Let’s Get Jemele Hill Fired

For those who don’t know, Jemele Hill is a horrible sports journalist. I once watched her host Jim Rome’s show and thought to myself, “A high-school kid could do a better job.” She’s attacking the Celtics in her latest ESPN Page 2 column…but here’s a line sure to piss some people off:

Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim. It’s like hoping Gorbachev would get to the blinking red button before Reagan.

Amazingly, that line made it past the editors at ESPN.com (Journalism 101 – Rule 1.1 – Never reference Hitler). As Deadspin so deftly points out, someone finally had the smarts to take it down. For me, that’s not good enough. Let’s email ESPN and demand Hill be fired for the simple reason that we shouldn’t be exposed to her garbage any longer.

Thanks to Matt for alerting us to the article…and Deadspin for taking it one step further.



50 Responses

  1. i think they took that comment out..I couldnt find it

  2. Yup, the editors removed it. I believe I mentioned that in my post….

  3. seriously? it was a stupid comment, but they [the editors] probably encourage the writers to be controversial. Jemele Hill isnt a bad writer. I think she’s thoughtful and writes about a wide enough variety of topics to be worth checking out. I think she falls into the ESPN-Disney trap. If she was on her own, or worked with competant editors, I think it would be alright. She doesnt actually think that rooting for the Celtics is like rooting for Hitler. Please. People around MA say stuff like that about the Yankees, and no one bats an eye. Get over yourselves.

  4. Tom,

    Pull your head out, man. Any DECENT writer (not even a good one), as Chuck mentioned, will not even think about mentioning Hitler in an article. Why would you. I GUARANTEE no one at ESPN is encouraging people to invoke the name of Hitler in their articles. Just not happening. If she didn’t think that to a certain extent, why would she write it? That just doesn’t make sense. Part of being a journalist is writing to express your opinions. I don’t know a single journalist (and yes, I do know a few) that would write something as inflammatory as that, and not actually believe it. Actually I don’t know any that would write anything as inflammatory as that. That is just an amateur move on Jemele’s part. ESPN is supposed to be the WORLDWIDE LEADER in sports coverage. In that position, they should have MUCH higher standards than the likes of Jemele Hill and JA Adande.

    And as for your crack about people “saying stuff like that about the Yankees,” that just isn’t true. Some people might do it, but they aren’t fit to be columnists for ESPN are they? Hmmm….maybe Jemele isn’t either….? You get over yourself. Your argument is flawed in so many ways.

  5. This could quite possibly be the worst thing anyone has ever written and I mean ever. I have no idea who this person is, but they have no integrity and I will NEVER EVER read her articles, EVER.



  6. Hill is simply ESPN’s answer to the skeptics who try to prove that sports media is for white men only. Being both female and black, she covers most bases but the quality and integrity of ESPN suffer because of it. I propose a http://www.firejemilehill.com pronto.

  7. I’m from Southern Indiana orgianlly (thus my life long devotion to the Celtics, because when Bird went to the C’s everyone in Southern Indiana became a Celtics fan.) I’m also a Reds fan. I remember decades ago ESPN being the ones raising the biggest fuss over Marge Schott talking about Hitler, and how evil and bad it was. She defenitly shouldn’t have said those things, but for ESPN to allow one of their writers to do something along those lines goes to show you what ESPN has become.

  8. Just left a comment with the link you provided, Chuck. I understand Jemele Hill is supposed to be this controversial, opinionated, gimmicky writer but those comments are just in poor taste. Comparing an entire fan base to the likes of Adolf Hitler supporters? I really do hope espn takes some action, I could manage a month or two without a Jemele Hill article. If I really get a craving to read about the white man holding us back, there’s still always Scoop Jackson.

  9. I doubt anything will come of this, but one form of sensationalism deserves another. I have emailed Bill O’Rielly, Rush, Sean Hannity, and Lou Dobbs this story. Maybe it could help.

  10. haha i hate jemele hill how in the hell did she get a job covering the nba for espn? she should be promptly relocated to exclusively covering the wnba

    noticed how she brought race into play (as every black espn writer does at least once in every article) even though it served no purpose in her article

    this article is like giving a bitter red sox fan a pen directly after the aaron boone home run and telling them to write an article for espn the world wide leader in sports


  11. jemeleespn@gmail.com

    Don’t abuse this. If I find out any of our readers sent her anything but a letter finding her choice of words offensive, you’ll be banned from the site. All notes to her must be civil. Don’t make yourself or Celtics fans look bad.

