I Enjoyed Kobe Too

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There was Kobe Bryant last night… gliding through the air… flailing like a cartoon character falling off a cliff every time he got touched… and shooting.  Oh… was Kobe ever shooting.  A lot.

And I loved it.

Kobe shot 12 of 20 last night.  Better than 50%.  Good shooting night from Kobe.  But it was his, ahem, passing that I REALLY loved to watch.  All… ONE… of his assists were gorgeous.  See for yourself: It was this one… to Pau Gasol (the look on his face is priceless.  “Zee ball… she finally escapes Zee Mamba!”). 

It didn’t matter if 2 guys were on him with Pau Gasol wide open.  Or if he had 2 options to give a teammate and easy dunk.  Or if he was way off balance with 3 guys staring at him (leaving SOMEONE open).  Or if he was so far under the basket that it would have seemed like a bad shot for even plastic man to attempt.  Or… well… you get the point.

Kobe Bryant shot the ball 20 times.  Sasha Vujacic was second on the team… with 10 attempts.

I will take that kind of game from Kobe every time.  In fact… I’m begging him to play that exact same game again.  Same for the rest of the Lakers.  If there is some magic spell that would allow for all of those same shot attempts in Game 4… I’d sign up for it right now.

Because Kobe was “Bad Kobe” last night.  Sure, he was on fire… but don’t be fooled…  He was “Bad Kobe” through and through.  Doubling up your teammates shot attempts is big-time bad.  One assist is mega-bad.  87 points from the “vaunted” Lakers offense… at home… in Game 3 of the Finals… is a boy-band made up of week-one ‘American Idol’ rejects bad. 

The Lakers need Pau Gasol to have MVP-type numbers for them to have a real chance… But Kobe Bryant needs to be the MVP.  Kobe will never… EVER… allow anyone to look back at these Finals and say “sure… you won without Shaq… but Gasol was the Finals MVP.”

So keep shooting Kobe.  Take 20 shots again in Game 4.  25 even.  Hell… make it an even 30.  Every shot you hoist… just makes things easier for the Celtics.


32 Responses

  1. Wow…dod you watch the same game I did…Kobe did whatever he had to do to win…

    He had one assist, not pass,get the facts right…he was the genesis of most of Sasha’s point…making a pass out of a double team to Odom or Pau and then they found Sasha…

    Kobe knew they COULD NOT LOSE yesterday and he found a way to win…gimme a break…this was your worst take/posting that I have seen in 3 months…talk about saying nothing of value in the entire piece…

    Both teams played awful…KG and the Truth looked terrible (Kobe guarded Paul most of the game…hmmmm)…Pau and Lamar were terrible too…Dfish wasn’t much better…i think the trip across the country with no days rest was the reason for both teams …

    Look for a much better game from the Lakers “O” in the next game…you had your chance to steal one…see you in Game 6 , down 3-2 in the Garden…

  2. All that “greatness” from the lakers and the celts held them to 87 points. Allen hit 5 for 5 from 3 at one point. Not sure what he finished.

  3. Kobe also does the little things on that don’t show up on the stat sheet. Like sulking; which he was dominant at.

  4. the flailing of his arms also cooled off people in the first 3 rows. so he was very effective at that.

  5. Pierce flails his arms as well when driving to the paint so I wouldn’t go there!

    Pierce had a bad game and I don’t really think that’s due to Kobe playing him on D. Remember game 1 & 2 he still dominated Kobe with his size and always got the open looks which he drained and will drain in 4 & 5.

    Kobe is a great player but the rest of his team sucks!

    Also something no one has mentioned, the LA crowd is really really really weak!

  6. Hard for the rest of his team to do anything when none of the other starters even took 10 shots.

    And the 20 shots doesn’t even include all the shooting fouls. So he probably really had 25 attempts.

  7. He gave his teammates plenty of chances, they just had terrible games through and through. And you must be dumb if you’re OK with kobe having 40 point games every night.

  8. Every… single… night.

    Look Dummy… Kobe’s 40 + rest of teams less than 50 means the Celtics hold the Lakers to 80-something points…. just like they did last night. If the Celtics had any semblance of an offense last night… they would have won this easy. If Pierce and Garnett would have just had 15 a piece… you’d still be crying about being down 3-0.

  9. Come on redsarmy… you are now officially the only person in the world talking negatively about the super game Kobe had last night. We gave your team credit when you shut us down, but Kobe simply wasn’t going to be beaten last night. I suppose talking shit about Kobe’s assists number is all you can do after a day filled with an article stating, “Paul Pierce is greater than Kobe Bryant” and then this legendary man you speak of scoring just 6 points, with 6 rebounds, and 3 assists and 3 turnovers and 32 minutes… really?? I’d say Kobe must be really bad to do worse than that. I really hope you write that KG is the best in the game today, maybe he’ll have another 6-21 shooting night.

    All I’m saying is this Redsarmy, don’t take it personally. Journalism is all about making a biased statement and supporting it with useful information and facts to make it seem legitimate and create something extremely controversial. You created controversy with pointing out 1 assist with nothing. Notice the Lakers scored 6 more point in the game and had only 2 assists less.

