This is one of the great great great blogs in blog history, you should continue straight on revealing The Truth, it must be told, even if nobody is willing to listen and accept it yet, in time The Truth will smash them in the face.

    Could someone post or tell me where I can find the career head to head matchup stats for Pierce vs cryant ?


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