  12. So I just posted numerous time along with others and ESPN moderators kept removing any post that talked about the Hitler thing or the fact that she called Boston a racist town. Smells like a cover up to me. She is terrible by the way. This has to get out to the news I think they would eat this up.

  13. I can totally see where this writer was saying Celtics fans are Hitler fans. Absolutely. Without a doubt. That’s EXACTLY what she wrote. Word for word.

    “Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim,” does equate to you all being accused of genocide. I don’t know how anyone with an understanding of metaphors and firgurative writing couldn’t see otherwise. Absolutely.

    I’ve rooted for the Celtics before and I’m not offended by what she wrote.

  14. C’mon Dre. You know you can’t say that. You simply can’t say that. She said, flat out, rooting for the Celtics means you feel like Hilter was a victim.

    I don’t think she thinks I’m a nazi sympatizer… but I do think it’s a ridiculously dumb thing to say. Beyond stupid. Like.. if stupid were here and “beyond” was on Pluto… its still understating it.

  15. Guys, I think that line that was taken out was fully meant to be toungue in cheek. She’s a diehard Pistons fan who hates the Celts. I think this article has been so overblown. I’m not even a fan of her, I don’t think she really knows a whole lot about any sports but what she wrote is fine. Everyone just chill out. It’s just another bitter fan from Detroit!

  16. Let me get this straight, Dre calls me out for writing Sasha Vujacic is a greasy douchebag…but gives Jemele Hill a pass?

    If it wasn’t you who called me out for that one DreinLosangeles, than I apologize.

  17. I can’t say she should be fired otherwise I would be making a double standard for myself. As things like this always get blown way out of porportion. However, she should be fired for sheer ignorance. Liking anyone or group to Hitler is a big no no and this woman should be reduced to self employment writing blogs. She’s such an idiot and should be held accountable.

  18. No problem, but she is just a terrible writer.

  19. Fired? Nope. Sheesh, every time someone says the word “Hitler” they must be destroyed? OK, it was a stupid line, but if you read her stuff more regularly, you’ll see she’s pretty decent.

  20. Don Imus would have been fired. Rush would have been fired.

  21. jjjjjj… that’s a warning. Don’t make us look bad.

  22. Chris,

    If you’ve ever read any of her columns you’ll see she’s a complete hack. She’s no better than a mediocre blogger. She just happens to cash a six-figure paycheck from ESPN.

    While this is the most offensive thing she’s ever written, her history of poorly written/thought-out columns is pretty extensive. There are plenty of talented, well-written writers out there who could more than fill her shoes instantly. It’s time for her to go.

  23. How did she get the job she has? I suggest she must have some questionable pictures of someone on the ESPN management team. Is she really that Stupid to write what she wrote? Looks like it!

  24. FUCK YES! i always thought that by hating her writing and journalistic style i was being innately sexist. but finally other people see her in the SAME damn light! get this wannabe out and put in some real respectable journalism, GET SOME BILL SIMMONS IN THIS BIZZNATCH!!!!!!!!


  25. Why the warning for JJ? How does comparing this story to Limbaugh and Imus “make us look bad”?

  26. I edited his comment to remove what I was warning him about.

  27. […] is upset in Boston, popular fan site Red’s Army is calling for her to be fired and wbztv.com posted some fan responses yesterday […]

  28. Celtics Suck!!! Patriots too, fanboys.

  29. This is ESPN the Magazine’s website not the f–king Colmbia Journalism Review or The New Republic. Ease up. You think Hunster S Thompson never said offensive things his ESPN column? Flexing your muscles over a someting that isn’t that big is a waste of your petitioning time. Go protest Darfur or something. She made a bad joke. She obviously doesn’t love Hitler and was writing on a website. Does she really deserve to lose her career?

  30. […] few Celtics fans are irate over an ESPN columnist’s reference to Hitler. Jemele Hill, who is Black, allegedly […]

  31. I don’t even care about the Celtics, and am more against the Red Sox as a Yanks fan. But e-gads will I never say that kind of crap about either team. Hitler? She may not get fired, but you know how deep convictions run when it comes to patriotism for one’s team. She probably wanted to stir the pot, rile up the masses, and so on. Mission accomplished. Here’s my comeback to her:

    “Writing stupid sports analogies in your ESPN column is like writing stupid love letters to the devil’s intern who he already sleeps with. It’s like hoping Bush gets another 8 years”

  32. Ironic that Jemele Hill was front and center on the train to get Don Imus fired for his off-the-cuff remarks. I believe she wrote a column saying his apology was not good enough. Unless she wants to be a hypocrite, she should resign.