    O, and by the way, you’re going to have to explain to me how Kobe taking more shots is better for the Celtics… Kobe has shot 26 times twice and 24 shots once. His points, 24, 30, and 36. I think you’re right, I want Kobe taking more shots also! ;-)

  10. Now that I’m watching SportsCenter I forgot to mention that Kobe’s biggest contribution of the night potentially was keeping Pierce to only 6 points. 2-14 shooting…. KEEP SHOOTING PIERCE, YOU’LL BE THE LAKERS MVP!!!

  11. Redsarmy… I disagree

    Lakers Blog… I disagree

    We don’t have to make a definitive statement about which player is better after every single game. Last night was a product of Kobe playing well, Kobe taking advantage of inconsistent officiating, and Paul Pierce being the victim of inconsistent officiating. Give the Lakers some credit, give the refs some credit, and give the Celtics some blame.

    But either way, the C’s are still up 2-1 and need to win one out of the next two games in LA.

  12. Foul trouble (he played just 31 minutes) had more of an affect on Pierce than Kobe.

    I’d be worried Laker fans, you won’t have the league and refs to bail you out in this series like you did in 2002.

  13. You’re confusing journalism with opinion. Journalism is a reporting of the facts without bias. Trust me… I’m well aware of what journalism is.

    This post was my opinion. That’s the wonderous beauty of a blog. It’s a place where I can share my opinion.

    And I tried to back up my opinion with my observations of the game. Kobe Bryant took 20 shots (plus whatever other attempts you want to add due to shooting fouls) while no other starter reached double digits. His single assist, to me, shows that Kobe is in full-scale “hero mode”… which is a detriment to the Lakers. Kobe in hero mode simply isn’t good enough.

    Kobe had a great offensive game last night. I’m not saying he didn’t. But I’m simply saying that another Kobe night like this actually benefits the Celtics because the Lakers offense that made everyone pick them in the Finals… is at its best when he’s DISTRIBUTING the ball more.

    What I don’t understand is how you can be happy with a Kobe that leads his team to a total of 87 points.

  14. If kobe makes a pass to a teammate, and they don’t score, he doesn’t get an assist…and with Gasol and Odom, the people he usually gets his assist numbers from, having terrible games, it’s no mystery why kobe had a low assist number.

    Kobe can be in “hero mode” all he wants as long they win like they did last night.

  15. Tough for guys to get going when they don’t get shots.

    I’ll say it a million times. If Kobe scores 40… and the rest of the team scores less than 50… then book it. Celtics are hoisting a trophy and telling us how Moses still eats shit. There is ABSOLUTELY no chance… none… that the Lakers win this series by scoring less than 90 points per game.

  16. to bad next time gasol and Kobe will go off and win game 4 and like I said I think game 5 is a cointoss

  17. I personally find Reds Army to be the most factual and unbiased site available.

    I must take issue with you saying that Kobe doesn’t pass. Much like Sam I Am he uses the Backboard/Rim method. Now you see why he is forever bitching at his team for being out of position when he passes. They are completely f*cking up his assist numbers.

  18. RedsArmy I completely agree and understand what you are saying. Don’t bother with these lakers fans who are riding a high of winning one game from their God Kobe having a good shooting night. I would love to see Kobe continue to be agressive and try to win these games on his own, the rest of the team just becomes kobewatchers as well and seem like they forget how to contribute.

    Something that I DO think is being completely overlooked that i was not happy with last night was the continued doubling of kobe as he got over half court late in the game that kobe could just easily pass out of for an open look by sasha… I dont kno why doc felt he should go to that. hopefully that is changed going into game 4

  19. You’ve got to be kidding “double peppin reppin”!!!

    The only thing Doc did right was doubling Kobe…why in god’s name did he stop doing that with 2 minutes to go!?

    If I’m Doc I’d rather take my chances on Sasha or one of the walking dead we suited up last night beating me down the stretch , than with TGPOTP…Sasha made a clutch shot , yes, but no one can guard Kobe one on one, especially when the heat is on…great coaching Doc…another example of his superior ability over Phil right BigMck…

    I have listened all day to educated Celtic fans discuss this topic and have not heard one say that was a smart move…please tell me this site’s opinion doesn’t support Doc’s stupidity…???? You had a great chance to steal that game…didn’t happen…i fear you woke the sleeping giant…

  20. haha the sleeping giant…. I am talking about the soft double team KG did on kobe out by the half court line, that allows the lakers to spread the floor and too much ground for KG to get back to help defend. moron. this was clearly a horribly move whether it was KGs decision or Doc wanted it, but with rondo injured, pierce and garnett not coming to play, all the calls going your way, and kobe having a great game, you only won by 6 points at home…. how can you call that the sleeping giant. ALL of your starters cant leave that game with confidence in themselves besides kobe and kobe is quickly losing his confidence in all his teammates… so i hope you think kobe can beat us 1 on 5… thats whats gonna have to happen

  21. oh and by the way inferno… good to see your contributing to the discussion today, seems like you had disappeared in those 2 losses to us, your team eeks one out and you have something to say haha i suspect you might disappear again for good when we win game 4

  22. Not so “double the vandamage”…I was contributing just as much, but redsarmy was deleting all Laker input at that time…thankfully they have stopped that Redsquare approach…unfortunate, but…

    The Lakers won all year on emotion, different contributors every night and, of course, Kobe being Kobe…

    You lose Game 4…we’ll see who has something to say then…I can’t wait for the excuses!