  33. @ Chris, Jemele just digs up for something racist all the time and it’s irritating.

    Yes, she should be fired, and she should’ve been fired a long time ago.

  34. ESPN has always hated boston teams no matter what. when the red sox won the world series they covered it up by saying jeter became a free agent… either way its awful what she said

  35. This is the same chick who demanded Don Imus be fired over his nappy headed ho comment. I say fire her. Whats good for the old goose, is good for the fat gander. They should be able to say what they want, umm US Constitution people. But if she demands someone be fired for an off the cuff joke, then her pre-meditated slander should cause her to be fired.

  36. I just read the column, albeit not the actual Hitler comment because it has been deleted. I must admit that this has been way overblown in my opinion – just like everything in America’s over sensitive society. Jemele is a Detroit fan who was just making analogy of her hatred of the Celtics. That said, I however beleive she should be suspended (along with her editor) because, although I think she was just being malicious in the name of sports, should have known better that a “Hitler” comment would stir up controversy. Also, I beleive that her calling for Imus’ firing just came back and bit her in the ass. I’m black and I didnt think he shouldve been fired – calling for someone to be unememployed is just cruel.

  37. Michael, this is not a matter of one comment, she has done this time and time again in the past and this obviously takes the cake.

    Search “Jemele Hill controversy” and you’ll see exact matches pour in…

  38. Mookie, yeah I must admit that she brings up the race issue too often – which is where alot of her controversies stem from. For example, the Lebron/Giselle cover shot criticism. While I understood what she was trying to say with the “beast” image of black athletes etc, I just think constant picking of the race wound just incites more problems. I am sure that interpretation of the photo wasnt the intention of Vogue. However, controversies aside, I personally think she has decent knowledge about sports and is good at what she does. I would never, in these difficult times, call for someone who is competent at what they do to get fired (unless they do something severely over the top). Also, remember that controversy sells in the media business.

  39. Don’t worry, WBCN’s Toucher and Rich also picked up on this story when it came out, and also sent in requests to ESPN for her to be fired. They also invited any of their listeners to do that as well, which they apparently did and it worked.

  40. Okay, an update, Hill has been suspended.

  41. […] Red’s Army has been covering this story for the last couple of weeks. But Jemele apparently thought it would be all right if she dropped an H-bomb in her latest opus about race and sports. Here is the excerpt: […]

  42. i think she shouldn’t get fired…i have a feeling eSPN let it stay in the article on purpose.

    because guess what everyone is talking about it.

  43. […] Red’s Army wants her gone because she wrote the following: Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim. It’s like hoping Gorbachev would get to the blinking red button before Reagan. […]

  44. Please, she’s better than you mongrels. She speaks the truth.

  45. You realize that this is what Bill Simmons does in a more tepid, happy fappy passive agressive way, don’t you?

    A Detroit fan can only take so many articles about sniffing Larry Legend’s jock before they give you what you deserve.

  46. […] these b-ball fans at Red’s Army ran a “Let’s Get Jemele Hill Fired” post: For those who don’t know,Jemele Hill is a horrible sports journalist. I […]

  47. […] a Don Imus comparison; and another calling for her firing. Blogs devoted to the Celtics demanded her firing, and worst of all, a Boston radio station sent two staffers to ESPN to demand her termination while […]

  48. […] calling for her firing. Celtic message boards lit up, and blogs devoted to the Celtics were titled “Let’s Get Jemele Fired”. Worst of all, the WBCN “Rock of Boston” radio station sent two staffers to ESPN to […]

  49. ESPN wont fire her.

    They get thousands of emails calling for her to be fired, everytime she writes an article.
    Look at the discussion boards for the articles she writes….95% of the posts are negative.

    We all know how bad she is, but the NAACP, and hiring quotas are a fact of life.

  50. Here in south Louisiana, we are VEEERRRY familiar with Jemele Hill. During the big sports media speculation orgy over whether Les Miles was going to stay head football coach at LSU or take off to coach at Michigan, his alma mater, Jemele Hill wrote a page 2 article entitled “Les Miles is a Liar.” Exact words. Not “I think he’s lying” or “I suspect he’s not being truthful”, just an unambiguous declaration that Les Miles was lying when he said he was staying at LSU. Of course she was never taken to task for making libelous statements.

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