    I love LA! We love it! …I love LA! (everybody now) We love it!!! I love LA!!!!!!!!

  23. The Lakers will win the next two games. KOBE was passing the ball but no one was making shots. Just like all the other teams that the Lakers beat, the one game the Celtics had a chance to steal was game 3. That will come to bite them in the ass. The Jazz and Spurs both could have stole game 1, they didn’t and now they are fishing. With the Celtics it will be no different. GO LAKERS!!!!

  24. I can’t believe that some of you Boston fans are even complaining about the refs in game 3. The whole world saw game 2 (38-10.. shit 19-2 in the first half with 1 of the 2 being a technical freethrow). Don’t think it is a coincidence that this NBA fixing games controversy is just coming to light. Game 2 made everyone question the league’s credibility because it was so poorly called. The refs handed you game 2, the lakers (kobe) took game 3 and game 4 and 5 will be no different.

    3-2 heading back to beantown.

  25. 1 assist doesnt mean 1 pass… lol you must be out of your mind to conclude it that way! and probably you are, your a C fan!
    too bad you come off early with this bad kobe stuff… at the end of it all it will be lakers prevailing 4 – 2… and you little world will be out of place.

  26. Redsarmy…are u goin to base ur whole life on that one assist.
    You know what’s interesting it takes 3!!! Eastern All Star PLayers to beat 1! Western All star……how sad is that….Just to let u know Ray Allen had 2 assists just one more than kobe bryant…..so why be so harsh on KOBE? just cause he is best player in the league? Why dont I get a team of Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard and put the against ONE celtic all star and see how they do. just cause it makes you mad that NO ONE can stop kobe u dont need to create all this shit. Celtics are lucky that Bynum is not even playing then I would like to see how garnett and supposedly other 2 all star players would play. we gave u all credit with game 1 and 2 where in game 2 Ray ALlen had only 2 assists and Kobe had 8….but we didnt go create a blog about how sucky one of ur all stars is

  27. double P reppin the B….good to see you too in the discussion u guys finally made it’s been 20 years…..and whats’ more sad IF U win which you won’g, but if you do that’ll be one championship for ANOTHER 20 years cause all of ur “big 3” will retire

  28. Cavs in 6, Yawner series in 6, and now Lakers prevailing 4-2 (game6andurdone). I’ve been waiting for the prediction, and I can’t wait for the Lakers prevailing 4-3 prediction after we win one in L.A. Problem is, it just won’t happen. Fakers were playing with desperation and the Celts were testing the waters. Look for more free-throws for Paul and KG as they are going to be in attack mode and the refs are now done with the make-up calls and will call this game evenly (even more now that they are being focused in on).

    We don’t really even NEED a game in L.A., but might as well since were here. The Flakers need everygame here, so the pressure is on. Pressure + Kobe hero mode = Lake Show Meltdown.

  29. Well look here. There’s a lot of Celtics fans who think they’ve won the championship already. In case you don’t know it takes 4 wins and not 2, to win it all. To all Laker haters out there: You better hope Kobe passes the ball or else he’ll torch your team for 50 and more!! Granted only Ray Allen had a good game, but if Kobe is lighting you guys up for 50+ then all Pau, Odom, or Fisher has to do is play a little defense, not great but just some, along with a second scorer and the Celtics are through. Boston’s “Big Three” HAS to have a big game to have THEIR chance against L.A.

  30. I Love LA!

  31. Pardon me Redsarmy

    But that had to be one of your most short sighted posts ever. Saying Kobe didn’t make plays for his teammates in Game 3 is dumb. And saying 20 shots in 45mins is over gunning is even dumber. KG took 21 shots in less time.. helllooooo?

    1 assist is a BAD stat but thats not because he wasn’t trying, he was passing and making plays, its up to his teammates to finish. Pau for one didn’t come through on a lot of plays. Instead of going up strong with a shattering dunk, he just flicked shots up and of course KG did the service of blocking/altering a couple, others didnt make it. I must say there were a couple times Bryant missed some of his wide open teammates though but that happensin every game! Even CP3 isn’t perfect.

    Point is if the team, including Bryant made FTs, that would have been a blow out regardless of Pau and Odom’s offensive no-show (could we stop calling the lakers big 3??) because the Celtics played like absolute rubbish. Kobe/Pay missed 10 between them. Do the Math

    One more thing, if you said that Pierce is a greater player than Bryant, you need to seek medical attention immediately. If it wasn’t you that said that, I apologize..

  32. Dont forget Celtics fans taht Kobe missed 7! free throws and he usually makes All of them or misses just one…….and Gasol missed 5! free throws…..combine those thats’ 12 plus 6 point win thats 18 points…..and there goes Lakers OWNING celtics

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